Maybe My Old Soul Needn't A Hand To Hold.

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The following piece is about experiencing frustrations with the narrator's lack of finding a true and mature love that she so longs for.

Submitted: July 23, 2009

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Submitted: July 23, 2009



Maybe you really can be too young.

Better to be at a "ready age".

Could I wait until I can really love myself?

Maybe I shouldn't have to let the petty things in life make me cry.

Maybe you can't ever be too ready.

Maybe My Old Soul Needn't A Hand to Hold.

Maybe it's possible to think of a deep maturity that does not yet exist.

You are ready to embark on the crying shame that ain't going to help anything. The crying shame isn't going to serve as a kiss on the lips.

Maybe it's going to serve you like a comforting pillow. Hey, I don't know.

Maybe My Old Soul Needn't a Hand to Hold.

Maybe I need to adapt to the sound of a face being slapped.

Of a thought being replaced.

Whatever it be, I woulder if love could ever be for me.

If it fits, like a sweater, if we could find within our hearts to deserve one another.

Who is that I could be writing to?

For maybe, you are the one I am supposed to love.

Since I am sending you a direct plea.

a plea into the unknown.

Maybe we really have to be at that said "Ready Age"

I can't share the covers with myself, let alone, anyone else.

Maybe it's just too hard to be looking ahead that far.

Ahead in life, is where it is best to suffice.

But,. I want to love you.

For being young, I compare all to the old.

Maybe My Old Soul Needn't a Hand to Hold.

I do everything with a certain poise,

Maybe that's why I don't get enough attention from you boys.

Maybe my newfound maturity could be the sign of an impending security..

Could it be possible that we will be able to love?

As I sit here, longing for you to be near,

Maybe my Old Soul will need a Hand to Hold.

Let it be yours, to get me through those long and tedious years until we're able to be free.

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