My first Haunted House

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My first haunted house ended up being my last after...

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



Please comment, i want to know if i should continue writing or  not, thaks(: MY first Haunted House

I can remember the day clearly; it was October 29 just days from Halloween. I was reading the

paper when I saw it. One look and I Knew I was going. It read,

“Come see the scariest Haunted House around! With ghosts and goblins and a

 whole lot more. Location: Sleepy Hollow Cemetery 2976

Spooks lane. It will be hosted in the tomb building. Come on out folks and be the first in the

building since1824!!”

Just looking at it my eyes got big. The first to enter a place that is ‘’haunted’’ that no one has

been in for more than a century.  My only problem is how I’m going to get out of babysitting

while mom is at her work party. The more I think about it the more  discouraged I get. I

know I promised to watch my little brother that night and take him trick-or-treating, but I

really want to go. Everyone will be talking about it and I’ll just look like a loser. So I start to

think or how to get out of it. I know the neighbors will take their kids trick-or-treating so

maybe they can take Jesse with them and give me just enough time to go to the Haunted

House and have a look around. The only problem is how I’m going to keep mom from

Finding out. It’s Halloween and I think I have a great plan. Mom’s walking out the door

Telling me where everything is in case of an emergency and who to call. The whole time

I know there must be a huge smile on my face because mom says “Wow, I’ve never seen

You so happy to babysit. You really are growing up.”  As soon as mom walks out the

Door I put my plan into action. I already talked to the Walkers, our neighbors, and they

Agreed to take Jesse, My little brother, with them. I bribed Jesse with money not to tell

mom where I am really going and where he is going. I quickly put on my costume, I’m a

vampire. I make sure Jesse is in His before I send him to the neighbors. As I’m walking out

the door I look at the clock and see that it says 10:04pm and smile to myself. Just on time.

As I’m driving I start to feel as if I Shouldn’t go. I start feeling scared. I’ve never been to a

house and I’m going to the SCARIEST one in town as my first. The closer I get to the

cemetery the more I feel like a child, scared and alone. I’m starting to regret coming and I

haven’t even went in yet. My hands are cold and I’m feeling light headed.  I park the car and

head to a chapel like building that looks like it’s about to crumble. As I go up the stairs

everything seems to stop. The air and wind seem to go still, I feel fear that I’ve never felt

before. When I touch the Door it opens. Just like in a scary movie, the people are trying to

make it like that right?.

When I go in it looks just like an old ballroom. It has gold and red everywhere you look.

With crystal chandeliers.  The outside has very deceiving looks. I feel

like I’m an 1800’s actor and should be more dressed up in here. This isn’t a haunted house.

Maybe I got the wrong address. When I go to open the door it won’t budge. I start to panic.

This is a really mean prank. All of a sudden I see this beautiful lady come out, “The only way

Out is with this key, and if you want it here, come get it”. As I start to walk towards her, her

Face and beautiful clothes start to change. She has the ugliest scariest face I’ve ever seen.

Half her flesh is coming off and the smell is a smell that is incomparable. I started to gag. I

run to the door and start banging on it hoping it will open. As she walks closer to me I start

to cry. Then without thinking of what I was doing I start to pray. I’m scared and don’t know

what to do. As I open my eyes I see that the room is now empty. The ugly women is gone.

Even though I can’t see her in flesh her image is in my eyes. I start to shake and cry &

wonder how I’m going to get out. I can feel the make-up running down my face. I know I

can’t stay here so I get up and try the door again. It won’t open! I see several hallways,

hopefully a door. I go towards the middle hallway hoping it leads to someplace out of here.

As I step in the hallway I hear yells. Yells that make your bones tremble with fear and pain.

It’s colder here too. I start to run when I see a light. It looks like a window. When I get to it

And look out I see that the cemetery has somehow changed. There’s now grave stones

Only beautiful red roses. In the garden I see a girl. From behind she looks beautiful. I bang

on the window and when she turns around and looks at me I scream. Her face is cut and

torn and dripping blood. When I turn around to run the same lady I saw at first is right in

front of me. I feel myself fainting. When I wake up I’m in a strange room. It looks like a

bathroom. An old bathroom with a wooden tub. I see that my hands are chained. A lady, I

can tell by her body, with her face covered walks into the room and offers me a cup. When I

look into the cup I let it fall from my hands. I just want to get out. I start to pray again. I

notice that as I pray the figure seems to come closer. She’s right over me and I can smell the

smell of her rotting flesh. She grabs my wrist one at a time. I didn’t know what she was

doing till I felt my arms drop to my side. When she turns to leave, without thinking, I grab

a piece of old metal and hit her with it. I’m terrified when she disappears. After she’s gone I

notice a shiny object lying on the floor. It’s the key! I quickly grab it and start running.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality only 30min., I find the door and unlock it and

run out. When I get in my car I see the two girls that I saw in the house. They’re staring at.

You can see the evil in their faces. The hatred in their eye’s. I drive off as fast as my car will

Let me go. When I get home to look for the article I cant find it. I didn’t expect to be home so

early. Its only been 2hours since I left. When Jesse gets home he goes straight to bed. When

mom comes back at 3:34a.m I’m still looking for the article. I ask her If she has a copy of the

paper from the 29th and she says yes. When I get it I cant find the article. It’s not their! I

google the add and cant find it any where. Mom doesn’t suspect anything so she goes to

bed. She doesn’t know what happened that night and she wont. I’m off the hook. Finally,

after searching for almost an hour and exhausted I decide to go to sleep. In my dream I

keep seeing the two girls from the haunted house. When I wake up it’s 8am and all I want to

so is find out about the house. I decide to research the cemetery. What I find shocks me.

100 years ago two girls were accused for the death of 24 people all found in that building.

The families decided to bury their dead on the same land and that’s how it became a

cemetery. The two girls where both said to have gone missing for years, but no one ever

saw them leave. After reading that I couldn’t do anything. It seemed like everything froze.

For days I walked around wondering what I was going to do. I decided to go back. The

whole drive there I was shaking. When I go there I don’t see anything. The building is gone.

I go to where it stood and I still feel fear. Something is wrong, I can feel it in every part of

me. I go to Where the girl stood and search for any sign. Without thinking of what I was

doing, or even looking for, I started digging with my bare hands. I could feel my fingers

being stabbed by small rocks and bleeding, but I still didn’t stop. I run to the cemetery store

house to find a sharp tool, I find a shovel and take it. I dig for what seemed like hours when

I finally saw something. I got on my hands in knees, scared of what I might find and reached

in the hole. What my hand pulled out was a bone. I dig even more and discover two corpses.

After my mind processes what I have found I cry, cry like I’ve never cried before. Maybe

from fear. I don’t know. After a while I go to my car and call 911. I tell them what I found

and where I was. It seemed like only seconds before they came. They asked question after

question. When they asked how I knew where the building was I told them I had been

there. They just laughed and said the building burned down years before I was ever born.

They thanked me for what I did and told me the story of the building that once stood there

and of the two girls. After they were done asking questions and talking they took me home.

I thought everything would get better with me knowing the truth, but it didn’t. I still

dreamed of being there, In that evil place, even though the police said It was impossible, It

still bothered me. In my dreams it was like the girls were trying to tell me something, But

just looking at their faces scared me.  Everyday I would look for anything on the computer

to try to tell me more about the girls. It was almost 2weeks before I found anything. What I

found shocked me. There was a list of suspects that the police had for the murders of the 24

people found. They were only accused because they lived there. The article said that It was

believed that someone killed the two girls and then hid them somewhere in their house. I

wrote an article that later got published. I noticed that as soon as I did that the bad dreams

stopped and I didn’t dream about the girls. I guess they just wanted to be set free. For

people to know they were innocent. The article took away all my problems, and now I

follow the rules. I cant say that that was the

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