Rant:- Romantic relationships

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I decided that I could write about certain things that feel like writing about. Like a blog but on booksie. Let me know if you like these kind of rants and if you want any more.

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012




Today I was walking around the school at lunchtime when something happened to catch my eye. There were two year eights by the locker; a girl (whom we shall call Jane,) and a boy (whom we shall call James). James was leaning coolly against the lockers and Jane was standing in front of him, smiling shyly. I figured that James had just asked Jane out (or vicea versa,) and I couldn't help but think it was all very cute etc.

That was until I saw what I think was the James' mate (whom we shall call Jake,) making his hands pecking each other like pecking chickens. This was when it dawned on me that James was probably already going out with Jane and was being forced by the tyrannical pear pressure of Jake to kiss her. Or, even worse, James was asking out Jane for the soul purpose of a kiss which is just as bad.

Thinking back, Jake resembled accurately an experiment that had escaped from "Greggs" and had decided to make its home at the local dump; so it was likely that Jake had not ever kissed anyone, bar his parents, and was just annoying James or trying to give him shoddy relationship advice. But it still made me think not only how romance is thrust upon children as soon as they reach the age of 13 but also how teenagers are tremendously teased and tormented if the child even communicates with anyone of the opposite sex until they reach a certain milestone in their educational lives. This surely can't be right. 

Surely if romance is mandatory, then it eliminates the point of it all which is to be careless, free and blind. (That is what I gather from most stories I read on this website.) If children start being romantic for the sake of it, they'll potentially be obliged to spend time with someone they have no interest in, resulting in extreme boring and awkward physical activity. A kiss, for example, should be something that is comfortable and natural; an expression of love or, at the very least, like-like. But I am willing to bet that, if you were to type in to Google "how to" one of the first results would be "how to kiss".  (Unrelated topic of the day: - Type "Hank Green" into Google images and look at the first result!)

Moreover, why are different sex platonic relationships socially forbidden until high school? A terrible idea! High school, as we have already discussed, is where one usually begins romantic relationships. It is also where teenage boys (and it is, for some reason, mostly boys), first encounter the friend-zone. It is humiliating being friend-zoned but it happens so often because boys have not experienced platonic relationships with girls before and cannot tell the difference between the two types. If young child were socially allowed to hang out with the other gender without being called gay by the cool kids (the kids who suspiciously penises everywhere,) then this wouldn't happen. Teenage boys could meet girls and confidently know which ones wanted them to put their tongues inside their mouths.

But alas, children must follow these bull**** guide lines, not because they want to, not because of the law but because of little Jake peering out from behind the lockers.

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