Common Sense.

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Some information on common sense.

Submitted: March 05, 2014

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Submitted: March 05, 2014



Common Sense


“When you know the batteries in the remote are dying, why do you push harder on the buttons?” When doing this action, most people are unaware that they are doing it, simply because this method more than often works. However, this question remains unanswered, though there are several explanations to this pondering thought.

One plausible answer could be due to the fact that the individual who is using the remote believes that pushing harder on the buttons of the remote may cause the batteries to work harder. It is a reoccurring event that individuals who do this continue to push harder on the remote for this specific reason. This is not the only reason though.

Another thought on this, which may seem more logical, is that we do not actually think about it at all. When we push harder on the remote, we may be fully aware of the fact it needs new batteries. Even if the situation lies that we are not conscience of this, we are of no concern; we know the remote works.

Lastly, many people have found their solution to this problem, and surely fixed it. These individuals claimed that they didn’t need to replace the batteries because they were sure the remote was broken. When prompted to purchase batteries as a suggested idea, they claimed that there was “No way that the batteries are dead,” and in result, bought a new remote control.

It does seem that some people may have been simply unaware of situations in life, but when you push harder on the buttons on the remote knowing the batteries are dying, it can be concluded that you may just be incredibly lazy. With most people questioning why they do this action, the answer they never looked for lingers before them. That is why it is done.

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