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This story is about young Otis who loves plants and sleeping. He lives with his mom helping her care for his elderly dad. He finds a strange creature living in his bedroom. He grows rare and interesting flowers he buys offline in a closet by the window. He doesn't know if he should keep the creature a secret or not.

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014




"Are you going to eat all of that cream of wheat?" she asked. Of course, he should eat it. "I'm not that hungry though, but i really should eat." he thought. She sighed and picked up the bowl, "get to the shop then. I wish you would eat Otis." He hopped up and pulled the sleeves of a light gray sweater over his arms. "Don't worry mom, i will get back and have something." She looked sad. "Or i'll have lunch with the others." he said quickly. She nodded. He was going to be late anyway, so he had to go. His mom smiled at him and sighed as he went into the other room and opened a cupboard by the window. There was some potted flowers in there facing the jigsaw glass on the window so the sun could get to them without directly burning them. They were small specimens. But he loved them. "Hi babies. How are you?" He said as he gently sprayed them with water. When they were safe in a plastic bag he picked up the ones he chose from the bottom and walked outside to the driveway. He put them in the car and just as he was going to drive out from the driveway he saw a bush jump up and run away. He sat and looked in the direction it went, farther into the greenery around his house. He blinked. After a minute of thinking abou this he turned on the car and drove away from his street. 

The streets were mostly empty, and he could get to the shop easily. He stopped for a bottled water, some saltine crackers, and cheese blocks. Then he drove to the shop. It looked empty and the door looked ajar. The sign still said closed. He picked up his things and walked out to the shop. 

The shop door was open as he expected. He walked in and looked around. Amry was at the counter. She was counting seed packets. "Did you know the door was open?" He asked her. She didn't look up. "Yes." He looked at her for a minute and then put the pot on the counter. He walked to the back as she said "well, these are impressive." He ate his crackers and cheese and then drank from his water bottle. He thought about the bush. 

The day was slow but a few people came in and were loud as they looked through the plants. One of them was a child and stared at Otis for as long as he could. "Why are you putting those white sticks in there?" Otis looked at him, "its food for the plant." The boy stared again at Otis. Then he looked around some more. "Its boring in here." Otis was glad when the skinny boy left. His mom talked about how he was going to be a little star. How he was an actor and a singer. Otis always thought that those kinds of people were nice because they could do something nice. 

"My hands are getting rough again." Amry said as they finished up for the day. "You can close up for me Tina." Tina was the short one. She had dark hair and small blue eyes. Her face was round and she walked quickly around the shop like a busy animal. She was often more organized than everyone, and when she was on break she was quiet and thinking about things. Once Otis asked her about Sunflowers, and if they really needed a lot of sun. She replied, "my favorite flower is the sunflower. It feels like I could die if it were not for sunflowers. I lived in a field of sunflowers when I was small. My dad used to grow them and give us little people the seeds. He would always walk out there. He said one day my mother would come back, and when she did, she would come through the sunflowers." Otis thought abou this story, and he thought maybe they did need a lot of sun. 

When everyone had left, Otis and Amry watered all the plants before closing up. He saw a small red pansy move a little bit. He watched it. It felt as if it was looking at him. He stared. "Goodnight."

At 6:00 his mom made dinner. Otis ate. He liked potato soup. It was thick and creamy. He put some salt in it for extra flavor. His body was warm after the meal and he thanked his mom. "Your welcome honey. Get some good rest." He nodded, "you too mom". He went to help dad into bed. "Do you want anything before I go to sleep dad?" Dad nodded. "Some water please. And turn the channel please." He turned to the window and looked outside. Otis changed the channel to something pleasant, and walked to the kitchen. "Dad would like some water." Mom poured a glass from the pitcher in the fridge. "Tell him I'll come in soon." She said. Otis nodded and brought dad the water. He sat up slightly and drank it. Otis watched him. He finished it in a few minutes, and Otis toke it. "Goodnight dad. Love you." His dad looked after him. "I love you too."

Otis went to close his door, and saw mom pass into the bedroom. She was talking gently to dad. The door closed, and he sat on his bed. There was a ruslting sound under the bed. He slightly picked up his feet, and realized whatever it was it was behind him. He turned quickly and saw what seemed to be a small child sitting perfectly still on his bed. The child had big blue eyes and pale lightly green skin. The head had what looked like blossoms instead of hair, and the hands were almost transparent at the tips. It was kind of cute. Otis went and wrapped a hand around it. It didn't panic, but instead stood up and then fell down on its knees, crawling toward him and sitting on it's folded legs again.Suddenly Otis felt chills. "What are you?" He asked. it opened it's mouth and said in a soft very high voice, "I'm your plant." Otis stared. "My plant?" It nodded. He pocked it's shoulder, and it grabbed him. The skin was amazingly soft. "Wow, are you like some kind of fairy thing?" He picked it up by the bottom with the legs dangling from his palm. His eyes were wide, "your beautiful." The thing sat very still and watched him. "Whats that?" He looked around, then back at it. "What?" The creature asked again, "what does that mean?" 

Otis filled a pot with some soil and put plant food in it. Then he put the creature in the pot an dsprayed it with water. It tilted it's head up as if it was happy, then outstretched it's arms. It was at this moment that Otis noticed inbetween the legs, where most animals had their organs, this creature instead had pollen stems. They stuck out quite promenantly, which meant that this creature was infact fully grown. How could he have not seen it gorwing? "Where were you born?" Otis asked. It stopped enjoying itself and seemed to be deep in thought. Then it pointed to a blue ceramic pot. This pot was one of his special plants. This pot had an exotic flower in it. He looked closely at the blossoms on the top of it's head. Then he went to his desk and opened drawers looking for his books. He opened the one he was looking for. "You can't be.. it can't be." He looked between the book and the creature. They matched. That meant.. all the other seeds he planted of this type would grow these little persons. 

Day after day more of them came after that night. They all began to bloom. When they did, they dug themselves out of the soil in their pots, and crawled out to explore Otis's room. They played with all his things and slept wherever they pleased. If Otis accidentaly hurt one, he would have to tend to it while it wept in pain. He gave them plant food, and they helped water the other plants. They soon learned not to walk on the floor, or stare as he was about to hurt one of them instead of shouting to let him know. They all came to like sleeping beside each other in a row on the shelf Otis cleaned up for them to make as a room. They spent most of their time up there. Once, one of them said to him, "I love you."

Months passed, and soon their blossoms wilted. They began to be slow and tired most of the time. They ate less, and played less. They were all laying around watching his TV when he came home on Thanksgiving morning. "They let me go early.. I got something for you." He said. They all lazily sat up and ate the treat. All but the one who bloomed first. He layed still and slept. Otis knew what this meant. He didn't bother it. The next morning, it was quiet and still. He buried it in a pot. The others didn't seem to mind. They went about as usual. Soon they too wilted and were buried. 

On Christmas, Otis gave his mom a porcelain tea set. He gave his dad a watch. He got a book about birds from his mom, and a small telescope from his dad. "I know you like to look outside." He hugged dad, and mom brought dad Christmas dinner. They all ate and watched old mystery movies. Otis did not think much about the little plant people. But he did want to show them to mom. 

In spring, more of them grew. They were like bulbs, and grew together in bunches. He put them in bigger pots. He once had six, but now they became twenty-four. He liked having them. They grew to be helpful, and it was nice to have them again. Only now with so many, it was hard to keep them secret. Otis called for his mom to come into the garden one day. He let them loose outside. They ran around joyfully and played with each other. As soon as she saw them she was afraid. "What are they?" Otis put an arm around her, "its okay mom, they are good things. I've had them for a while now." She watched them, and they soon noticed her and came to see her. She slowly grew fond of them. 

"What should we do with them?" He asked. She folded her arms loosly over her stomach, "I don't know really. Just keep them I guess. They can stay here where its safe. I mean, theyre just flowers." Otis nodded as one of them came up to him and stared into his eyes. He looked back. It's tiny voice said "thank you." Otis smiled at it, "your welcome". He walked back into the house with his mom. 


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