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Something terrible and unimaginable is going to happen to the hard working teacher one night...what can it be?

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011



It was 8:00 pm and Mrs. Elyse was grading some work like always. She loved working over time, and she always stayed at school after everyone had already left. She was so dedicated that she was sometimes on charge of checking the school’s hall before leaving. This wasn’t a really pleasant task, especially because by then she was so tired she barely had any energies left to walk upright. However it wasn’t a big deal, the school was always empty and there hadn’t been any theft in the school for more than twenty years. The place was pretty much a safe sanctuary, or at least, safer than her own house where her drunk husband used to be all the time. She was walking down one dark hall, the lights seemed to have gone off. She needed to report this to the main office the next day.

Someone seemed to move behind her. Impossible! She was certain everyone had gone home by now. She made up her mind that the sounds were just an affect of her sleepiness and exhaustion as she headed for the stairs ready to go home. She stumbled toward the first steps. It was better if took vacations early this semester; her body was starting to give in. Her doctor had told her that she needed to rest more often or she would collapse any moment. She didn’t listen; like always. The second step was a little more stable. She was certain that she was going to be just fine tonight.

Out from the dark shadows a hand extended and lightly touched her back. That’s all it took for her to lose her balance and bounce down the long stairs to the first floor. Trying to grasp her consciousness she breathed in and mumbled for help. It only took a few minutes for the blood to totally abandon its sacred vessel. It only took her a few minutes to enter the other world. But it took long 24 hours for something about her to come on the news. “MURDER” it read. “High school student murders her teacher for depriving her from attaining the honor roll.”

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