Lost Amongst the Heavens

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This is the story of a star in the night sky.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Lost Amongst the Heavens

Once upon a time, there was a very bright star in the night sky. This star was the brightest star in his sector of the sky, and he loved to show off how bright and brilliant he was. However, there were no people living in his sector of the sky, so he decided to find a new spot. So he became a shooting star and traveled the sky until he found a large town to shine over.

There were many other stars in this section of the sky, but none were as bright and brilliant as the new star. The night of his arrival, the entire town came outside to see the magnificent light that was illuminating the sky. For months he enjoyed his new spot because stargazers came from all over the world just to see him. After receiving so much attention, he began to listen to what the people below him were saying.

“This new star is quite bright, however I wonder if it can match the glorious stars of Silver Belt.” a traveling stargazer pondered.

“I’m sure that this bright star deserves to be in that patch of sky, but would it stand out at all?” asked another man. To this, the stargazer could not reply.

The star thought to himself for a long time, and decided to go on and search for Silver Belt. After listening to many of the people below him talk about it, he concluded that Silver Belt was the patch of sky with the most stars and it was the brightest spot in the whole sky during the night. Shortly before leaving, the star shone as brightly as he could one last time for the town that he had begun to love. That night, everyone woke up from their slumber and either stepped outside of their doors to look up, or they peaked out of their bedroom windows. The town watched as its own brightest star shot off into the distance as a glowing trail of light, never to be seen in the area again.

Since the star had no idea where Silver Belt was, he spent half a year traveling the sky during the night. He was a spectacle to see. Newspaper headlines spread from town to town as, “The world’s brightest shooting star” was traveling the world. Countless children had made wishes whenever he had happened to soar over any who were able to spot him.

After months of searching, he had come upon the legendary area of the sky known as Silver Belt. The star soon realized that Silver Belt’s name was well deserved. For miles across the sky, so many stars were clumped together that it had looked like there was a silver tear in the sky. The star wasn’t sure if he would be brighter than the other stars in Silver Belt, so he made the biggest entrance he possibly could. He gathered all of his speed, glowed as brightly as he could, and slammed smack dab into the middle of Silver Belt. The grand city below Silver Belt watched in amazement as a radiant shooting star smashed into the stars above them.

Even though the star finally joined Silver Belt, which is where all of the brightest stars stood, he was starting to feel crestfallen. After his grand entrance, the star was forgotten. Stargazers noted his presence within Silver Belt, but no one came to see him anymore. In fact, no one could see the star unless they had tried very hard to spot him specifically, which no one did. Try as he might and glow as much as he could the star was not able to outshine any other stars in the sector. He was still the great star he always was, but with so many other stars in the sky he went from the single most spectacular star in the sky to ‘just another light in the sky.’ The star found himself lost amongst the heavens.

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