Its all a game & you just lost.

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Basically i was betrayed by a friend, she was horrible & i wrote this in anger. ( P.s Guys, im a girl! Im not writing this about an ex or anything;L )

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



Your getting what you deserve,
and its about time,
That you get a dose of your own medicine,
A sentence for your crime.

You text your EX boyfriend still.
Do you see the prefix?
Isn't one guy enough for you
Once your boyfriend finds out you'll shit bricks.

Oh he wont find out you say?
Lets see about that!
Cause he already has hun,
& for once i wasn't the 'rat'

That's what you get
for backstabbing two friends,
That's another two friendships
that your never gunna mend.

It started with a text,
And followed on with another,
Oh man you & that prick.
 truly deserve each other.

You still have feelings for him,
Even though your best friend did too
Do you just want to have no friends ?
Well ask and i shall do.

Still have feelings huh.
What about Jake?
' Oh i care for him so much'

Lets flashback to what you did to me.
Taking not one, but two guys that i use to like.
You said i had every chance,
But then LOL JKS ! their mine SYKE!

For fucks sake get your own!
You put out so it couldn't be hard!
But no you still strive to steal mine.
and catch me completely off guard.

I don't think you realize
How many tears i cried.
Cause of you ruining my life.
With rumors that you lied.

Meet my little friend called Karma.
You had your fun, This is the cost.
Its a game girl, and to be frank
You've just fucking lost.

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