The car accident

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A really short memory about the car accident I had yesterday with my parents.

Submitted: July 17, 2008

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Submitted: July 17, 2008



Just now, well about twenty minutes ago. My parents and I were coming from Target and stopped a little bit before the red light. This orange, black striped, racecar inspired car hit us from behind. My mom told me to get the phone and call the police. He drove to the side of us and had us pull over on the street on our left, which was mainly a straight-a-way. He got out of the car, saw I was on the phone, and asked were they calling the cops. Sadly, my mom said yes, and he sped off. Now, the smart thing to do would be to stop and allow me informing the police about the accident since I had just called. No, my parents decided to follow behind him, literally dodging through traffic. The person in the racecar dove into a drive-thru of a KFC/Long John Silvers and we follow behind him, almost causing a second accident. Luckily (for me, cause I was afraid that we would crash and die), we lost him on another intersection. Unfortunately, the dispatcher said we had to walk-in to give a report and because we weren't able to get a liscense pate since the driver had a temporary liscence pate in his back window and it looked as though it was about to fall out anyway, we got gyiped when we tried to report it. Also, my mom kept saying that if she even see that car again, she's going break the windows and slash the tires and run.

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