How The Cats Got It’s Fur

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Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



dreamtime story  

Once upon a time a cat called Cat flap, a mother called Barloo, a child called Bear, Edward the echidna and Hour the Owl went for a journey and this is how it all began.

One day Cat flap and Bear went for a walk together. Barloo said not to eat the red beetles or something bad will happen to you when you go to sleep. It was Bar-lue’s party. So the cats continued on walking. Edward the Echidna caught up with the two of them and the three journeyed on .They all went to the party and once they got to the party all three were so hungry they pigged out on all the food. Barloo said “I feel a bit mean saying this but I need to say it,CAN YOU STOP EATING NOW”. At that stage the four forgot not to eat the red beetles or something bad will happen. Another animal arrived called Hour the Owl and they all said “you came in like a wrecking ball I never hit so hard before…”
“can you hear something”, said Edward loudly
“yes it sounds like Hour the Owl, what would he be doing up at this sort of time of day? He is meant to be asleep right now”. Meowed Cat-Flap. 
Bear stopped the music and they all looked across and did not see hour the owl. “All I wanted to do was break your walls” and they turned the music of and said “is it me or is it hour the owl, they all looked different ways and Bear saw Hour the Owl and groaned “what are you doing up”? “we were just having a simple party”.  
Hour the Owl said nothing, “do you want some food?” and gave them red beetles and they ate them like rabbits with carrots the three fell asleep. 
Edward and Hour walked with the three prisoners to their evil kingdom and their army cheered for them as they walked in. 
Barloo, Cat Flap and Bear all woke up to find themselves in a dungeon and they said to the guards “let us out we were just having a party” then they said “i’m hot look on our arm, it has grown fur on it, it must be from the food hour the Owl gave us”. 
“Where's edward?” Said Cat Flap. 
“I don’t know, he's not here” Said barloo one of the brave guards said to the other “we better tell the chief they are up”. So the dumb guards  went to the chief and left the dungeon keys in reach of the cats. Bear could reach it so he took a chance and he just got the tip of them and pulled them to himself. Flipped the keys so the keys flipped  around. They were put it in the hole to unlock the 2 tough doors. It did not go in so he went to the next key and shoved it in the hole he turned it around. Cat flap said to the 2 boys let's go they were free and escaped the dungeon and the guards. The kids and parent got back and 2 guards awaited their arrival they all punched ether guard at the gate. So the guards were knocked out. they all got out of the dungeon each one looked down the hill in shock and looked up and saw a castle. 
 “if Edward is not here he must be in the castle with the one that fed us the red beetles” explained barloo .let's go, i'm going, come on let's go, said Bear Barloo and Cat flap. One tripped then the other than them all did rolly pollies down the huge long hill and had  grass stains all over her body and ripped parts of the shorts and t-shirt. they all saw humongous large metal gates. Bear push as hard as he could and did not open it he said “can you lazy cat`s help me for once I can`t do this all myself” they all opened one part of the strong  metal gate. when they pulled the one side of the gate it made a strong loud screech they all slipped through the tiny little hole and saw a guard next to him and he said “where do you think your going”". The cats responded To the king. they all said who is the king what's his name Mr king Owl and Mr king Edward. They're going to the woods. I don't know what he is doing. Probably to find us 3 than if he is. He will take us to jail again. But those kings are my friends the guard said to another guard take these kids to the king.Ok I will said the other guard so they went to the king.And said “hey you are edward but you're different” bear unsurprisingly brought up. 
“Yes i am much different much different like a king”
Please come back edward and hour you once were our friends but now you have changed. So much i don't know you any more”. The cats walked away. 4 hours later they got home. With everyone going to sleep except bar-lou. Bar-lou was thinking about what bear said you have changed i don't know you anymore.something suspicious like edward use to say. Eventually bar-lou fell asleep. In the morning all cats were up, there was a note a the door it said on the front to bear bar-lou and catflap from edward. “Sorry about yesterday”. 15 hours later knock knock. “EDWARD and HOUR you came back YOU'RE THE BEST”. “I’m sorry”.

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