Ghost In The House!

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Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017




Ghost In The House


One exciting Midnight Samuel was putting a movie on. Everyone wanted to watch it upstairs in the house. Simon, Alex and Cindy wanted to watch Star Wars and Emily didn’t care. Before the Movie started Alex locked the door.

After the movie was done Simon chatted “That was a great movie”. Then Samuel realised he needed to get petrol because they were going to visit his friends which is a 1 Hour drive and they only had 10km. But before he opened the door he could see something white? He looked at it for a while and finally found out what it was. It was a GHOST Samuel was huffing and puffing and then fainted. THUD everyone heard it and went to look what happened. Then the door opened and they all saw the ghost and they all started to panic.

Then Samuel got up and shouted “C’MON FOLLOW ME” everyone followed Samuel to the attic and Samuel was explaining how to get rid of the Ghost. Alex suggested to call Ghost Busters but Cindy whispered to Alex “Ghost Busters is a movie you dum dum”. Then Emily said “ why don’t we get a vacuum and suck him up”. Everyone agreed and Cindy distracted the Ghost while the others were getting the vacuum. After a while Alex holded up the vacuum and tried sucking the Ghost in. Soon they noticed it wasn’t working because it was too weak. Since Simon was an engineer he upgraded the vacuum to the ULTIMATE SUCKING VACUUM. Everyone agreed that Samuel should hold it since he’s the strongest and so he did. After waiting and figuring out they finally sucked up the Ghost.

That’s why you lock your doors and have a vacuum nearby!

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