BFF's by school part 1

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Acka has never had a pet before...... but when her asignment is to make a documentary on a asigned kitten.She knows her parent's will not allow it.... What will she do to save the kitten and what will her parents do to destroy it

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



BFF's by School

play: All by soapy Dibs 


 Acka:Mr drak why did you put your name as Mrs. Drack on this asignment sheet....(Acka walks over to desk holding in a laugh) 






Mr.Drak: Acka you know how the parents think im crazy.... well maybe if i take my wifes dress an wig I can be a Mrs.Acka




 Acka:ok......(Acka walks to her desk with a what the heck look)









  Acka starts to leave class 




 Mr.drak:Oh Acka wait I understand your parents hate animals but this is important and I have asigned you a stray cat......(Mr.Drak looks like he has a mischevious idea)




Acka:What are you thinking




Mr.Drak:(whispers in Ackas ear)Sneek it have an extra bag that expands to your back pack hide her in there for now




Acka:puts it in backpack (cat meows).. 




Acka leaves and text's Molly her friend



Ackas Phone Conversation:Acka:lol cat mission



Molly:Let me guess lol Mr drak......YOU ARE HIS FAVE STUDENT(TEACHERS PET)




Acka:Stop calling me teachers pet your just jelous.Wrud?









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