derek and Amber

derek and Amber derek and Amber

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



about a teenage girl who is struggling with life, but doesnt realize it
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about a teenage girl who is struggling with life, but doesnt realize it

Chapter1 (v.1) - derek and Amber

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about a teenage girl who is struggling with life, but doesnt realize it

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2013





My eyes open, the sun is shining brightly. I rub my eyes getting the sleep out. I get out of bed slowly and shuffle to the bathroom. My make-up is smeared down my face. Whatever I thought to myself. I stumble down the stairs. I yelp as I stumble over a step and fall on my butt. My phone goes off… ughhh who is calling me…  I wonder.

“what do you want” I answered not even trying to hide my annoyance.  

“ well I’m waiting out here in your drive way Amb” he said brightly, who the hell is this awake in the morning.

“why are you here?” I mumble, deeply confused.

“um we have school” he replied like I was stupid. “oh shit, I’ll be out there in 5.”

I ran into the bathroom washed all of my make-up off, then put on a lot of eyeliner and eye shadow with a touch of mascara. I slipped on the tightest pair of jeans I own. Then I put on a neon pink bra, and slip on a black  see through shirt that only went down halfway to my bellybutton and my boobs, so it showed my belly piercing. I ran as fast as I could to the car in 5 in high heels. I hopped in the car and kissed Derek. He murmured, maybe we could just skip school”

“haha” i raised my eyebrow at him and smirked, “No way, we have already missed enough school”

He gave me a strange look, which I didn’t blame him. I could care less about school. Then he leaned back grinning like a fool, glancing at my outfit.

“yes, I know I look like a slut, but I just grabbed things and threw them on” I sighed. “at least your mine” he said as he nuzzled my neck. I push him off me and say “ we need to get to school on time”.

He pulled back looking a little hurt, wondering when did you care when we got to school.

I was thinking, the reason is because I have been failing so many class’s and I don’t need to get in more trouble.

Even though I didn’t say that outloud, he nodded like he understood. It was like he could read my mind. He gave out a small chuckle, cuz he could read my mind, and I could read his. We could read anybody’s mind. No joke. I tired not to think anything dirty when I was around him, unlike him who was carefree about his thoughts.



Chapter 2

We finally got to school. Everyone knows that Derek and I have been together for almost 6 years now, but all the girls are still all over him, and guys still check me out. Some bitch came up to Derek and tried to kiss him. I was shocked. “ Fuck off you piece of shit” I snarled as I punched her in the face. Derek had to pull me off. Cool down Amber, breathe. He kept saying that in my head until I stopped trying to get out of his grip.

“maybe we should’ve just skipped school  today” I told him, “ get a hotel room, a couple beers” I say in a sexy voice. The only reason I used to go to school was to get a way from my parents, but now they are dead. So I live by myself in a huge house and have parties. Derek rolled his eyes, “you know we could just go to your house. And ummm we have to stop by a drug store.” He mumbled the last part out.”

“why” I snap at him. He shifted in his seat uncomfterably, then I quickly understood. “really we’ve been dating how long and you still can’t say condoms? Jeez you are so weird”. I grinned at him. I loved him, I wondered why he hadn’t knocked me up yet. I glanced at him, I hadn’t noticed the car had stopped and was off to the side of the road.

“whats wrong babe”? I ask him

“ YOU WANT ME TO KNOCK YOU UP!!! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THIS, ALL THIS TIME IV’E BEEN WASTING MY DAMN MONEY ON….” He looked super stressed. “hey I know god will decide when the time is right for us” I say soothingly. I was starting to wish I had never thought about having a baby with him, but I can’t help it, I’m in love with him. I started to cry, I crawled in his lap, and buried my head in his chest. I took a deep breathe, loving the smell of his body.

“ it’s ok honey, I want to child too. You’re not going crazy.” He said it so gently. Then I felt something hard. I looked up at him and grinned. Lets go to my house and see what happens” I murmmer

I looked at him and read his mind. This is what he was thinking. Mmm we are going to be doing a lot trust me” though he wasn’t saying that to me, he was saying that to his friend down there. I pulled away laughing. He looked at me innoctenly. I grinned and crawled back into my seat. He drove super fast. I looked outside thinking… I wanna do so much with his….

“ YOU WANNA DO WHAT”? he asked me shocked gripping the steering weel tightly. His dick looked ready to pop out of his pants. He glanced down and then back at me and rose an eyebrow. He pulled up into my driveway, and we ran into the house laughing and throwing are clothes around.




3rd chapter.

3 months later….

“Derek, Derek come to my house right now” I say frantically. I hung up before he got the chance to answer. He ran into my room. I looked at him hard, and thought how am I supposed to tell him this.

“tell me what?” he looked super worried. Thoughts were racing through his head.

i-i-i m pregenet, you finally knocked me up” I say with my eye’s wide open with a little smirk on my face. He tackled me and we rolled on my bed. “ that’s great” he whispered, and we started making out. I told him a was tired, and we curled up and went to sleep.


10 years later

“ Sabrina come down stairs and say bye to you dad” I shout, I look at Derek.  He thinks… where are the other kids? I thought back, at friends houses.  Sabrina come’s down the stairs she is the youngest out of 5. She is 2 years old. She looked at  Derek… “ bye daddy” and she jumped in her arms. I glanced at them. Thinking this was a good life. But it sucked in highschool, I messed up, I want my children to do better.

OUR children. Derek chuckled in my mind. I wrapped my arms around him. Bye sweetie.


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