The Seductress

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A short story about Colla and a high school disco experience he would never forget.

(Based on two things, 1. Michael Grants GONE series and 2. An RP I am apart of which is based on the GONE series. It's a small thing made from the RP and I only own Colla.)

*WARNING* - Adult themes may be found in this Fan Fiction

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012




“This is going to be one wicked party.”

Colla could only agree. Coates Academy was a boarding school made especially for ‘difficult’ children. In other words, if rich people had kids that did one slightly bad thing (like a lot of the children seemed to do) they were sent to Coates and only brought back home for the Christmas holidays. Events at the school were very rare things, let alone parties.

Of course today was some sort of exception.  Colla still wasn’t sure why they were having the party but they were, just a small disco. People had been talking about it for weeks and Colla had planned on not going until Anthony persuaded him to.

The two boys were walking down the hall. Colla was wearing some new jeans he had gotten only last weekend and a smart looking t-shirt he never normally wore. It was slightly crinkled from being at the bottom of his drawers but he didn’t care. His bleach blonde hair was still messy from a wrestling match he had been in earlier.

“I still don’t see why I have to go.” Colla complained. The party had started an hour before and he could hear the music pulsing through the building, people laughing and singing along to the music. He didn’t mind if others went but he couldn’t exactly be bothered, truth be told. He just wanted to say in his room, read a book or play on his PSP. Colla wasn’t exactly a people person, no matter how stupid he acted in class.

“Aw, don’t be like that, Colla.” Anthony replied. They swung around a corner and headed down a flight of stairs. Now, being on the floor of the party, everything seemed a lot louder. They passed the lockers, where some people were hanging out in small groups. He passed Diana Ladris and she gave him a quick wink. “Come on, Celia will probably be here.”

Celia, he thought. What a girl she was. Everyone knew who Celia was; even kids at Perdido Beach knew who Celia was. A whore, as they would put it.  She had slept with all the boys at Coates at least twice and Colla would never be surprised if she had slept with anyone in Perdido. It was just the way she was, she couldn’t help it.

But still, Colla was her new target. They had had sex before, a few times actually, but he was still classed as the new kid. She still had things to learn about him, she needed her way to control him. Colla thought she already had it but she still latched herself onto him, wanting more and more. Colla was prepared to give it to her as well. Anything for Celia.

They pushed open the door into the gymnasium. Immediately they felt what drew people to the party. The atmosphere was brilliant, joyful and relaxed while everyone danced to the music that filled the air. The room was warm but wasn’t uncomfortable yet. There were a lot of people inside so you had to search for people but it wasn’t packed so you weren’t bumping into people every slit second. People lived for this, people wanted this, and Colla couldn’t deny the fact that he was going to have fun tonight.

Now that his mission was complete, Anthony slapped him on the shoulder and disappeared into the crowd. Some of the kids smiled at Colla as he walked passed them while others glared. Drake Merwin gave him a high five, apparently for beating Bug in the wrestling match earlier that day. That was a surprised because Drake didn’t normally talk to people. He normally stayed with Caine Soren, the king of the school.

Dekka Talent came up to him at one point, handing him a cup. She looked happier than usual but Colla could see the hurt in her eyes. He knew her secret, how she was in love with a red haired girl. Brianna was actually not far away and Dekka kept glancing at her. Colla felt sorry for Dekka. They would be a nice couple if Brianna was gay.

Colla kept searching the sea of people. If Anthony was right, he would spot Celia in amongst the partiers. It was hard, weaving through everyone while searching. The music seemed to be getting louder and louder, faster and faster. Colla was considering going when he finally spotted her.

Celia was already in the party mood. Her brain was completely taken over it as she danced with another boy. Her slivery mane of hair swung around her shoulders and she slithered around her target, getting his hopes up. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t notice Colla watching them. He was wondering if he should stop them or leave but then she opened her eyes.

Her eyes.

Celia’s eyes were strange. They were a deep purple, striking to the eye but beautiful. According to her, they were completely natural and Celia had never lied in her life. Not even to the head master when he had asked her why she had been screaming in the chemistry lab. Turns out Drake had pleasured her in all the right ways and she was put into in-school suspension and wasn’t allowed to talk to any boys. Why would she lie about her eye colour?

As soon as she noticed Colla she smiled. Celia whispered something in the boy’s ear and he nodded, walking away from her in the direction of the food tables. Shaking her hips a little, she wandered over to Colla. He was about to say something about how she looked in her strapless top but she took his wrist and pulled him deeper into the mass of bodies.

“Well, well.” She said, turning on the spot to look at Colla. He felt slightly uncomfortable as he watched her strip him mentally. You could easily tell she was doing it. Why wouldn’t she? Colla was good looking with his blonde hair, emerald eyes and good body. Girls had told him repeatedly he looked hot or fit or both, so why wouldn’t she think the same?

“Well, well?” Colla repeated teasingly. The music changed to something deep and powerful. The beats were hard, forcing themselves into his brain. Celia was already moving with the song, her hips wiggling slightly to the music. This was her environment, an easy way to seduce boys into her bed.

Celia just laughed a little and she moved closer to him, rubbing her hand over his shoulder. He shivered slightly as she slithered around him, exactly like how she did it with the other boy. “Well, well, Mister Unsociable decided to come to the party.”

Colla tried to reach for her but she moved quickly, falling into his arms unexpectedly. She was facing away from him though, even though he wanted to look into her eyes. With his arms around her waist and her hands holding his, they started to dance. Her body moved with his and his with hers, the music ringing in his ears. Celia sighed and cocked her head to the side. Her neck was now exposed and Colla knew she wanted him to kiss her but he didn’t. He just rested the side of his head against hers.

When being with Celia, you had to be careful. She would always try to get you to do anything she wanted and she would do it in a way that you couldn’t resist. She did this with everyone; it was just how Celia was. Actions from her past affected her actions now.

She had told him the story once. Or at least Diana had but Celia knew. It had been five years ago. Celia used to live with her older brother and when she was ten, he had taken their sibling love to a whole new level. Celia hadn’t liked it but for some reason she took her pain out on others by making them fall for her and then dropping them like an old rag doll.

Colla knew this, how all the boys lusted for her. He knew they would do anything to get in her pants but Colla was different. He didn’t just want that, he wanted all of her. He loved her. He loved her physically and mentally, he loved the sex but he loved her personality and he wanted to keep her close. He wanted to have her forever but this was Celia and she wasn’t the type of person to just fall in love.

The music changed to a slow song and Celia turned around. She wrapped her arms around his neck and put her body close to his. They were close now and Colla could see that Celia was acting a little strange. She sighed deeply and kept her eyes closed.

“Are you drunk?” Colla asked. He could feel her heart beating against his chest and he rubbed his hands on her back. Celia seemed to take the hint that they were allowed to touch because she ran her hands through his hair.

“Hmm,” She moaned, opening her eyes to look up at him. “Drunk on a certain type of passion.”

Colla moved in and kissed her firmly on the lips. She immediately reacted, biting on his lip lower lip. She giggled and Colla was sure she was drunk. Celia never giggled. Leaning back from him, she bit her own lip with a smile. Her eyes shined, inviting him in.

Taking his wrist once again, she dragged him from the room. He spotted the boy she had been with at one point; he was holding two cups and was searching the crowds for someone, most likely Celia.  He had probably been hoping to get lucky tonight. Oh well, Colla thought to himself.

As soon as they were out of the gym, Celia started to run down one of the hallways. Colla followed like a sheep, passing others. They watched as Colla ran after the giggling Celia. At one point, she turned around and cried “Catch me if you can!” before turning around again and heading up to the dormitories.

Colla took that as an invitation to run faster so he did. As they ran, she turned a corner and Colla lost her. Running down a random corridor and around another corner, he found her leaning against the wall outside an empty room. With a seductive smile, she wiggled an eyebrow and Colla went straight for her.

They started to kiss, Colla’s hands running up and down her body. Celia didn’t protest when he lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him and ran her fingers through his hair again. God, how Colla loved this. Of course he did, everyone did.  She parted his lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth. A moan escaped Celia as Colla pressed her into the wall and she pulled away breathlessly. “The room. Now.”

Colla didn’t protest. He reached for the door handle and twisted it open, throwing it open before lifting Celia around into it. She still had her legs wrapped around his waist. Without caring what happened, Colla feel backwards onto a bed and Celia straddled him.

Still kissing him, Celia slid her hands up his t-shirt. He moved his own hands to her hair and was ready to get his own clothes off. Celia was taking a while thought to get past this kissing stage. Normally by now, she would have had her clothes off.

“Colla,” Celia said. Immediately, he knew something was off. She stopped kissing him and a tear was running down her cheek. Her whole body was shaking against his and he wanted to hold her, to tell whispered words in her ear, but this change in the girl who seduced so many was strange and he listened for her next words. “I’m pregnant.”

The boy went numb; his mind turned off and went blank. He didn’t know what to say or how to react. His whole body was ridged and he knew Celia had been wondering when to tell him all evening. It’s going to be alright, he imagined himself saying to her. I’m here for you.

But when he opened his eyes and turned his mind back on, the seductress was gone. 

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