Sleeping over night, do you have a Blanket?

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Covering of the Blanket

The Makeup and the Mask
Covered by the false pretense
Every one is under a map.....of pride
Afraid to say to the next man
Need help, but don't give a damn
Sam is on the Slid of Rows
Roaming and Roaming
Don't no were to go
He think he at Home

Mary had several Lambs, that were Beautiful and Young
Having Fun on the Run
The Herd has begun
There is no Hay to Lay
Need a Pay so I can say, we'll be on are way....Today
A Taker on the street
No one can't stand the heat
Thought we all suppose to be Peeps (Family, Associate)

Father, Father you said stick together
Throughout color through stormy weather
Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange and Blue
Colors of the Rainbow...I love you
Make it Rain on you
Do you know who, who
I have an Umbrella and Blanket....Waiting
Maybe your get wet by the rain
Or maybe you need to be covered with a Blanket
Buses are waiting
Do you have your ticket to ride
Cause your covered with the Blood

It no use to deny

Submitted: August 25, 2015

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