Short Story- Unsuspected Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Blake and Rose are classmates that everyone knows as 'just friends' but one of them thinks it should be more than that.
Told from Blake's POV.

"Hey Blake! Didn't know you were coming to this party!" Rose said excitedly and came close to hug me.

She wrapped her arms around my torso like i was a teddy bear. Her body was pressed agianst mine. I had my arms around her body, keeping her close to me. We only hugged for a second, but it felt like forever. We pulled off each other and her other friends hugged me. They walked off while I went in search for my friends Josh & Tyler.

Tyler was talking to some girl he met & told me he could't wait to see, so I walked off in search of Josh. I went upstairs and saw him leading a girl into the bedroom. I wasn't going to interrupt that, so I went back down stairs. The music was loundest in the living room, so I went into the kitchen.

"There you are agian." Rose said walking toward me with her friends Hanna & Kimmy.

"I thought you were going to hang out with those hotties Josh & Tyler?" Hanna asked, obviously a little drunk.

"They found other friends to keep them busy." I replied with a laugh.

"Oh ya! I did see Josh talking to some girl upstairs." Kimmy said.

"Well I guess your stuck with us." Rose said with her contagious smile.

"I wouldn't call it being stuck. It's more like being lucky." I said staring into her eyes.

"Why thank you!" She replied with a giggle.

"Hey love birds, do you know where the bathroom is?" a random guy asked.

"Woah it's not like that. She's just my friend, she -" I started.

"Down the hall on the left." Rose said interrupting me with an upset look on her face, and watching the guy walk off with a 'WTF is that guy's problem' face.

"Wow i didn't you guys were like that!" Kimmy said jokingIy. I felt my face turning red.

"Kimmy, why don't you go clean Hanna up?" Rose said pointing at Hanna, who had spilled beer all over her shirt while they were talking.

"Awww Hanna!" Kimmy said trying not to laugh while helping her to the bathroom.

"Why did you interrupt me? I was trying to explain to him that we are just friends?" I said, kind of regretting it.

"It was a joke Blake. Calm down." she said looking upset. "I'm sorry, but you have been acting weird around me lately, and I really want to know what's going on, because everytime someone says a little joke like that, you go off on a rant about how we are just friends. Are you really that much of a jerk now? Saying every reason why you wouldn't go out with me? "

"No...I just...sorry." I felt too upset to talk, so I turned around and left quickly without turning back. I found a hallway with no one in it. I opened a door which was the girl who is throwing this party's bedroom.  I sneaked in and closed the door behind me. I sat down on the edge of the bed and thought about how much i messed up me & Rose's friendship.

Knock Knock. Rose!

"Come in." I said. The door opened and yep it was Rose, she walked in. She had black eyeliner streaks on her face and I could tell she is crying.

"I'm sorry Rose." I got up to hug her, but she stepped back. She stood there silent, staring at me.

"No I'm sorry Blake...sorry that you hate me." She said staring at me with even more tears running down her face.

I closed the door behind her and sat back down on the edge of the bed. She walked toward the door and locked it with a Click. She then sat down on a chair facing a diffrent direction then me. I then handed her a tissue box that she used to wipe away her tears. 

"You know I don't hate you right?" I said, breaking the silence.

"I guess so, but why have you been acting that way? Going on and on, saying how much you will never go out with me... to complete strangers?" Rose replied looking at the ground

"Sometimes I just can't shut up when I lie." I said staring at her.

She turned to me and said "What do you mean..."

I could tell she had quit crying. "I mean I DO want to go out with you, and I hate it when people say that stuff, because i always think 'I'm working on it!'" I replied with a laugh.

She didn't laugh. Instead she stood up and sat beside me. I looked at her in her eyes and she looked straight into mine. I leaned in and whispered into her ear,

"Will you go out with me, Rose?"

She then put her hands on the back of my neck and put her lips against mine, which probably meant yes. I put my hands on her back and pulled her closer like when we hugged. We sat there kissing until we heard the door being unlocked. We jumped up and quickly hid in the closet afriad it was the girl.

To our surprise, Hanna and Kimmy came in there. We were about to come out of there to show them we were ok (thinking they we trying to find us.) until they locked the door behind themselves and jumped on the bed with their lips locked making out.

We stood there in surprise thinking whether or not to come out of the closet - something they just did. We turned to eachother and decied they aren't the only ones who will have fun in this room. We made out once agian until we fell asleep in the closet, wrapped in eachothers arms.



Submitted: June 03, 2012

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Sierra Robinson


Mon, June 4th, 2012 4:48am


I'm working on it!

Mon, June 4th, 2012 9:55pm

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