Kohana: Flower of Hell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kidnapped and experimented on by an organization only known as the Facility, this story follows the horrific and excruciating life of one little girl known as Kohana, and her struggle for freedom.

"No more! I'm sorry! Please, stop!"

Kohana closed her eyes tightly, holding her hands over her ears to try and drown out her friend, Sato's cries. The sound of a whip cracking, accompanied by her friend's screams of pain just seemed to keep coming. Kohana pressed her knees closer to her chest as she sat on the floor waiting in the hall just outside the room where her friend was being punished. The young child, barely seven years of age, was shaking head to toe, silently begging for the noise to stop. She didn't ever like hearing one of her friends in pain, but she knew that once the Headmistress was through with Sato, she'd be next.

"You foolish brat!" the Headmistress yelled, her voice dripping with menace. "You should know better than to try and escape the Facility!"

Kohana flinched as the whipping and screams of pain started up again. Her stomach twisted into knots the more guilty she felt. It was her fault this was happening in the first place. She was the one who decided to try and run away. She was the one who came up with a plan. She was the one that should be punished, not Sato! Two other children who decided to go with Kohana's plan had been killed trying to escape. Why did the Facility spare herself and Sato?

Before she had time to think of a possible answer, she was jarred from her thoughts by the sound of soft footsteps coming toward the doorway. Kohana looked up in time to see Sato emerge from the room, gripping the upper portion of her left arm. Her head hung down, and her knees and feet were turned in, shaking along with the rest of her body. The uniform which all the children kept at the facility wore was no long in pristine, clean condition. It was torn to shreds, barely clinging to her form. Bloody lash marks scarred her petite, tan figure all over--face, neck, chest, arms, back, legs; even her hands and feet were wounded. Her long, black hair hung down in shags, hiding her face from view.

"S-Sato... Are you alright?" Kohana asked hesitantly, wanting so badly to hug her friend.

Sato remained silent, but slowly lifted her head as one of the Facility employees came up and grabbed her by her left arm firmly. Her once lively and beautiful red eyes were now a hazy, empty gray hue. As their eyes met, Kohana felt as if her heart was being ripped from her chest. She could easily see how much pain Sato was in. As the girl was led off back to the cell chamber the children were kept in the majority of the time, Kohana felt someone grab her shoulder and pull her into the room from which Sato had been punished.

The room was rather dark, but a single spotlight shined down on a large, open platform where a simple pair of shackles made from reinforced steel hung from thick chains connected to the ceiling several feet up. Another pair of shackles rested on the ground on the platform, anchored to it. A slender figure stood just outside of the light, though Kohana could easily spot the tip of the wand where the whip was connected to it.

Kohana was quickly locked up in the shackles, her arms spread apart so that her body formed a T. The employee who had set her up moved to a nearby panel of controls and began to tinker with them. Seconds later, Kohana felt her body being raised off the platform, hanging in the air by the shackles. Then, her ankles were shackled so that her legs were spread apart, her body now forming an X.

"You are an amazing specimen," whispered a cold, feminine voice from behind Kohana's bound body. "I never imagined you would have the courage, much less the smarts, to come up with such a brilliant yet imperfect plan."

Kohana stiffened as she felt the woman's fingers reach around her neck to her face, stroking the soft skin of her jaw almost delicately. Then, even moreso when she felt her lips close to her ear so that her breath hit her flesh. She closed her eyes firmly, trembling.

"You even managed to bite off one of my precious employee's fingers. How naughty of you," the woman chuckled darkly before Kohana felt her step away and walk around to stand in front of her.

Under the bright spotlight, the woman was rather beautiful, despite how terrible she was. She had long, dark green hair that fell to her waist in gentle waves; piercing silver eyes which were naturally narrow; and her curves were made known in the outfit she wore--an almost admiral-style uniform consisting of a long-sleeved navy blue top, a matching knee-length, tight-fitting skirt, and a beret-style hat. Several flashy medals and pins clung to the fabric of the shirt and hat.

"And you know what we do to naughty little experiments, don't we?" she asked, her glossy, red lips pulling into a devious smirk as she slowly raised the black whip.

Kohana's brown eyes widened before she closed them, gritting her teeth as she tried to brace herself. But nothing could prepare her for the pain she felt once that whip cracked across her midsection. Her body violently shook against the restraints as she screamed out. Again, the whip slashed against her body, but this time across her right thigh. Another cry of desperation and agony echoed through the large room.

"That's it, stupid child," the woman hissed, grinning maliciously. "Cry for me. Beg for my forgiveness!"

Kohana trembled, screaming each time the smooth, black whip struck her body, tearing her clothes with each hit. Her body writhed and tried to free itself but to no avail. She was trapped, and there was nothing she could do about it. Even as she was continuously slapped with the whip, even though her body was screaming in agony, and even while the Headmistress yelled obscenities and grinned from the pleasure of causing her pain, Kohana refused to beg for an apology. She bit her lip to try and keep herself from screaming, causing her lip to start bleeding.

"What is this...? Are you defying me?" the Headmistress questioned, pausing in her whip torture. Suddenly, a sadistic smile tugged at her lips. "Very well. I suppose I could give you the special punishment."

Kohana, still shaking from the pain from the whip, slowly lifted her gaze to the woman in front of her. When she snapped her fingers, the shackles were removed from her body by two employees who had been observing the punishment. They pulled Kohana over to another double set of shackles--this time connected to vertical bases several feet apart. She was laid on the floor and the shackles were placed around her ankles and wrists before one employee moved to the control panel and pressed a few buttons. Kohana's body was lifted off the ground so that she was positioned horizontally, her arms and legs parted to form an X again. She was about four feet off the ground at this point.

The Headmistress strode over, the two employees moving to bring a steel cart with several weapons on it. The woman placed the whip on it and instead switched it out for a large, thick triple-blade weapon. Kohana stared at the glinting steel of the three blades and started struggling against the restraints helplessly.

"Oh, so you know what's coming then?" the Headmistress asked before raising the claw-like weapon above Kohana's body and lightly pressing it against the top of her chest just above the fabric of her uniform top.

She started sliding it down, easily cutting the fabric without even touching Kohana's skin. After cutting all the way down, the shirt and even the skirt she wore fell off, along with the panties she had been wearing. Her skin was still untouched, save for the marks left by the whip.

Kohana whimpered, her cheeks instinctively turning a light shade of pink from the fact that she was now nude. The Headmistress smirked and looked over her body, licking her lips.

"What a magnifiscent blank canvas," she whispered, before moving the blades back to the top of Kohana's chest, the left and right blades touching her collarbone, the middle one resting between them in the center.

Without so much as a warning, she dragged the blades down along the front side of Kohana's body. She did it slowly, and dug the weapons hard into the skin. As Kohana screeched in agony, her toes and fingers curled tightly. The Headmistress stopped just after the middle blade reached her navel, lifting the bloodied weapon from her body and smirking.

"Such a beautiful sound mixed with a wonderful scent," she cooed.

Kohana shook violently, gasping and struggling to breathe. Tears flowed down her face, hitting the floor several feet below her suspended body. The next thing she knew, her right side was slashed, almost as if a bear had swiped at her. Another cry of pain escaped her, her body squirming and trembling uncontrollably. It didn't stop there. The blades then struck across her left thigh, the area on her left upper arm close to the armpit, and her right forearm. Along with the puddles of scarlet red under her were multiple, small collections of flesh and muscle.

"This isn't over yet, my little experiment," the woman hissed with a cackle. "When I'm done with you, your body will be mine. Your body, my canvas, will no longer be your own. I will own you!"

Kohana felt the Headmistress leave her side, moving to stand between her spread legs. The chill of the cold, bloody blades was felt against her lower abdomen, slowly being pushed to puncture the skin. Going that slow, Kohana felt more pain than even when she was whipped and cut so suddenly before. Agonized by the slow, meticulous stabbing, her body arched and she let out a howl of intense pain.

"N-No!" she wailed, knowing what was going to happen next. "Please, no!" she begged, finally breaking from her refusal to beg for mercy. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" she repeatedly cried, her fingers curling along with her toes. "Please, don't!"

The Headmistress smirked. "It's too late for that, now, my beautifully wounded creation. This is your ultimate punishment for defying me!"

Without hesitation, she pulled the blade slowly down across Kohana's young, once pure womanhood, slicing into it agonizingly slowly. Instantly, Kohana let out a most inhuman and petrified scream, her entire body going into shock from the sheer amount of pain she felt, along with the blood loss she was already suffering from. She suddenly went limp, hanging there in the restraints. Her head fell back, eyes wide open and rolled upward, unseeing. Her pupils were constricted, her mouth gaping open in a silent cry for help.

"Oh, did I go too far?" the woman sneered, before moving to throw aside the bloody weapon. She took another one--a single blade--and moved to grab Kohana by a large clump of her hair.

She pulled her head up, staring into those wide, empty eyes for a moment. "Precious," she whispered softly, before dragging the tip of the blade down over Kohana's right eye, cutting right through it to her cheek.
Kohana's body jerked wildly for a moment as her eye was literally sliced apart by the blade. Everything, at that point, went black.

Kohana awoke to find herself lying in the cell she was kept in in the Facility's basement dungeon. She was unable to move, being that when and if she tried, excruciating pain would shoot through her like a wildfire. She could no longer see out of her right eye. She felt so dizzy from the pain, her entire body throbbing.

"Kohana? Kohana, are you awake? Answer me, please! Kohana!"

Kohana recognized the voice to be Sato, who was in the cell across from her's. Kohana opened her mouth to speak, wincing as tears started to fall from her left eye due to the pain she was in. "Sa... to..."

Sato broke into tears, trembling as she gripped the bars of her cell tightly, staring through them toward Kohana's crumpled body. "Oh my god... Oh my god!" she wailed. "I thought... I thought you... I thought you were dead!"

Kohana struggled to sit up, lying on her side awkwardly. It appeared that she was just haphazardly thrown into the cell and left there to rot. Her wounds hadn't even been cleansed or bandaged. She inhaled sharply through grit teeth as she felt pain race through her veins when she moved. She managed to finally sit up, using the wall as something to rest against while she did. She slowly looked toward Sato through the bars of her cage, trembling.

"I'm... still here... D-Don't worry," Kohana rasped, drained of energy even just trying to speak.

Sato continued to cry, shaking her head. "Why? Why did that beast of a woman do that to you?!" Her head sunk to rest against the bars, crying harder. "Why...?"

Kohana slowly looked down at her still-naked body, shaking from the pain she was in, and from the fear she felt while staring at her own wounds. The blood on them had dried up, caking and forming momentary scabs over the cuts. The one she felt the most pain from, however, was the one she had lost it from--the three cuts between her legs which had ultimately destroyed her womanhood. Tears fell from her left eye, hitting one of the wounds on her chest. She winced, panting softly, before looking up at the dirt ceiling of the cell. Her vision blurred and before she knew it, darkness was trying to overcome her again.


Her eye slid shut, body going limp.

Mo... ther...

Submitted: March 04, 2010

© Copyright 2021 softfang. All rights reserved.

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