The Fair Maiden And The Fine Horseman

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Caine has unexpected news to tell...

A GONE fan fiction. I do not own the characters or places in this. They belong to the magnificent Michael Grant.

Submitted: April 18, 2012

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Submitted: April 18, 2012



It was a fine morning when Caine called them to town. He had only requested for two others however, a fair maiden and a fine horseman. Although really they couldn't really be described as that. Diana was nothing but an emotionless skank who felt it fun to tear at his heart while Drake was none other than a sexy, woman hating, lovable yet fearful, crazy, boyish psychopath with no hope for his future. Caine was surprised he had even agreed to this meeting, even with the conditions, but he seemed very willing to come along never the less. Diana had to be coaxed and she had finally agreed to come in exchange for her favourite blouse back. Caine hadn't liked the deal but maybe she might leave it after he told her his next little bit of news.

He was back at their old kingdom, their old territory. A place they had ruled together as that magnificent threesome. Everyone had feared them and they could do anything. They used people this way and that but everything had gone downhill when it was meant to go up hill. Now one was down in Perdido, one was at the Lake and the other was down a mineshaft. Caine wished so badly it could go back to the way it had been once, in a far away land with so many dreams.

He was pacing in the old common room, a place with comfortable sofa's and a giant TV in a corner that had only been on for an hour every night before bed. There was that old pool table still in one corner. That had been where they sat, playing pool and watching everyone else fight over the controller for the TV or a chocolate bar. Ha, they had been so smug, thinking they were all worthless but some how so many had come out on top of them. Like Brianna and Jack and Dekka...Oh Dekka, how you had been surprising.

A door opened down the hall and Caine heard the fair maiden and the fine horseman already squabbling over something that wasn't important. Caine just chuckled to himself as he waited for them to enter the room. They finally did and as they saw Caine, they quietened down. Diana had a distingful bump and Drake has his infamous whiphand. How much the two had changed from the good old days.

"Please, sit." Caine said, gesturing a hand over to the sofa. The two did as they were told as Caine closed the door behind them and they hesitantly sat down next to each other. Diana looked like she was smelling something bad and Drake kept glancing at Diana and then the bump and then to Caine and back to Diana. Caine knew what was going through his mind, which made him smile. Don't worry Drake, it will all be cleared up very soon.

Walking back into the middle of the room, Caine watched them both. He didn't really know how to start this off. He was desperatly trying to fit the words together in his head when Diana said impatiently, "Caine, hurry up and tell us what you need to."

He nodded, understanding now that she wasn't really happy about this. She was just wanting her blouse back. He chuckled again and that managed to give him the confidence that he needed. In a clear voice, so that neither of them misunderstood him, Caine said "I'm a girl."

For the next few seconds, the two of them stared at Caine. Diana was wide-eyed but Drake just had a look on his face that was meant to say 'Haven't you told her yet?' For some even more seconds, Diana was still in wide-eyed shock as the information was processed. Her mouth then started to form words but no sound came out. It was a very amusing reaction, he/she had to admit. Eventually, Diana found her voice and when she did, it was like everything was coming out at once.

"What do you mean you're a girl?" She screamed her lungs out. "For crying out loud, I've been leading you on for ages, practically dating you for months! All those plans we had, everything we did! All this time you were a girl? This...this isn't real. Not in a million years, you have got to be kidding me...Oh my god, you're really a girl? My dearest Caine IS A GIRL?! THE FATHER OF MY CHILD, THE CHILD THAT IS IN MY WOMB RIGHT THIS MINUTE, IS A GIRL?! ALRIGHT CAINA, YOU MIGHT BE A GIRL BUT YOU BETTER HURRY UP AND EXPLAIN TO ME HOW YOU GOT ME-" Diana stopped herself then, finally realising it for herself. "Wait, then who is the father? I've only ever had sex with you."

Diana, however, caught on quickly when she saw where Caine was looking. Her gaze followed his/hers and she looked around to see Drake grinning at her like a pedo. Her eyes managed to go even wider and her mouth fell open in disgust. The fine horseman was the father of the fair maiden's child. Well, that was unexpected...

"Ah, Penny." Caine finally said, breaking the awkward silence building up between them all. "She is very good with her illusions. I mean, wow, it managed to work in the bedroom even though she was all the way in the bathroom! Took some persuading, I have to admit, but oh well! She did her job very nicely."

Diana looked like she was going to be sick and quickly jumped up from her seat. She ran for the door and as she opened it, Caine stopped her with a shout. "Are you still wanting this back?" She asked, pulling off her jumper to show Diana's blouse she had left behind. Diana shook her head and ran out the room, her footsteps echoing in the empty corridor of Coates Academy.

Drake leaned back in his seat, smiling at Caine. She looked over to him and raised an eyebrow when she realised what kind of face he was pulling. Nuh-uh, not happening in a million years. "So, you're a girl?" Drake said but Caine was already two steps ahead of him.

"Um, Drake? Us? Not going to happen. I've been dating a girl for the last few months. I'm a lesbian. Dekka is more my kind of person. Now excuse me while I show her what I've got to offer." Drake had a stunned experssion on his face as Caina walked out of the room, wiggling her hips as she went. Life was good. It was really, really good. Now all she needed was her glorious hair to grow back and then she could make a little visit to her dear twin brother.

Well, wouldn't that be fun?

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