Hide and Go Silent

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What would you do if you were forced to make a choice in something? You have to pick one or the other. Halloween (The holiday, not the movie. The movie creeped me out.) inspired me to make this short story! I feel like it's a longer story than I thought...Oh well. Hope you like it. It's my first short story so be kind please. I'm not exactly good at organizing my paragraphs so can someone give me some advice for that. If this is good already, then never mind. To be honest...This didn't exactly feel like a horror story as I wrote it (So if that made you ruin your day, very very sorry about that). I guess you can say I escalated this story too quickly. I just wanted to be done so I can continue writing poems and focus on them. Thanks for understanding.

Submitted: October 26, 2013

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Submitted: October 26, 2013



  It was almost 10 pm; Meaning 2 hours until Halloween ends. Kids in my neighborhood were still on ntheir trick-or-treating adventures. Someday, they will realize that eating too many sweets in one day isn't worth it. As a teenager though, I tend to go to wild parties on holidays. Especially on Halloween. I've only been to 3 parties. Although, I wouldn't call them "wild" since they were kid parties. But this year...this year's party is going to be way different. There's gonna be high schoolers, loud music, cute guys, etc. My mom allowed me to actually go to this party. There's always a catch though. And that catch is that I have to be home at exact midnight. After midnight, I'm dead. Moms these days. First, I have to pick up my best friends Vivian, Mason, and James even though they're in my neighborhood and the party is about a block away. I always do these stuff for them. They just don't have the time to owe me back I guess. They don't take long to get ready so my mom and I wait for them to come to my house. Before they come, my mom decided to have the "warning" talk.


"Now, what do you need to do when there's danger around you?" She asked.

"Do we seriously have to have this conversation, Mom? I'm not 7 anymore." I replied with a groan.

"Just answer the question, Faith. I want to know if you're prepared. You know I'm always worried."

"Fine. First, I have to call Dad so that he either could bring his team or the whole police gang. If he doesn't answer, then I call you during work no matter what the consequences against your boss will be. If all else fails, I fight them to the death with my undefeated tazer."

"That's my little girl." She said with a smile and hugged me.


  The doorbell rang and my mom ran to open the door. We saw my friends in costume. Vivian was Princess Bubblegum with a short dress and a bright neon pink wig, Mason was a mummy with fake blood all over, and James was Goofy with a weirder nose than the original Goofy. You might be wondering what I'm dressed as. To be honest, I don't know what I really am. I'm wearing a black cape, a blue glittery mask, white gloves, some black shorts, a batman minion t-shirt, and my black hair in a high ponytail. I could be the Glitter Masked Surprise...Nah. Anyways, my mom drove all of us to the party and reminded us to walk back to our houses considering that she has overnight work as a detective. My parents are heroes and I'm the one being the child that they love more than their job. After my mom's good byes, we walked towards the party house.


"This is it, guys. Our chance to have fun with popular people." Vivian said with joy.

Mason rolled his eyes. "Have you been to a party, Vivian? Because it sounds like you haven't been to a good party." He said.

"Well of course I have. But the point is that this is one of the biggest parties this year. So it's now or never."

We were all convinced by Vivian and went in the house when someone opened the door for us.


  Now in conclusion, the party was fun. I got to say hi to a lot of new people that I have no clue who they were (but I'm pretty sure that they're harmless), ate a bunch of tasty stuff, and danced my butt off. I didn't really hang out with Vivian and Mason since Vivian was mostly flirting with guys and Mason was trying to talk to his crush, Janet. I was the one that had to hook Vivian to cute guys and the one that had to interest Janet with random facts about Mason. James was a little shy so he tried sticking by my side. He's always shy. Plus he was afraid of my mom calling his mom and getting in trouble. An hour has ended and the kids are safe at home while we are freely walking around the neighborhood. Vivian walks and turns and walks and turns like she's drunk. She's not drunk; She's just mesmerized by the cute guys at the party. A worried look has been made by James. It looked more like a digusted face but whatever he's thinking, I'm probably thinking the same thing. Mason was mad, very mad. He messed up one of his pick up lines and I think Janet won't be talking to him anymore. And because of that, he thinks he has the right to hit all of the bushes around, acting like a baby, and screaming, "WHY? WHY ME???" multiple times. Hopefully the neighbors haven't called the police yet because my dad would kill me. Or Mason. Or maybe both of us.


"This is all your fault!" He said while pointing at me.

"What did I do? You were the one that was talking to her!" I shouted.

"Well, you wanted to go to this party."

"Are you actually blaming me for me getting invited? You got invited too."

"We all wanted to go, Mason. Now can you not make stupid excuses for once? And can you keep your voice down? You might wake someone up." James said.

"Will you all shut up? Let's just go. It's almost midnight and all of our parents will ground us until we die." Vivian finally said.


  And after that, we walked together without talking at all. Suddenly, the big, tall bushes started to shake and rustle. At first, we thought it was just the wind. But then it happened again and this time, it shook more and more. James started to overeact and ran in front of us. I looked at the bushes closely. I feel like the bushes are breathing. And I have this part of my mind that's saying that the bushes are watching our every move. No, I'm getting crazy. I try to continue walking with the crew when all of a sudden, someone tripped me...Or something. I looked behind me and it was nothing. Yes, I am crazy...Well, I felt like I was going crazy. Mason helped me up.


"Stop being clumsy. What did you even trip on, anyway?" He said after.

"...I don't know. I swear it was something though." I shouted with fear.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Alright. Let me be behind just in case anything happens to you."

"My hero." I said sarcastically.


  As we stopped arguing, I noticed James is missing. We ran forward and kept on shouting his name multiple times. No answer. My feelings went from scared to really worried. Then, Vivian saw his hat close by. He must have ran off without no hestitation. We started walking carefully now. Vivian got so scared, she ran away from us. Next thing I heard was her screaming. Mason and I followed her voice and saw her getting attacked close to the bushes. This is beyond crazy for me. Mason tried to pull her back but he wasn't strong enough. I saw creature eyes and hands all around the bushes and Vivian. I tried kicking and punching but it wasn't effective. She kept on screaming help and pulled back the hands. The hands started to pull Mason and I. We dodged some of the hands. However, one of the hands scratched my right arm and one scratched Mason's neck. We started running away. We watch Vivian get killed as we run for it. There wasn't anything we could do. Her blood was all over that area. As we hid close to the nearest house, my tears were rushing down so much. Mason was laughing and became happy that he was alive.


"That was so close."

"You're happy that you're alive? We have to save Vivian!" I said. Mason stopped me from running to that area.

"Hey. She's gone. Will you stop it? I'm pretty sure that James is killed by those monsters too. Don't worry about them."

"You say that like it's suppose to be good. Don't you even care about your best friends?"

"Knock it off! You're just glad that I saved us in time."

"You? Saving us? That's it. I'm going home. Good bye." I wave and left him there.


  He muttered, "Bitch" when I started walking. Afterwards, I heard him trip and groan. I giggled a little. Then, from far away, I saw a hand reaching out to his leg. I screamed his name and told him to get up and run. It was too late. He was pulled by a strong arm. I ran to him and tried pulling him back to me. There was more bloody hands coming towards me. They started to pull me in too. Unexpectedly, I heard gunshots from behind. It was James. He ran off just so that he could get a weapon. All of the arms became weak and turned into dust. All except one. That one arm was the arm that was still pulling Mason into the bushes.


"Faith! Help me! Help me please!" He shouted.


  I smirked and ran off with James. His head was the last thing I ever saw after that incident. And his screams for help was the last sounds I ever heard from him. James and I went to my house with relief and just in time too.


"That was close. Are you ok, Faith?" Asked James.

I looked at him. "Heck yeah, I am. How did you know that we were in trouble?"

"After you tripped, I saw one of the arms going back in the bushes as Mason helped you up. Is...Vivian gone as well?"

I sighed and nodded. He started crying. I started to cheer him up.


  Vivian didn't deserve dying this way. She didn't do anything that was bad. But Mason? I have no words for him. I thought he was one of our best friends but he betrayed our friendship. You may think we're all angels here but some minds don't think alike. I could have helped Mason. However, I did what he did to Vivian. I hope he learned his lesson. And I guess I made the right decision. Revenge...is sweeter than you think.











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