Game Over (For Sean)

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Death is on the horizon. Will they be able to get out alive?

Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012




For Sean,
See? I told you I would write it xx

Game Over

Beep! Beep! “Warning! Warning!” Deep breath. Calm. Beep! Beep! Thump…Thump…Panic. Breathe in. Breathe out. Calm. “Go!” Jordan. Panic. People. Run. Run. Thump…Thump…Quickly. Faster. Run. Move! Go! Eddie! Leila! Armith! Me! “Stay alive!” Life. Live. Death. Dead. Virus. Game over.

We ran down the corridor, Eddie to my left, Leila to my right, Armith coming up behind while Jordan lead the way. I wanted to drop the heavy gun in my hand but I knew that it was going to save my life at some point. But if I dropped it now then I might be able to get out of here alive, just as Jordan had ordered. The first ever order I had been given, and on that I had been reminded of, was this; Stay alive.

So here I was, staying alive. I knew I should have never taken up this job. Stupid security! God, my mum had told me over and over that this was a terrible idea. Of course it was! We had heard of the disasters that had happened here before; the viruses, the deaths. God, and now I was here, hanging on my last life line along with two fellow securities and a scientist. Jordan was our last life line.

“This way!” He shouted and we immediately followed him, turning down another boring, grey corridor. It was long and wide with no doors. What was the point in this corridor? Still, we ran as the sound of feet behind us got louder. They were learning to run and learning quickly. Crap…

“Jordan!” I shouted as we got to the end of the corridor. “We need a break!” We had been running for ages, trying to find our way out of the maze but the more we ran the more lost we got. Huh, how fun. “We need a break…” I repeated, running out of breath.

“No stopping!” Jordan shouted but I could see he was starting to slow down. Determination, that’s what got him the job of Head of Security. Somewhere inside me I was grateful for his pushing but I really needed a break. Leila was breathing too deeply, trying to drink in as much air as she could, but it wasn’t working that well. Her face was as red as mine and the eyes were watering from the effort of moving our legs as fast as we could. Poor Leila, it was only her second week on the job.

Beep! Beep! “Warning! Warning!” We weren’t going to do it. I could hear the things behind us, only a few corridors away and on our scent. They would follow us until they caught us and that was the end of it.

“We’re going to die!” Shouted Armith, who was our very own scientist. I heard him collapse behind me out of exhaustion and I stopped, turning on me heel to go back for him. He was like a dead weight as he tried to wake himself up again but it wasn’t working. I shouted at the others to stop and luckily, they did.

I got down, slapping Armith in the face but that didn’t do much help. He was out of breath and he wasn’t trying to get any more oxygen inside him. This was bad news. The things were still coming, louder…faster…nearer…

“Leave him.” Jordan ordered walking up to me. I turned my face to look at my boss. His face was set hard like steal. I knew he didn’t want to lose me but I wasn’t leaving Armith. He might be able to help us with the creatures.

Stop doing that! I told myself. Those beings are…were…humans! Humans! Not creatures, humans!

But I couldn’t help myself. There with things running towards me that wanted to eat me alive. In my world, they were creatures. They had lost their humanity and now they were just animals. Instinct taking over, they were hunters. And we were their prey…

I stood up, looking Jordan straight in the eye. I tried to look as strong as him, as tough, but I knew I didn’t compare. Jordan was telling me through his stare to follow him. I took a quick glance behind and I saw Eddie and Leila getting their breath back at this opportunity. Looking back at Jordan, I said “I’m not leaving him.”

I had seen the hot air flow out of my mouth, which was strange because it didn’t seem cold. Then a sudden cold wind came past us. What on earth…? I turned to look behind me but the lights turned off, leaving us in darkness. Leila screamed. I tried to hear past her screaming but nothing was there. Her scream cut short and when it went silent it literally went silent. No more Beep! Beep!’s. No more running. No sound from the creatures at all. What was going on? What were they doing?

The lights turned on again and I looked around to find Leila, sure to see something horrible, but she was there. No scratch on her at all. She looked flustered but I’m sure we all did. A second later I noticed that Eddie was gone. Jordan looked back at Armith and then I heard a groan. And then Leila yelped. And then I looked around myself.

Armith was where he was when the lights had turned off but something was with him. The thing was bent over him so we couldn’t see what it was doing but I had an idea. There was a sickening sound as flesh was peeled away from the body and Armith could only moan. No creaming or shouting, just a small cry for help. It was horrible.

I slowly started to back up, wondering how the thing had gotten there without us realising. Jordan grabbed my arm and pulled me back faster but I lost my footing and had to quickly move to stop myself from falling. My foot slammed against the floor and the thing- no, girl- looked up from Armith, her eyes locking on mine. Her face was covered in Armith’s blood and I wanted to scream. A huge chunk of Armtih’s flesh had disappeared from his shoulder and blood was quickly pooling around him. He was going to be dead in minutes. We had to run.

Jordan pulling me to my feet and I quickly obeyed as he shouted at us to run. Two down, three to go. Don’t think like that, I told myself. I had to keep going…keep running…keep living…

The woman that was now a thing screeched at us as we started to run away, turning down the next right we got to. I hated this I wanted out. Where was the front door of this place? It had just suddenly disappeared from the world, locking us inside this death trap. Wasn’t life kind?

Again, the lights turned off around us. We stood in silence but I heard the others moving around me, trying to get their barings. We heard something else, making us freeze. Something was coming. They were running towards us. From behind or from the front? I tried to figure it out but Jordan was faster. I ducked as he started to open fire, aiming at something behind me. Leila and I started in horror as the gun flashed, showing us how the flesh was being ripped apart from the body. I wanted to scream at Jordan, tell him that that was enough but he didn’t care. He wasn’t going to stop shooting until the lights came on. And luckily for us they did.

Jordan immediately ceased fire, his eyes bulging. The body still stood standing, leaving us to watch it fall over. Blood splattered the walls, flesh everywhere. Chunks of meat lying around the body. I didn’t want to look, but I couldn’t help it. My eyes locked onto Eddie’s face, still frozen in time as he took his last breath.

Well, at least now it was two down and three to go.

“We have to get out of here.” I said and I turned to walk away, not even stopping to see if the others followed. Along this corridor there was only one door and I headed straight for it. Who knew what lay beyond it, I just hoped it got us closer to the way out of here.

How very wrong I was.

At first, the lab seemed empty as I opened the door. It was quiet but at least the lights were on in here. Nothing seemed to move so I headed inside. Here we could get ourselves together again before starting up on our mission again. Leila and Jordan followed me in. Our leader, our life line, looked petrified. He was breaking down inside at the death of Eddie. It surprised me, but Jordan looked so weak now, his mind somewhere else. We had to get out now.

Leila walked up to me. She looked so sad. Did my expression mirror hers? Did I look so heart broken over the death of our friends? Did I look so shaken from the creatures screeching around the building, trying to find any more people alive to eat?

“What are we going to do?” Leila asked me. I shrugged, my heart falling out of my chest. I didn’t have a clue.

“We’re dead.” I said.

Leila quickly slapped me and then shook my shoulders. “No we’re not! We’re going to get out of this, yeah? Me, you and Jordan. We’re going to find a way out.” There, she had just answered her own question.


We looked around, out eyes locking on Jordan. He was trying to keep the door closed and only now did I hear the banging coming from the other side. They were there. So close now. I scanned the room. There were no other doors. “We have to let them in!” I commanded. “We have to hide, let them in, and run!”

But it was too late for tactics to be discusses. The door flew open and dozens of creatures flooded into the room. Jordan was instantly over whelmed and some stopped to maul on the poor guy. The others started to head for us. I was still frozen in my spot but Leila grabbed my arm, pulling me around and running.

But where?

We got to the end of the room and then Leila turned around before aiming her gun at the heads of the creatures.  She started to shoot, the gun knocking into her shoulder but it was working. Some of the beings fell down, dead and so I started to follow suit. I let my gun take fire, screaming with rage for Armith, for Eddie, for Jordan.

I thought it was working, I thought we were keeping them controlled but more came in through the door. There was at least one hundred. Where had they all come from? I climb up onto a cabinet, helping Leila up as well.

“I’m so sorry.” Leila said as her gun kept firing. They were starting to crowd around the cabinet, reaching their hands up to grab us but we kept the hands away, shooting them. This was good, we were winning again.

“Why should you be sorry?” I asked, astonished we were having such a calm conversation here. We were knocking on deaths door but I was hoping we would run at the sign of the Grim Reaper opening it up.

“I should never have shouted at you. You’re my best friend, I should neve-“ Leila was quickly cut short by her scream as one of the hands clamped around her ankle and pulled her off the cabinet. I screamed her name but it was too late. In a second, she disappeared into the sea of things.

I was dead meant now. I couldn’t do this alone. There were too many. Deep breath. Calm. Take it slowly. Shoot all the buggers. For Armith, for Eddie, for Jordan, for Leila. Keep shooting. Smack the hand away. Get it off you. Grab on to something. Stay alive. Stay strong. Stay on the cabinet. Don’t fall…Fall…Don’t scream, laugh. Laugh in the face of death.

They had me now and I lay in the giant pile of human beings. They were biting me all over but no sound came from my mouth. This was it; there was no point in complaining. I felt a pair of teeth sink into my neck and I smiled, welcoming the death before me.

Game over. 

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