The Year Of The Darkness

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This is a short Fan Fiction from the GONE series by Michael Grant. I wanted to make a different ending to what most people might put in their fan fiction for this amazing series.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Sam stayed steady. He was breathing heavily, looking down at the ground while he was on one knee. He didn’t dare look up as he heard the adults coming towards them. They seemed so happy to see their children alive. They still hadn’t seen the horrors of what was the remainder of the FAYZ.

Sam finally looked up. Around him were other kids, Edilio, Brianna, Drake. They were all down on the ground as well. Some were huddled in balls while others were on all fours, trying to get their breath back, as if they were loosing control. Caine looked up at Sam, a twinkle in his eye. He turned his head and Sam mirrored him.

The adults were still at least 100 meters away from them. One Sam recognized, he one he had called mom so many times. She was trying to get past a bunch of the adults, spotting her son watching her. She looked panicked, happy and shocked all at the same time and Sam wondered how she could feel so much at one time. He didn’t feel anything, not anymore, and he envied her for it.

The kids were all gaining control of what was left of them. They all started to look up, realising their parents were coming for them. Little Pete actually got up and walked a little ahead but most of the adults just passed him, trying to find their kids. Connie quickened her pace once she got some room and sped towards Sam. Caine didn’t look on with jealousy, he just smiled, but Connie paid no attention to him. Her attention was just on Sam.

Sam could see a blue glow around his eyes as he watched his mothers eyebrows go into a frown. Her happiness had escaped her and she looked a little scared as Sam grinned at her. Everyone stopped, all the parents, all the kids. Connie was a mere 5 meters from Sam, the distance too close for his liking.

Sam stood up. His eyes completely covered in the blue glow. He lifted one hand, his palm facing his mother. Connie’s gaze kept switching from his hand to his face and he knew she knew. She remembered his step dad all too well and what had happened. How could she forget it, how could she deny her son’s power now?

His palm started to glow and spark. It mirrored his eyes, but this light seemed more alive. It was like electricity, bursting to get out. A voice appeared in Sam’s head and he listened, not wanting to miss any of the words.

Yesss,it hissed.Kill.

The light in Sam’s hand grew and just as Connie’s eyes grew wide the light burst from his hand, like a laser beam. It hit her in the chest, burning a hole right through her and even doing the same to a few people behind her. It was like a general’s command, all the kids started to attack at once. The ones with powers slaughtering so many people it was mayhem while the ones without did the best with what they could find.

Rocks flew from behind Sam and he turned to see Caine lifting them from the ground. He could see a ripple in the air as Brianna whizzed around, zig zagging between people and slashing them with her knife. Jack used his super strength to knock all the adults down, using their own power against themselves. Drake had his wipe hand out, cutting right through some people with his strength. Little Pete was using whatever power he had to create a huge monster, destroying anyone who got in his way. All of them - very single kid - killing the ones they used to love.

Caine moved next to Sam and the two boys stared in awe. This was it, this was their moment. They welcomed the voice that entered their minds and it was like they were one person. The voice slivered into them and said into both minds;

Yesss, Light and Dark. This is what I was created for, this mayhem that you have created. This is it.The boys smiled as one. Then the voice carried on but it was a little eerie. It was like the creature was telling the future, or a secret, and they let it control them completely.

This is the Year of the Darkness.

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