Bloodshot Wings

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I came up with this story at my swimming competition! I thought about it for six days and with no access to a computer I couldn't type it till the competition ended. Hope you guys like it ^^

The crowd roared behind me as the men fought it out in the 100 metres freestyle. The water sprayed the spectators who stood to close to the pool,melting into their clothes,. The rampaging water licked the sides of the pool with the force of astorm while the heavily muscled men threw their arms forward. The crowd held their breath as they hit the wall, the board above flickered to life. The swimmers names were numbered with their placing, the crowds eyes scanned their swimmers placing and times. PB's are a must here if you were going to qualify for nationals. That's what happened for every race here, but the real thrill of the event was when you raced yourself.

I shifted on my seat in the stands eagerly as my event came closer, my eyes uselessly followed the current race with no interest. I constantly thought of my race, reviewing my tactic making sure it would work for me. I felt my heart leap as my event number appeared on the board, my hand instantly found my towel, cap and goggles and raced to see my coach for a final word of advice.

"Ok Thalia, remember the plan. Sit on Alyce's shoulder for 100 metres and pull away on the last 100. This is the finals not the heats, give it all you've got" his voice sounded so sure that I could pull it off, and I was confident that I could do it too.

I gave him my brightest smile and skipped off to the marshalling area, my heart lightly thudded in my chest in rythm with my steps. 200 metres butterfly was my best stroke and I was one of the strongest swimmers in the event, only being out swum by Alyce, my rival. We had a friendly rivalry while others had vicious ones, watching each other with a strong sense of hurting them in any way to win. I hated those kinds of people. But to my pleasure, most of the girls were very friendly.

The finals only had one heat of the fastest girls in that event, testing us of our physical and mental strength. Our muscles would work over time while our thoughts affected our performance, I'm usually negative on myself and that pulls me back but this time I took things alittle differently. I was full of confidence and ready to roll,I looked around with a smile that hung on my lips. Many of the other girls sat in their seat preparing for the race, Alyce was talking to one of the officials, she looked confident too.

I heard the marshal call us to our seats. I was in lane four and Alyce was in five, right next to me and on my strong side too! I felt my heart beginning to thud loudly in my chest even though the race hasn't even started yet. I watched the heat before us, the boys 14yr old 200 fly. The boy in my lane came to a flying finish, hitting the wall with such force that the water smashed into the wall with the force of a tsunami, leaving his opponents behind him. A bright smile played with his lips as he knew he was the best for his age, the fastest in our state and I was going to be the next one to think the same.

I quietly fumbled with my hair till I heard Alyce talk about something strange to an official. As she took a seat beside me, I couldn't help but ask, "Umm.. Alyce... Why are you talking about... uhh.. wings?"

"You were evesdropping?"

"Yeah" I sheepishly replied, my cheeks burned as they flashed a cherry red.

"Well... did you know everyone has a pair of wings? You don't see them of course otherwise everyone here would have wings just as you would."

"Evereyone?" this was beginning to sound like nonsense.

"Yeah, everyone has a pair of wings that'll show one day when you need them the most" Alyce smiled.

What was she talking about? Wings? She has gone crazy on my opinion. Probably joined some weird religion that believes in such a stupid thought. Who'd ever think they would drag her into one?

The marshaller called us up one by one. We stood in a line that went by block numbers. I was in lane four, my most hated lane. Everyone can see lane four, each pair of eyes made my fears worse. I was scared out of my wits as of right now.

We strode behind the timekeepers and stopped behind out lane.Behind the blocks my heart throbbed in my chest, it could break my ribs anytime since it hurt so much. I wasn't ready, but everyone else was. The crowd roared for their swimmer as the announcer named all the swimmers, and it surely wasn't me that they were cheering for. I stripped my clothes off and stood behind the ready-waiting block. It's wet surface glinted in the light.

The whistle blew and I automaticly got onto the block, my hands and feet tightly gripped its suface. I wasn't going to stuff up this dive like I had with previous ones. "Take your marks."

I wasn't ready for this but I HAD to. This was the biggest race for the year. I HAD to be ready. I felt my confidence grow ever so slightly. The loud buzz that everyone had been waiting for sounded and we were in the water like a shot.

I felt my shoulders power through the water as I threw them forward. I swam on Alyce's shoulder, she can't get too far or it wouldn't work. The water rung in my ears and my heart raced its own race. My muscles were warm an growing hotter by the second. I stuck to her shoulder for 100 metres.

We hit the wall and turned for the 150, this was my chance to win. I threw my body into its race mode. I felt my body work overtime as I pulled away, I was feeling very confident now, because I was winning.

Then my feeling dropped as I caught Alyce in the corner of my eye. She tore through the water with an emense amount of power I couldn't beleive.She flew past me and flew towards the glory I so dearly wanted. The one I woked so hard for.

Maybe I was too confident...

The wall hit my fingers with its usual familiar thud. I felt numb, my hands remained on the tiled wall. Feeling its coldness melt through my burning body, I still couldn't feel anything. There was nothing to feel for, nothing at all. Then I remembered the people around me, I couldn't possibly look like a sore loser here. A uncomfortable smile lit my face as I turned to face Alyce. "Nice swim!" I chirped through the most convincing facial expression I could call up.

"You too" she happily replied as we shook hands. The whistle blew once more and I was out of there as fast as I got in.

My feet slowly made their way to the cool down pool, slipping into its icy water. A shiver went through my spine but I didn't care at that moment. I moved into slow freestyle as my muscles slowly uncurled around my body. I felt so wrong.

10 minutes later I got out and collected my things. Water dripped down my bathers while I walked towards my club bay, leaving a wet trail behind me. I dropped my things on my bag and wrapped a towel around me. I took a seat besidemy coachand awaited his wise words.

He said I raced well, just as he planned actually. He had only become head coach 6 weeks prior to the championships so he didn't really know us that well. He said after a year of coaching us he should get a good idea of how we like to race and what works for every swimmer.

I heard the anouncer call my name up for the medal ceramony. I didn't really want it but had to since everyone thought it was so special. I stood on the second place podium and almost refused the medal but took it anyway. I couldn't help but feel a tear slip down my cheek as gold was awarded to Alyce. A girl namedCassy got bronze.

Once our medal presentaion was over I hastily walked away from the podium. Almost running back to the bay. "Hey! wait!" I heard Alyce call.

I stopped and looked back to see her run up to me. A frown appeared on her face.

"Are you ok? You didn't look too good on the podium" she worried.

"Yeah I'm fine" I tried to smile convincingly.

"But you were crying" her voice urged.

"You saw..." the tear returned.

"Yeah, evenCass saw. You did your best and that's what matters"

I nodded ever so slightly then a thought hit me. "Did your wings appear?" I was really curious, she swam so fast!

"No they didn't actually"

"How did you swim so fast then?" I was really confused then.

"I dunno" she shrugged. "I don't even know what type I have so I'm not gonna be sure till they appear."

"What types are there?" I was really curious now.

"Water wings, Fire wings, Earth wings, Wind wings, Smoke wings, Light wings, Bone wings, Wings of fear, Wings shadows and Blood Red Wings"

"Oh, what does each one mean then?"

Fire is Power, water is grace, earth is life, wind is speed, smoke is safety, light is purity, bone is health, fear is fear obviously, shadow is darkness and blood red wings...I can't remember what they meant."

"How do wings appear?"

"They come when your true personality shows,Cass got her fire wings when she saved her sister from a burning house, her sister was bleeding really badly and couldn't walk or run. Cass ran back in and saved her." she smiled.

"So... your element must be there when your wings appear?"

"I believe so" her voice appeared wise. I envy her so much right now.

"I just wonder what blood red wings mean."

"I forgot so I can't really help you."

I saw her muscles go rigid, her arms roughly pushed me against the wall while her body faced away from me."What's going on?" I feared for our lives.

"Shhh..." she soothed.

Two bullets suddenly slice through her shoulder blades and cut through the wall . Blood spurt and smeared itself on the wall around me.

Her body went limp and came to a crashing halt on the floor. Her body remains motionless in the ground. What was going on?I look to my side and gasp at what I saw. It was clear now.

"Envy..." my lips murmured, and I knew I wasn't the only one who'd envy Adele.

Jessica's dark smile widened as she confirmed her doing. The gun in her hands clattered on the ground as it fell from her grasp.Her blood red wings neatly folded behind her back carefully unfurled to reveal it's dark beauty. Adele must have confused fire for blood.

Blood red wings stained the wall around me, I had become the killer's puppet...

(Ok if you didn't really understand why blood red wings meant envy then here's the explanation! The only way to make blood red wings is to use the blood of the person you envy.)

Submitted: January 03, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Soapy Tsunami. All rights reserved.

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