Sadness - An Amateur Poem

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A poem that is basically a heap of sentences about sadness presented in a poetry format.

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012






So this is what it feels like

To be so alone

To feel so empty

Like no one cares


On the exterior

I smile

I laugh

I am ‘happy’


If only they knew

What happens behind closed doors

They would see me

The real me


Not the carefree

Happy me

But the real one

The sad one, the alone one


But I keep it a secret

They cannot know

I would seem so weak

In the eyes of so many


Surely there are bigger problems

They would say

But it doesn’t change the fact that

I have what I have


So I keep it bottled up

Growing stronger

Taking over

The emptiness


I wish I could stop it

The feeling of being alone

But I can’t

No one will ever know


The sadness I feel

Every day

Every night

So much sadness


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