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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This may turn out as a novel but I'm not really sure right now. If i get enough likes and motivation then i'll write the novel, so far i have had no mativation to write. I'm losing my writing touch D:

ps. random parts will be put in :P

Submitted: February 12, 2009

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Submitted: February 12, 2009



"Stay together!" Shinzu roared over the piercing screams of the sirens, his odd coloured eyes had a seriousness to it that made me obey. "Do not let them tear you appart. Hold onto each other with your very lives!"

I ran to Xylent and Kita and sat in a huddle in the hollow of the great tree we hid in. Something was wrong, I could feel it. My fathers once gentle gaze now sent shivers down my fragile spine. His georgous blue and green eyes were so sharp, so cold, so...

I heard a heavy thud. Shinzu fell to the ground, his chest heaved with every jaggered breath he managed to take. I buried my face into Kita's fur, smearing wet tears into her wind blown fur. The sounds around me tore at my delicate ears, but that's not what made me cry. I took another look at Shinzu who rose from his weakened state and braced himself beside my sisters and I who clung to each other like a ball of fur. Whimpers and yelps escaped his beared fangs, growls could not hide the pain he felt right now. I caught a tear roll down his left eye, its once emerald green glow began to darken. His right sky blue eye remained strong, urgency showed right to the core. Like he could see something, feel something that my sisters and I couldn't see.

"Run!" dad urged before coughing up a mouthful of blood and collapsing to the ground.

Kita was the first of us to leap out of the hollow. Taking one last look at Xylent and I who could only stare at her, she sprinted off through the forest war field.

"Follow her!" Shinzu's hoarse voice didn't stir me. I didn't want to leave him, not like this.

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