Nightmare Friends

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Today, I had the best-human-friend Danielle. The next day- he was a vampire.

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011






"When I say 'serious' I mean really".

I hugged him quickly, without quickly. That sent a blush to both our face - even though we were friends. Danielle was being kind today(he always was) and he had brought me good news-always- and I was really excited that I would be going to see Vampire Ends with him. It's hard to get the tickets these days since it would be shown in all of America's cinemas this weekend. By the way, I have no school and that meant no homeworks and lots of free times to spend with my friend (and that always includes Danielle though he was like my best best best friend). I was eager to go even though that meant that I have to ditch the school summer camps. Still, my mind was zooming around with the ideas of sitting in a cinema and watching vampires striking each other next to somebody I wanted to spend time with.

"Melody?" he spoke my full name in an uncertain way.

"Hm?" I looked into the deep blue eyes and the untidy golden hair. Sometimes, I had a strange feeling which I did not know or want to know when I look into his deep eyes. My heart skipping in a fast velocity and I often flushed red. What the hell was that type of reaction? Perhaps it's just...strange to hold hands with a person opposite gender or was it because he was the hottest guy in school who would rather ditch his own friends just to hang out with you (apperently not a date and I did get a lot of teasing from Elise, my other friend). This was exactly how life goes for me. It was as if I was destined to became befriend with the hottest guy at school.

" you have time to go to the park with me?"

Again, I almost screamed. Didn't he just took me over there, yesterday and the day before that?" The Park. Even the title frightened me. That place was jinxed with me and it appeared that whenever I got there I would start having injuries- take an example, I was walking down the side-walk and I accidentally slipped on an ice-cream cone and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the lake with a duck above my head.

No thanks, I wanted to tell him. But whenever he mentioned the title, he always mean that he wanted to take a walk with me to tell me he is unhappy about something.

"Sure", I lied.

"Are you sure you want to go?" Danielle asked. He was the only person who had witnessed most of my accidents at the park and he knew perfectly well of what I was thinking.

Mind readers...

"When I say 'sure' I mean I'm really going to do it", I replied using the same retort he did earlier. He laughed and I joined him along. BFFs. I had never regretted being his friend.

We walked to the park together, talking about school. I listened to his story about the basketball game he had won earlier in the semester, as well as carrying the bag of snacks we bought at the store for our picnic. It was an interesting story, and yet this time I paid attention to his voice- the soft, tendering, musical voice that belongs to an angel.

"So really, team one got tangled up a little with Gapher's distraction and then I aimed for the hoop", he told me as if he had already prepared the speech.

"Great skills you got there", I commented. I kept my eyes on the floor, to prevent me from my unusual reactions that have happened with me since the beginning of our friendship. An illness, I called it even thought it didn't really affect me at all.

"Mel, what would you do if I wasn't human?" That was probably the weirdest question I've ever heard him asking.

"What are you trying to ask really?" I looked into his face to see if it was just a theory. He looked serious.

"Say...if this was the last day that I would be spending as a human-friend and suddenly tomorrow I turned into someone else".

"You'll always be my human-friend", I told him.

"But...what if this was true? What if...tomorrow I became a vampire?"

"Are you really getting into Vampire Ends?" I asked him, looking rather confusing with his theory. "You're not a vampire, Danielle and if you really are...then you'll still be my best buddy". No matter what.

"Do you really mean it, Melody Naptilade?" he asked almost excited. My eyes gleamed. How can a teenage-boy looked so...angel-like and cute.

"You know the answer", I retorted this time. We crossed the street and enjoyed our peaceful human-friendship together.

After the day that they walked to the park, Mel noticed that Danielle disappeared suddenly after he told her the story of the vampire. She tried calling him, but she heard a lie from Danielle's elder sister that he was sick and wouldn't make it on time to see Vampire Ends with her. The mystery suddenly made her unbearable and Mel decided to visited Danielle's house for the first time, where she revealed the truths of Danielle's family- they were all vampires and now even Danielle was a vampire who was learning how to control his thirst and he was having a difficulty with Mel around.

This was an extreme nightmare. Did I get the address right?

I looked at the paper again: Number 40, Lola Lane. Yes, it was the correct address...but the house. The house was a haunted house with broken windows and unfixed rooftops. The house was at least fifty of so years old. A dead lawn that looked as if it had belonged in an old-fashioned witch-craft story. I wonder whether Danielle's family was related to the Evil Witch of The West.

Still, this was for him- for my best friend who was sick in bed. I gathered all my courage and then I knocked on the door.

Winds howled at the sight- yeah this place was definitely haunted-like and why the hell is my friend staying at this place. Too make it creepier, I tell you was that the door opened and there was a girl- badly scarred on the face who welcomed me. I screamed, terrorized.

Then I noticed the identical blue eyes. That shushed me.

"Sorry about that", she told me quietly. "And please, don't scream. It's not attractive". What a heavy Transylvania voice! Something scared me and my intervoice told me to run-for-it. From what, I wondered. Attractive? Such a wrong term.

"Danilise?" I said. That was Danielle's sister name. Dan-nil-lees.

"That's me", she told me. Okay, this has to freak me out. On the telephone- her voice was soft and tender...and now- did she have a cold or something?

"Hi, I'm Melody- Danielle's friend", I informed.

"Oh, so it was you that I talked too on the phone. Danielle is still ill, sorry and the illness might spread, I'm afraid", she told me.

", okay. Can you please tell him I dropped by?"

"Of course", she said. "Goodbye then".

"Melody!" another voice said. I froze. That voice....the sound of someone that I had remembered.

"Let me go, mom! Let me go! Mel! Melody!" Danielle's voice echoed. His voice was terribly hoarse...almost Transylvania accent like his sister's instead of the regular cheeful-musical voice he had.

"It's not safe for her, Danielle!" someone scolded him- his father.

"I'm sure I'm capable of it, Mom let me go".

"Don't, Danielle. You'll kill her".

"Danielle!" I gasped. I ran into the house, without permission to see him. When I reached the inside everything whirled. It was not like I had expected- where were the stairs. Danielle appeared under the candlelight with two adults holding onto him. He was....changed.

"Mel!" he yelled happily when he saw me. Then I watched him jumped from the balconies and down onto the floor safely. Running at the fastest velocity, I had ever saw his hands grasped around me and I could feel everything changing.

This was not the Danielle that I know. This was a different Danielle. He was cold, marbled, and then when I looked into his eyes I gasped. It was no longer the color blue but the dark shade of violet-gray. What was even worst- and changing about him- was when he gave me the happy look and then I saw the sharp tints of carnivores- wrong words- fangs. He gave me a look of ravenous and then before I knew it, I watched him bite my neck and then everything went black. Danielle had became a vampire.

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