The Waters that lives To and Fro

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This is a story about two individuals, there attributes were high in standard and in love. Sometimes when you push too hard your feelings will become notice

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



There was a young woman name Honor and young man name Justice, they both live in the city of New York.  Now Honor was a professional Banker and Justice was a Lawyer, they had a lot of strive and ambition. However Honor could not see what’s really in store for her as a person.

One rainy day Honor is trying to get to work on time, she couldn’t stand those days when it rain and the wind was blowing so hard. It would simply turn her umbrella inside out, and her perfectly iron clothes would become wrinkle. And she would become profusely upset.  When she entered into the workplace she has gotten an instant attitude; anyone of her co-workers wouldn’t say a word.

Honor had gotten herself situated to begin working, she noticed on her desk there was a pile of files that needed to be completed. So she asked one of the co-workers, “Did you see who placed these files on my desk?” And one of the co-worker replied and said, “No Honor I don’t know.” Honor abruptly went back to her desk. She wanted to say a whole lot of stuff out of her mouth; however her tongue won’t allow her to do so she kept quiet.

Suddenly Honor heard someone just giggling and laughing in the office behind her seat. She had turned around in her chair and took a peak in the office and it was her manager Mr. Fargo. When she looked and turned back around to continue working Mr. Fargo said, “Is that you Honor, please come in the office.  ”As Honor entered in the office, there were three gentlemen standing around staring at Honor. Her stomach started to turned like a roller coaster, and she was thinking are they here from Personnel am I going to get fire.

Mr. Fargo introduced Honor to the three gentlemen, "Honor these gentlemen are from the Superior Company. They are one of our lucrative companies we deal with; they would like to do some investments.  And I know that you are the right person for this project that is why I placed several files on your desk. Here are the different companies that Superior owns."Honor had said, “Gentlemen what type of investments are you interesting in?” One of the gentlemen had said, “Anything to make are company grow financially.” It will be done and completed by tomorrow, I will placed them on you desk this evening Mr. Fargo, “said Honor.” Mr. Fargo had said, “That’s great Honor I will be looking forward to the prospects for the investments of Superior Company.”

So Honor had left the office and went to her desk and started working on the project she worked and worked.  Honor was a very diligent, dedicated worker who cares about the performance and the ethics of her work.When it came down to her job, nothing else really didn’t matter, not even self.

Finally when Honor was finished with the project she notice that it was around 8:30pm, and in the office building all the lights were off except her lights around her desk. Oh my God, it’s extremely late I need to go home, “As Honor spoke quietly to herself.” Honor than straighten up her desk and made it neat and clean. You see Honor always had to make things perfect for her life, because she always needed be a certain way and that was the only way she knew.

She had left the building with the intentions to stop by a store to get a bite to eat. Honor started to looked at the pre-made sandwiches, "Turkey and cheese I think I will have that with some chips and soda",said Honor.  So Honor took her merchandise to the cashier and she saw this fine young man waiting behind her.  The young man looked at Honor as well and he said, “Hello how are you doing this evening?” And Honor replies and said, “I’m very well thank you.” You know I saw you before from a far I wanted to talk to you, but I was afraid that you had someone you were dealing with at the time. Honor has stated, “Excuse me what is your name, I don’t talk to a guy unless I know there name."  I’m sorry my name is Justice. Well Justice to answer your question, no I don’t have a boyfriend in my life right now, I’m mainly concentrating on my endeavors, “said Honor.”  Well is it possible that you can take down my phone number maybe you and I can talk about our endeavors together.  Well I don’t give everyone my phone number; however you seem like your okay.  Honor gave Justice her number and they proceeded to go their own way.  When there were parting from each others going their own way, they both started to turn around and looked at each other with passionate eyes.

When Justice arrived at his apartment, which was right around the corner from the store where he have seen Honor.  He just was so memorized with Honor beauty and poised; he never seen a woman so beautiful.  He didn’t understand how she didn’t have a significant other by her side. Justice knew that it was something going on with Honor, but he didn’t know what it was. He came to terms with himself that he will give this a try, because he felt something different about this woman.

The next day has arisen and Honor was on way to work. During her transport to work she was just thinking about how fine Justice looked.  She was thinking so hard; it felt like she was on cloud nine flowing in air without any care.  When Honor had gotten to the office, she saw her Manager Mr. Fargo and he was by her desk, it seems as though he was looking for something. So Honor had said, “Mr. Fargo you’re looking for something?” Yes I’m looking for you completed file for the Superior Company, remember yesterday we discuss that they would be on my desk today, “said Mr. Fargo.” Sir the files are on your desk I put them there last night before I left. So Honor walk in Mr. Fargo office and looked all over his desk and she spotted the files.  Here are the files Mr. Fargo, " said Honor."Oh, I’m sorry Honor I did not see those file when I arrived in my office.  Mr. Fargo was getting very old so his eyes weren’t as strong as they where during his hay days.

Mr. Fargo looked over all of the files. He noticed that Honor had put together a great investments for the Superior Companies quite well; he was very pleased with her work.  Mr. Fargo called Honor back in his office and congratulates her on the project.  Honor, I loved how you put everything together this is a good investment for Superior Company, job well done.  Now you need to take some time off, about a couple of days and do something nice for yourself, “said Mr. Fargo.” No Sir, I don’t need to take any time off.  Honor, you are a beautiful young woman; you come to work every day you don’t even use any of your vacation time.  Do you have a life, “said Mr. Fargo?”  Mr. Fargo I do have a life I just like to work and be honorable to the company I’m working for, “said Honor.” But the question is, are you honorable to self? I’m demanding you to take time off right now, so I will see you in a couple of days, enjoy, “said Mr. Fargo.”

Honor had left the job and started to think about what Mr. Fargo had said, so she pulled out her cell phone and call Justice. The phone rang and Justice answered and said, “Hello who is calling?”  This is Honor the young lady you meant in the store last night. Oh yeah, I was waiting for you to call.  I thought that you forgot about me, that’s why I call, “said Honor.” Yeah right, girl you know you look good!  To be honest with you I don’t even feel like that for real, “said Honor.” You got to be kidding, my mother always said that God gave us all individual beauty and we should embrace what he has given to us.  Honor had listen to every word that Justice was saying and he was right, she also thought about what her manager also was saying.  She put two and two together and came to the realization that she shouldn’t just honor and respect the things that she work hard to accomplished, but also to honor self.  If Honor can’t honor thy self how can she accept it from other's.

As Justice was still talking on the phone he said, “Honor are you listening.” Yes I’am, thank you for giving me advice on want you said about God, I appreciate it.  Now I’m asking you would you like to go out to dinner, “said Honor.”  Yes I would like that very much.  So they both went out and had a great time, they talk for hours and hours on end. They realize that their Father has sought them out, and brought them together as one. Justice and Honor.  God Bless  Amen, Amen and Amen


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