The Secret Club - Plot+Characters.

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Story Plot

Springwater High School is your average school with your average everyday school clubs, or so you think. Roxie Shives is part of a secret club placed in room 13. A club full of unthinkable wonders and supernatural magic. In school, the club members are the weird ‘outcasts’ but every day after school, they come together to share their out of this world powers. The leader of the club is the mysterious Lance Monarrez. No one knows about his past and no one dares ask. But when he takes a sudden liking to Roxie, she is plunged into a world of even darker magic.

Story Characters

Name: Roxie Shives
Age: 15
Power: Can control and read minds.
Bio: Roxie is the quietest of the whole club, keeping to herself most of the time. She never contributes any of her ideas to the group but she always loves to listen to other people’s. She has always had a slight crush on Lance but she never bothered talking to him because he keeps to himself outside the club.

Name: Lance Monarrez
Age: 16
Power: Can talk to animals.
Bio: Lance is the leader of the secret club and is very open in club discussions, but when outside of the club, he keeps his past and himself to himself. Despite him being in the club, he is very popular in school. Obviously the girls can’t get enough of him and he has plenty of guy friends.

Name: Coraline Jones
Age: 16
Power: Gives a man (or woman) a ‘certain’ look and they become sexually attracted to her.
Bio: Coraline is a loud member of the club, pitching ideas left right and centre. She’ll never admit it, but she quite likes her power. She acts all ashamed of it but she uses it on most men she meets. She has always taken a fancy for Lance but he keeps well clear of her.

Name: Max Fray
Age: 12
Power: Invisibility
Bio: Being the youngest of the club can be tough, people not taking your ideas seriously. The only person who gives Max the benefit of the doubt is Roxie and he’s always had a slight childish crush on her.

Name: Ashleigh Willis
Age: 13
Power: Can bring someone's shadow to life to attack them.
Bio: Ashleigh is just as quiet as Roxie but if you get on the wrong side of her, she will use her power against you. Most people are nice to her but she knows it isn’t genuine. They’re all just petrified of her. The only one who isn’t scared of her is Max and he is genuinely nice to her, but she thinks he’s just like the rest.

Name: Ryan Byrne
Age: 16
Power: Can shape shift into anything
Bio: Ryan is very protective of anyone he cares for. He dislikes Lance very much and he thinks he is a right jerk. When Lance suddenly starts getting involved with Roxie, Ryan gets really angry and he feels the need to protect her.

Name: Clary Lightwood
Age: 14
Power: Can teleport anywhere.
Bio: Clary is very sweet and loves everyone (or tries to). She is smiley most of the time, but she is very sensitive. If you say something out of place to her, she’ll be depressed for days. She loves sweet things and loves to eat junk food. Despite her sweetness though, she is very skilled in Karate and Martial Arts.

[These are the characters in the club and the most important characters that you need to know about, if I add more characters, they're probably not that important c;]

A/N: Don't worry I'm still going to carry on with Love & Tattoos, it won't be like last time where I gave up with them both, anyways hope you like and If you want to know when the Prologue is out...write a comment saying KMU...and I'll kepp you updated c;

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