Writing and Willing to Write---A Personal Experience

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This story or writing develops the subject of why I write and how the efficiency of the people will be told as part of the study. This will tell why the people don't know what to do because they all don't have the common sense to do something for themselves. REad teh Introduction

Submitted: May 15, 2010

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Submitted: May 15, 2010



\\ While early in my schooling life, my teachers would make us write from Book Reports to Essays plus to finish things off, they would teach some poetry. My teachers from Fifth through Eighth Grade. The Church that was part of the Schol made us learn how to make and design various items for Church and School events\\par
After graduating from Elementary School plus learning a little more about world of English, I had to do a lot of extemporaneous writing for clases. It involved a lot of Writing and research in the Library.\\par
While at the Sixth Grade level, I delivered three different newswpapers in the earlymornings on Tuesday and Thursday plus another two newspapers on Sunday mornings after or before Church. This I can't quite recall whether it was before Church or not. All of these papers are no longer in existence and are a part of the History of California and of the Western United States.\\par
During my First year of College, I got a 12 hour per week job as a Student Assistant in the Campus Publications Office. This job I had tio do odd task in the Office to help the peiople with their work such as stapling and running copies of things on now old types of copy machines such as mimeo, verifax and a early photo copier whose name I can't recall. I was also responsible for the Paper Stock in the College Warehouse in the area for the paper for that Department. In the end of the Spring Semester of 1967, I received my call to report to Los Angeles for Induction into the Military.
The Army taught me one thing and that was how to survive while you were under fire, Thinking what to do when you were in a hostile fire area, and how to be health for th rest of my life. It also taught me how to also maintain myself and keep my area in aas clean a shape as I could. It also meant keeping myself clean and in good health also.\\par
After my tour in the Army, I went through a complete change in lifestyle because of the people, the social climate and the Protesters rambling all over the place with their shouting for peace in Vietnam and for the Presdient to bring our troops home. The President who was fighting Congress like all Amewrican Presidents always do. talked about escalating the War.\\par
Mr. Nixon while in Office as President took the moment of time in his life and the life our Country to make the decision to Bring the Troops home. While he was doing that the troops all ready back to the Mainland were either drinking , smoking or drinking 16 cups of coffee per day. I changed because of pills and environmental problems that would ruin my health for the next fourteen or so years. The inside of the building where I attended school at were not very well ventilated and had no fresh air.\\par
I left the area of North State College boulevard in Fullerton for my Parents Home and L.A. County. Two years of doing nothing but Coffee drinking and smoking my pipe, I decided to move to a Orange County Facility for Soldiers with Social and Psychological problems involving them and self growth in our every day world.\\par

\\ While in a Mental Health Treatment Center, (Not Orange County Mental Health), I answered a Ad on the Community Board at the Hospital about people desiring to increase thir skills in Writing and Reading to see the Office. I did so and the people from the organization called LIFE or Literacy Is for Everyone sent their representative named Lucy to see me to give me a testto determine my problem areas. On my next treatment day, my mailbox had a message that the Tutors from the Anaheim library Life Program would be their to see me that next Wednesday.\\par
That next week, the Tutors a man and his wife that I will here call Alan and Cista arrived to start our first meeting. I was told to write into my notebook the things that were important to me. He made me start thinking about what I could do in the area and what it would take me to get a good piece of work out. I told him that several people in my family including myself lacked the skills in their mental behavior to have a companionable relationship with a woman. He told me to look up in my mind or the books on Life and Loving for things or topics that would help me solve this problem. I did so and the next week , he asked me if I would like to continue at the Haskett Branch Library to\\

di my research and the next week at 1230 we met at that library in a quiet area. We both agreed and after that I got feeling better about the whole situation because he told me that Hospitals are not good places for development of a intellect. He showed me several things about that small Library specifically about the Computers, Book Numbering and who to see if I was there alone working and needed a answer to a question or so.\\par
Alan being a retired teacher was told by his Supervisors to move our meetings to the Downtown Central Branch Library on a Wednesday morning at 9:30. At this Library he gave me a assignment each week. My first assignment was to read the book that he wrote on a card or any book that I liked on Poetry.
At this Libvrary, after we got a room of our own to do the work that we discussed during the kast week. He taught me/showed me and taught me how to write a simple poem from one of the child Poetry books in the juvenile reading room.
The teacher or the Tutor's teaching methods were better than almost all of the teacher's I've ever known or had. Before the end of the session we would go to the library, English and Literature plus poetry book or books to check out for my weekly reading assignment.
After finding the book to read or books for me the first time, we sat down ti learn and find out how to interpret the meanings behind the weekly reading.. The books that I read are now part of my Personal Library. One of the books that I enjoyed the most is the titled text - “Literature” by Perrine.


On October, 2001 on the 21st day of that month, my tutor Alan L. transferred to another program in creative Writing Class sponsored by the local Continuing Education Department of Fullerton College..
This class started and was always held at 1230 PM every Wednesday. Ten or so of the members of the class would gather in the dining room just to talk and have lunch. The class schedule said that it, the class, began at 1230 and finished at 330PM.
The teacher, Barbara began the weekly class with a reading and explanation that she read about some topic of writing such as Plot, Characters, or some textual reading from a book of hers. Many of the girls in the class wrote in Steno almost all of the words that she talked about. The teacher as I have said reads the classes writings’ and does her own critique of the Students papers before hand the week before. On the next Class Session the students read their own papers in front of the class and the students would do their own verbal critique the class that she had ready.
I tried three papers that I did before I could do something right for the class. One day, the Instructor Barbara read a 40 minute discussion on Memoir Writing. I bought the book which she used as a reference entitled --- “Your Life as Story.”
I split my work into a 4 page Preface plus explanation abput myself and why I was writing my Memoir. Each Chapter of the Book was split into about 4 to 4-½ pages long. The book I figured out to come to about 18 Chapters. I typed evaluated, critiqued and retyped it on the final form. After the completion of the book, I took it to the local shop that would do the printing and prepare the manuscript for Marketing of it. The total cost of the printing of this would be $80-total.
Everyone in my family got a copy, another I sent to the Governor’s Office at no charge, George Bush got a free copy along with his father. Then after all of those days, I decided to let my days just run along. It was amazing when someone or something else goes right with a person, he or she gets feeling relaxed while doing anything. A book is important to a person. That is one of the reasons why Doctor Habeeb discharged me from the Partial Hospitalization Program. He gave me the Discharge and I felt better.
As I went to the Doctor for Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. My Provider sent me a note that I would be seeing the Physician at Talbert Medical Group at the Family Practice Department. The Doctor had me see a Cardiologist, got my eyes and ears better. He also gave me three preventive medicines by injections such as Zotovax, Flu Virus and a test of my Prostate including that he did visual examination of my Anatomical Structure from five feet away. I had to still see a psychiatrist for some more pills. During the visits of myself to the Doctor, while on the busses and on the streets made observations of everything I thought about that belong to the other and their behavior.

I wrote during this time about 7500 words or more on loose paper, plus also in my Writings there is also 15 to 20 notebooks. Each day, I learn something new each day plus write a little or work on a story or some thoughts. In days gone by the family would go to Church, BBQ, read an interesting site on my PC When I look for the ideas that I need they are usually shown on ABC7.Com

Since leaving for this place in 2007, I thought about quitting this rat raise for a time at Santa Ana College but forgot about things there and went to Coastline in Fountain Valley. I enrolled in a course called Introduction To the Writing Process. Three weeks into the course, I dropped it. One month later, found another course that I picked was from another on-line. This course that I took was called, “Essay Writing 101.)

These days, I get up at 4 AM and go to sleep again at 7 PM. I really get sleepy again after this type of drug that I’m on at this time in life. Each afternoon I fell asleep for an hour or so. After the hour or so, After that after, I would wake up and do some more reading and writing .from books that were prominent figures in American Literature for the past 10 to 15 years ago.

On my own, I learned 5 Computer Operating Systems, 3 Writing related courses, two English related, a Vocabulary Course, and a Web design. I have read many books on inter related topics and I sort of got feeling a little better when I could lye down for a nap in the after noon. The contracts I signed was for the prominent people in the Contract to have it that way. No one in a contract can become a party to a previous contract only with the permission of all the people in that Contract. The people in the Contract that I signed for myself to live in these places were my Mom, my Dad, and Myself. The Contracts parties are deceased and buried. I am alive and see a Doctor, an Internist and a Therapist. I do not live in a board and Care Home. I am 63 years old and have been harassed by individuals such as the kids in the family other than the Graces Nephews. They pass by going 90 mph, in fancy cars, and all kinds of other things. One of the parties, Carol cannot do anything but think she is the Mother of every body in the Family. My Father before he passed on told me, “Glen! We have no agreement of which I told him I would think about it.. The family wants me to do what they say and not the Doctor or Doctors. They also don’t know what Probation is?”

These people are planning something because they are Geo-Caching. This means that they are putting provisions away in several places. Each course that I take is a course that would help me to write something in order for me to move ahead. I have so many notes, written pieces and research on the topics that interest me so to have that okay I have to hide these things in my briefcase or in a card file.

So as it stands now, I will be doing something that I enjoy. It will be sort of an uptake on the work ethic plus the under life Social Life in Orange County and the rest of the State. Here in California. Along with this will be the description of all courses taken to this date and put in any specific order as to the Writings that are being researched for the papers I am writing contemplating writing that are listed on the form that will be put into this paper.

If this essay grabs your thoughts tor further reading you’ll have to give me some time. This will now be saved on my Computer and in a few days be posted to my Booksie. Com Sheet.

Summary of Accomplishments


E-Books Found and Read

1. Birthrate change under CA Law

2. CA gun law

3. CTA Handbook

4. Screen Play Writing ------Elementary

5. Social Security Number Use

6. Screen Play ----Advanced Level

Courses and Specific Writing -----Some have research info only

1. Creative Writing------Approximately 2200 hours

2. Story of the Disabled Community -- Being researched with info compiled

3. Ideas for Writing conceived by Myself

4. Novel Courses on Line and some in progress

5. History of Siblings in family

6. Getting a Job ------when you are down and out

7. Governmental Writing---Explored this and thought to gather only information

8. Took ten specific courses from About.Com

Section Two

General Writing -No Specific Objective

1. Did a list of problems that were correlated to State and Federal Law

2. Used the Library for gaining the information

3. Read at least ten general reference books on specific subjects.

4. Did some reading of books on the subjects of Drugs and Creative Writing

5. Wrote the 43rd President of the US and got some answers .


Section Three

Self Directed reading on Management of People


1. The rights of the people of our Nation that are supported by both the National

And State Governments.

2. Why or how the Bureaucrats cannot solve the problems with the Budget. Problem.

3. Spending on Health Care when the populace and the Medical Establishment is the


4. Find out the actual number of people on Health Care in the State, those on Welfare, a

And the problems plus the numbers of children also.


Section Four

General and Specific Education both in

Class and out

1. Completed Elementary Education in 1961..

2. Entered High School in 1961 September and received High School Diploma

June, 1965.



Section Five

Influence of Governmental and Constructional Authorities and

And on the Courses I took.

Church Churches attended except Jewish

Mainly they all became their own form of Christianity

Catholic Services also

Bible Reading or Bible Study by Some

Snacks to curb Appetite

Seniors sometimes 50 and above are allowed to go to Sr. Centers

Types of Board and Care Homes

1. Family

2. Residential

3. County owned and operated with semi no county employees

4. Non-Medical

5. Behavioral Management and Modification

6. Alcoholism

7. Assisted Living ---more known in past as Convalescent Care

8. Skilled Nursing Facility

Senior Travel

Senior Recreation Centers

Senior Dietary Services consisting of Snacks, Meals and lunch at a Low Cost.

Senior Activities and Education (Community Based

1. Spanish and other languages

2. Computer

3. Writing

4. Knitting

5. Drawing and Painting

6. Dancing

7. Donuts and Coffee for 45 Cents

8. Transported to Center by Access, Regular Bus, Access and POV



Creative Writing----2200 Hours


1. 150 Books personally read on different types of Writing

2. Subjects of Study:

Short Story Fundamentals

Story Development

Beginning, Middle and end of Stories

Using Google for Library Research


1. Free Verse Writing

2. Similar poetry of William Carlos


3. Reading Poetry in the Library

4. Octet Writing

5. Quatrain Writing

3. Other Discussion on the Writing Process to include Refining Essay Skills,

, Paragraph and the Essential of Sentence Development.

4. Learning to use the Library for essential on site Research Study.


Glens Education for College and High School

1. Courses taken in High School;

Mathematics --One to Four

Science to include Basic Chemistry, Physiology and Advanced


History ---One to Four

English ==One to Four

Literature ---One to Four

Latin ---One to Four

Spanish Elementary


Metal Shop

Extracurricular Activities to include Cross Country, Speech Squad,

Debate Team and Three of the forms of Speaking and Track.

Awarded Most Inspirational Track for C- Track

2. Courses taken in College


English 100

English Two

Political Science 100

Speech Fundamentals

Accounting One and Two

Financial Management

Payroll Accounting

Tax Preparation

Introduction to Marketing

Data Processing Intro

Data Processing Peripheral Machines

Data Processing Mathematics

Health Education

Intro to Social Work

Abnormal Psychology

Creative Writing for Seniors

Remedial English

Five Specific Internet Courses

Introduction to Poetry Writing

Fiction Writing

Magazine Article Writing

Resume Writing

Non-Fiction Writing


3. Person al Achievements in High School.

Debate Squad -----Developed position and material for debate on the Topic of Federal Aid to Education. Also developed knowledge of writing speeches that were extemporaneous and spontaneous

Educational -----Wrote a paper on the History of Our Nation’s Capitol and the Design of the White House.. Developed a skill on memorizing things pertaining to the people in the District of Columbia.

Supportive Interests.----English One through Four along with a discussion of the plays by Shakespeare

4 Life of mine after Full Time Schooling and Military Service


Continued Education after the Military--Left Army and returned to

Cerritos College. Took quite a few courses both while in the Army in

My spare time. Prices were quite lower than they were then. As a student

All courses completed were in compliance with applicable State law

1970-’71 ----Attended Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa under the Auspices of the California Department of Rehabilitation whose Counselor that had charge of my Case was Bernie Dwight from the Rehab office in Santa Ana - Became academically qualified by the Associate in Arts Degree with all of its rights and privileges. On June 16, 1972..

Summer, 1972 -----Spent Summer of 1972 in the Washington, D.C. area learning about the Capitol and America. I liked the Walgreen’s Hamburger, Soda, and Soup all for $1.95. I got tired of the environment and the atmosphere in the area and went home to my Parents home for the rest of the Summer..

1973 to ‘75.…….Exploration of opportunities and connection between holding on for their life businesses and the Grim Reaper. Rent in the Westminster Library plus went to OC Mental Health to try and get myself back into the Community and its environs as a source of social growth as a means of of leaving the Parental Home.

Federal Non-Arrest in San Antonio State Hospital for positive retroactive medical work that isn’t done in California--Spent Christmas on the premises of the Hospital on Social Security.--New Years Eve I attended a party at Ricardo’s that night and had a good dinner with 31 dances

1982-----went back to California too continue my slight rise in my Emotional Base----Lived in Long Beach and through a problem it was better for me to live right where I am now.--While there, I was put on similar Probation for an unknown time. I also confirmed my Disability in court and moved back to Orange County to live in the Board and Care Homes in Orange County.

1995 -----Was thinking about the spare time in the area in which I lived because there was no jobs that I could have kept for a long time.

1998----Started rehab of myself without the help of a CA Rehab Counselor

Counselor from Orange County Community Hospital in Buena Park

That next week I started writing with a Learning Tutor from the Anaheim

Public Library --Learned the materials mentioned in the early part of this

Summary--This continued until 2001, when I attended a creative Writing

Class at one of the park facilities in Anaheim. Also during the first six

Months of the course I had to buy a Computer and the Library in Anaheim

Got me interested in Computers. I took six months of Computer Courses.

2001 --Left College-PHP in Santa Ana after almost 14 years in their therapy

Got involved as I said got still involved more in the Creative Writing Class.

This was an enjoying class and I attend plus enjoyed it very much.

2009----During this period, I was trying to get involved in what was going on in

The Police had to work hard because of all the stuff that was going on. I also

Started writing about my experiences in my life and read books like mad.






















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