It's All Good

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This is my first short story so please don't hate. Hope you like it:)

Madison Bailey has a normal day, until she returns home to find the house empty. Then someone shoves a bag on her head and bundles her into the back seat of a car. What's going to happen? Read to find out.

Submitted: September 05, 2012

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Submitted: September 05, 2012




So, it started off as a normal day. My alarm went off, I turned it off, my mum burst into my room screaming 'MADISON JAYNE BAILEY, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM YOUR BED THIS INSTANT!' I ate breakfast alone; the rest of my family departed long before me. Then I threw on my school uniform and set out, carefully locking the front door. The short walk to school, boring as ever lasted a mere two minutes. At the school gates, my best friend Angie was waiting for me, jumping up and down screaming unintelligible nonsense. Well, that was what I thought until I got closer and realised she was yelling 'RUN MADDY! MRS GUNDERSON IS GONNA MURDER YOU! YOU'RE LATE!' I sprinted over, cursing silently. This was the third time this week that I had been late. 


I stalked into the classroom, Angie right behind me, jumping around anxiously. Mrs Gunderson looked up as I entered the room. 'Madison, late again, I see. You're getting tardy.' I rolled my eyes back at Angie and she stifled a giggle. We sat down, and Mrs Gunderson began droning on about the life cycle of a toad or something. By the time the recess bell rang, I was bored out of my brain. I pushed through the crowded entrance, and joined Angie and Chloe. We headed down to the netball courts. It was like our spot. No one else went there, except the netball team on Thursdays for training. We talked about anything and everything there, because we knew no one would be listening.


All too quickly, recess was over, and we headed back inside, pausing to wait for Ky and his no-brain cronies to smash through the entrance, knocking over everything in their path. After recess on Wednesdays we always have Science, so we joined our class waiting patiently outside the lab. Suddenly, Miss Ray yanked open the door, smiled in greeting, then ushered us in to the lab like a herd of sheep. 'Hey guys!' she cried once we were all seated. 'Hey Miss Ray,' we shouted in reply. It was our unofficial ritual; Miss Ray was the one teacher in the school who not only tolerated, but encouraged anything louder than a whisper during class time. She was my favourite teacher, well, everyone's favourite teacher, really. That day, we were studying Taxonomic Hierarchy, which would have been boring, but wasn't.


At lunch, Hal had a leadership meeting and Angie had disappeared, so I sat with Kate, a girl who everyone suspected was really a boy. In our defence, she was incredibly tomboyish, insisting we called her 'Kade' and dressing in the boy uniform, and hardly ever even hanging out with girls. She was quite nice actually, and had a great sense of humour. She dragged me over to play footy with the boys, and it was surprisingly fun. Kate was a great player, managing to steal the ball from Riley Minoah, who played for the state team. By the time the bell rang to signal the end of lunch, I was out of breath, and panting hard. 'We need to get you in shape, girl!' Kate shouted in a ridiculous accent. I burst out laughing, and she joined in. We ended up silently shaking on the ground with tears streaming out of our eyes, letting loose with the occasional shriek. We staggered back to class, leaning on each other for support. Mrs Gunderson didn't even look up as we fell through the door, still giggling. We took our seats, and started work on the art project, to make a collage of a forest. We worked on it until home time. 


As soon as the bell rang, I was off. Sprinting out the door, towards home. My older sister Fifi promised to take me to her job at the movies, working at the candy bar. I slowed down at the beginning of my street, and strode past the yellow, dead lawns that the searing hot summer weather always caused. I walked down the driveway, pausing to check the mailbox and finding the usual; bills, junk mail, letters from mum's work. I grabbed them all, burning my hand on the burning hot metal lid. Blowing on it carefully, I proceeded down the driveway. The garage was empty, which was unusual, because mum, dad, Fifi and my brother Jake all left early for their jobs and returned early as well. I retrieved the key from it's place under the mat, and slid it into the lock. The door didn't budge, so I turned it the other way, frowning slightly. That meant that the door had already been open. But I'm sure I locked it I thought disdainfully, unconsciously shaking my head. That could only mean one thing.Someone was in the house.

I walked quietly through the house to my room, afraid to make any sound in case someone really was in the house, a stranger. I was turning the handle on my bedroom door when a bag was shoved over my head. Everything went black, and someone grabbed me, and slung me over their shoulder. They began running, and the bag slid off as they did so. 'HELP ME!' I screamed, 'SOMEONE! ANYONE! DO SOMETHING!' The mysterious person threw me into the the back seat of a car parked a bit further down the street, and accelerated briskly, turning out of the street on to a busy road. I attempted to look at my kidnapper, but he/she was wearing a black balaclava. Then, a pale hand snaked up from the wheel and pulled it off, revealing an all too familiar face. Fifi's. My older sister. Tears of laughter were streaming down her face. 'Dude, your face! Priceless!' She howled, pulling over at a small gravel area. I was still annoyed though. 'Fi, are you kidding me?' I shrieked, 'I thought I was being kidnapped! I was SCARED!' Fifi unbuckled her seatbelt and turned in her seat to fully face me. 'I'm sorry, sis, promise,' she pouted, and I started to grin, then stopped myself. This wasn't funny. But Fifi had started laughing again,and I began to see the funny side of the situation. 'So, you still up for helping out at the candy bar?' she asked. 'Lewis is gonna be there, and it's Free Sample Day,' she smiled. I love Free Sample Day at the candy bar, for pretty obvious reasons. I nodded, and her grin grew wider. She knew she was forgiven. Fifi leant over into the back seat and hugged me, then turned around, buckled up and pulled back onto the road. We drove on in a peaceful silence. It was all good. 

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