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Another story in my personal stash:D

Submitted: April 17, 2009

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Submitted: April 17, 2009



You sat down on the roof... again.. At least it wasn't full moon, you didn't want to see the damage done by the nights.. events.You gingerly rubbed your cheek. A bruise will definately be there tomorrow. You decide against going back in for a ice-pack. It just wasn't worth it. You tried to lean back on your elbows but ended just lying on your back. Elbows has some bruises too. Must be from the fall after the first hit. A cold wind greets your cheek, you lean in only to hit something cold. 'It must be father!!' you thought in panic. You quickly retreat only to have a hand grab your hand lightly, "Don't worry". You thought that your father might've followed you up to the roof.. but someone else was here instead. You look up. A boy with black hair and dark red eyes was hovering over you. Slight smile on his lips. Ice-pack in his hand? Sure enough. He sat down and offered the ice-pack, "Well, atleast there's no school tomorrow" he said and looked up to the moon. You quickly cover the bruise but he laughed to your reaction. "You don't have to do that, I already know" he said and looked over to you slightly.

He didn't sound happy about it, but not angry either..

You put the ice-pack on your cheek and muttered a 'thanks'. He wore faded jeans, school jacket but.. with a Metallica shirt? Heh, emo-prep...

His eyes followed to what you were looking at and he smiled, "I would rather be wearing my pj's but I think wearing my bunny-boxers might freak you out". you blinked but ended up smiling.. ouch-ouch.. okay, smirk. He brushed through his black hair and yawned. It was late. Midnight. "Before you ask, I remembered, so I thought it might come in handy" he said with his red eyes flashing slightly. "Remembered?" you repeat dumbfounded. "Last week you did the same.. though, I wasn't really in a position to help at that stage.. had a bad cold.. " he said looked down. "How did you-" you started, but he cut you off by raising a hand a little. "I can see you on the roof from my window" he answered, "I can also see you at school.. you look worse up close". His eyes quickly widended as he realized what he's said, "I'm sorry!! I mean- You can see it better.. I mean worse.. You always do look beautiful-" he quickly slapped his mouth shut his his hands. You laughed and put the ice-pack down, sitting up. He smiled sheepishly while blushing.

He abruptly stood up and stretched out. "I guess I should be going now" he said, turning slightly. He paused and turned back just as you wanted to call. "I'm Noreis" he said and turned back to you. His voice sounded deeper and more mature now.. It almost had a italian accent. His red eyes glowing slightly, "I'll be back tomorrow night". "I'm -" you started, but he cut in again. "-Kai" he finished. You gaped a bit, "How did you know?" you asked and started to stand up. Noreis smiled and pointed to the forgotten ice, "You should keep that on your cheek.. elbows too, it'll be better tomorrow." he said and walked to the edge of the roof. A nod came from you without you willing it, "Yes". "Goodnight, Kai... and don't worry.. I'll be here to protect you" he said. A sharp gust knocked you off balance, and just as you looked up he was gone. You peered cafefully over the edge of the roof.. how did someone climb a two-storey building without anyone noticing.. how did he dissapear like that? You look back to the ice and held it to your elbow. A smile played on your lips, you were going to find that out tomorrow night..

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