Debts and the American Humanoty

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This is a long two part Essay on the problems of trhe Ameicans, Big Busainess and the american Humanity

Submitted: November 25, 2008

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Submitted: November 25, 2008



Debts and the American Humanity


Glen G. Mayberry

Debts are always legal. The only way a person can get through this maze of taxes is to pay the indebted amount off. This Writer paid off his and another is finally go to let her investigative things and turning herself into nothing because is what she has been for 41 years since leaving the Army. Her company contact might have been told by here to put out a credit Card to me. Like a fool I accepted it. When I was taking care of my life in the US Court syste, my counselor took the card and sent it back with a legal statement. This statement was later sent to somebody’s office.

Let me tell you one thing, don’t try to buy to many things on credit because you’ll go overboard and not have enough cash to buy food for yourself and your family. They don’t give Food Stamps for what food is worth. Don’t also forget that all housing loans have to be paid for. Housing sales can be resold and transferred to another contractee. There should be a clause in the contract. Both parties to the contract if any should sign their name to the contract as a co-payor and should also give the Mortgage Institute the amount of their income and what their complete debt structure is. Banks through a Realtor are a good source of financial and mortgage rites which puts the money automatically in the appropriate account each month..


Two-An Alternative

Renting is one problem that nobody can understand. Family Rentals are far and few between. Nobody is concerned about the problem and nobody cares about the people that are out of money than the Government. The banks and Mortgages lenders all are always grabbing for more companies because they get more money into their till to help prove it to the people that they are a deceiving everybody around. There is a lot of confusion over the whole matter of the issue as it stand. These places have a marginal problem because they are mainly on welfare and awaiting their transfer to SSI performed by the Orange County Welfare Office. They give that to them when they can’t get a job within a specified period of time. That is what is supposed to be done. But first , they will have to find out - Who does what?=== Who is What? --Who is Whom? And Who is doing what?. The laws I assume are written with just the good parts and not the Civil or Criminal Penalties that would result after a default. They must recognize that this is just one of the problems with Mortgages.

My main thought of the problem are that these people of this type commit a crime when they don’t pay for the payment. It might I think be consider the crime either Larceny or Extortion. They also signed something. They also signed that they would pay off the amount for as long as it would take.

Then the Company doesn’t do nothing but wait twenty or thirty years later. They demand it and collect it through even bloodshed and broken bones. Instead of talking to a collector, the lender should take that person to ocurt and let the Court render a Legal Opinion which is from the law and not from a small town bank or Barrister.

Then everything would be legal. If the debtor is guilty by the law he or she would have to pay the whole amount as set forth by the courts.




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