The Blunder, Mr. Thomas

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Growing up in the south can be a whole lot of memories


Growing up in the south can be a whole lot of memories that you can’t forget.  Especially, the ones that remind you on how it was before.  Things that happened long time ago tend to linger on your mind quite often.  Mr. Thomas always talked a lot about his pass and how he use to live in the Carolina’s of the south.  How he was treated in the late 40’s as a young adult living on the farm with his brothers and sisters. 

Mr. Thomas is married with four children’s; his oldest child doesn't live with him.  He always remembered how he didn’t take care of her like a father should.  He often ponder on the matter  especially to his family they're the crutch he would always lean onto.  He would always talk about not having anyone who love and care for him.  And yes this man always had his bottle better known as Joy Juice (liquor) for an outlet.  Once he let the juice do the talking, the truth will come out and that was Reality.

However making up stories would be an everyday thing to Mr. Thomas, he would say one thing and turn around and say another.  He would talk about his children’s to the neighbors on the block, and make them out to be fools; which was difficult for them.  Every time one of the neighbors would see his children’s they would have a funny look on their face.  They knew that their father was big mess, embellishing on something that isn’t true for that matter.  However the drink has taken over him.

Time has gotten the best of Mr.Thomas by being this confusing disruptive person, it started to affect his family.  Sometimes he didn’t even know who he was and also it got to the point that his balance and coordination was off.  His family would try to get him help, but Mr. Thomas would refuse and made a big fuss out of the situation.  So his family gave up they couldn’t do any more, they try and try.  As I say the drink was definitely Mr. Thomas friend.  

Mr. Thomas was in bed and he notice that he could not walk, his foot was bleeding tremendously. So he calls his daughter to come in his room and he asks her, do I have a cut under my foot?  And she replied and said, “Yes you do Dad.”  How in the world did you get that gnash on your foot?  And he said, “I don’t know.”  His daughter said that she is going to call the ambulance, so they can come and take him to the hospital.  And it was done.When he finally arrive at the hospital his daughter call her mother at work to tell her what was happening.  She immediately came to support her husband, once she arrive her husband foot has turn green.  When the doctor came into his room at the hospital the bad news came to friction.  Yes the GANGRENE is here, I don’t have to say the rest.

Mr. Thomas seem to be very confuse he didn’t know what was going on; he didn’t realize that the doctor’s was going to operate on his foot. His daughter had to sign a release form so they can proceed with the surgery.  However his wife didn’t want anything to do with the decision she was afraid.  Once the surgery was over Mr. Thomas was recovering from the procedure, and he suddenly woke up to realize his foot is gone. Mr. Thomas was so dismay he started to cry like a new-born baby and his family cry right along with him.  That was the love they had for the man who thinks no one love him.

When Mr. Thomas was discharge from the hospital his family had a surprise celebration for his welcoming.  He still had feeling of being morbid.  When losing something that is yours it can be a horrific situation.  Everyone was there even friends and family who he thought didn’t even care for me, but the thing is Mr. Thomas didn’t love himself.  If you don’t have love within yourself how do you expect for someone to love you.  And again, if you don’t love yourself how can you ever receive the love you long for. Till this day Mr. Thomas is still disruptive, confuse and cannot forget the fact that life has it lessons to be learn.

One morning Mr. Thomas woke up from a terrible dream, a glimpse of what could have been.  He dreamed that he didn’t have any limbs except is arms and hands.  And he didn’t know of family or friends, he was there by him self he had no one to lean on.  Then he realized that he didn’t have anyone to love him, his wish was granted.  Even though subconsciously it was just a dream, but sometimes it can be shown to you by any means necessary.  He then woke up and started a day of a new.  Life is not about the anger of love or to hate, it’s about loving one another with family and friends.  And now Mr. Thomas feels the love that was always there, after the lost of him.

Act 2:19 And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke.   Amen  God Bless you all



Submitted: February 28, 2013

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Criss Sole

Poor Mr. Thomas. I was happy to read that he had people who cared about him.

Mon, March 4th, 2013 1:05pm


Thank you for reading my short story.....

Mon, March 4th, 2013 8:21am

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