Let Him Take Over, so He Can Drive/Devotion

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You know we want so many things in life, it may be wishes and needs. And.....

Submitted: November 06, 2015

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Submitted: November 06, 2015



You know we want so many things in life, it may be wishes and needs.  And course you would like someone to just give and give and they never receive anything back; but your not returning the kindness.  And your really not thinking about their feeling.  In life some of us tend to be very selfish, because you feel as though everything is owe to you for the giving.  Or maybe you think, because you work for it (your's) and you don't have to share.  It is not done by your own chance; it's the Father.  Nothing in this world is owe to anyone of us, it just that we have to take all of the neccessary steps in order for things to be completed and done (Faith without works is Dead). Remember God does things in a orderly fashion, so we need to look to the father for guidance and instructions.

We try to do so many things on are own, when that happened things just don't work out right. What we need to do is, get down on our knees and ask the Lord if this is your will for me to endure.  You may get an answer immediately or he will reveal it to you in some other way.  Some things we ask for just isn't for us at that time, or not for us at all.  Maybe it not your season to encounter your needs or wishes. Maybe he want you to have it  in his season.  We always need to do things when we feel as though it the right time for us.  But it not the right way, as I said he want us to do things in decent and orderly fashion.  Ask the Lord for his assistance he will be right there for you, during happiness and times of trouble.  He never leave you or forsake you.  He is always on time.  

The Lord is Omipotent, he is every where, the almighty, preeminent and the supreme being and also the Kings of Kings.  He knows what we stand in the need of; and that is the love he want from us, the trust.  As individuals we don't realize how much he care and love us.When Jesus accepted the beating's and was humilitated he didn't even shed a tear.  And them they placed crowns of thorns over his heads.  He endured for us to have all of the opportunities in this world. However are wants and needs can be foolish at times, like hitting the lottery, being a a thief and just doing nothing at all.  Remember he sacrifice for us the blood that he shed on the cross, nobody can do like Jesus, no one. So keep your mind on what he has done for you, because he care.

Again he doesn't want us to do thing at are own will, he want you to ask; he always there.  In Matthew 7:7-12 it says, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." People stop trying to drive when you know you don't have a license. Let the Lord drive he has all the directions, your just a passenger.  He will show you the way just knock and he will answer.

To every one that has the Lord in their lives, if someone out there that need a word.  Be a Servant and minister to them and tell your story to give God the glory.  Hallelujah...God Bless you All. Amen, Amen and Amen


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