The Breath that Broke

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Trying my hand at rhyming a little better, I just came up with this poem dedicated to people who have suffered terrible pains, and to the people that consider even breathing an almost impossible and painful task at times.

Submitted: July 02, 2012

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Submitted: July 02, 2012



Let your breath come out, then let it come in.

The entrance almost clogged by a clutching life string.


You don't want to breathe,

Or even see the light of day...

You just want to feel your heart stop, melting the pain away.


Feel your lungs contract, then your shoulders lift.

You refuse to move,

Yet you know eventually you'll have to shift.


You’ve lost your breath, your thoughts too loud.

Could you even cry anymore?

You tried, but it had no sound.


You were finally broken, you told yourself.

Have you finally cracked like an overstuffed shelf?


You let out an idle breath, though a broken sound.

You would get back up and make yourself proud.


A stinging, poisonous memory this would be.

You would push it away and make everyone see,

That you stand alone, it’s very true.


And that there's no one else but you.

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