... Once More?

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okay, so here's another poem, similar to two that I've written: "Dear Chad" and "For Joe"
I wrote this one, rather fast, much quicker then the other ones, which I did fast also, it just came to me... so Im not sure how it is... I hope you like it anyway, please leave a comment :)

Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012




just let me do this one more time, I promise it'll be quick

don't watch if you cant take it, stabbing her with this stick

letting the blood flow down her chest, and into my outstretched hand

try to stop me now, you'll face your death, fore there's no stoppin' this man


watch as I slowly snap her wrist, and smile at her unflinching face

then one by one, cut the fingers off, as my heart slows its beats pace

shuddering at the sight I see, I laugh a sheer joyous sound

digging a hole, with such energy, in which I'll shove her in the ground


I remove her heart with a few incisions, placed jaggedly into her chest

not caring about what it looks like, not caring about the mess

the heart, goes into my box I keep, with me all the time

fore, I have the heart of the woman I love, so I can call her mine


I take her hair, clumps at a time, and rip them out with joy

she could be my life size barbie, as I play her like a toy

that's when I see you beside me, and feel something stab in my chest

you broke this treaty I made, yeah, you killed the very best


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