To Know Love Again

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A short story of love lost and hope to love again restored..

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




As dark as her days can be her nights are even darker. A coldness she has known begins to permeate her body chilling her to the very bone. And here she thought it was but winters icy fingers trailing down her spine. Yet spring has sprung and still this touch that freezes her soul is left behind. As she wraps her arms around herself to try and ward off this chill that has seemed to settle within the core of her being she looks out from her front porch to a meadow grown lush with the dawning of Spring. Daffodils she planted in the twilight of her late husband's years are a riot of color waving majestically in the breeze that softly caresses her skin as if valiantly trying to stave off the bitter cold that has taken root within the chambers of her soul.


Why is it she wonders, that she cannot seem to shake the bitter cold that invades her body every waking moment. What hand is it that rests upon her holding in the chill? Surely with the coming of Spring would come a thawing of her emotions that have grown so silent and still within her. Surely her heart would once again begin to open to all the beauty she sees before her. When, she wonders, will life once again begin to pour threw her. When will she again know the wonder of all of life's passions? As she gazes silently across the meadow she wonders will love unfold again for her in a heart whose soil is barren and bleak because the tillers hand who once cultivated her love has grown callas and cold.


Tears begin to fall softly like rain upon her cheeks yet they go unnoticed for she has withdrawn within herself to a place that only she can go. To a distant time and a faraway shore where she once smiled upon a handsome young man as he danced with her in the moonlight on a beach whose sand was so starkly white that one could barely stand to look upon it in the height of the suns rise into the sky. Memories roll through her like thunder as she hears still the waves as they relentlessly crash against the shore. Soft are the emotions she feels for the man who held her heart in the palm for his hand for so few short years. 3 to be precise. What she would not give to be able to go to that time and that place where love bloomed and found its roots buried deeply in a passion only they alone could share. For his touch was like no others to her. No man had ever stirred her to the depths her lover had. Nor she feared would any man again.


As she sought to go deeper into this place that only she could go she felt something drawing her ever upward and outward away from those memories she has kept chained within her soul. What, she thought, what is it I feel. What is drawing me away from the place I wish to go? Who would dare invade this hallowed place of memories enshrined in the deepest parts of her mind? As her eyes once again begin to focus and are drawn to the daffodils that have grown still for no breeze now blows across the meadow.


Ever so slowly she becomes aware that her feet no longer feel the smoothness of the oak porch beneath them but instead feel a warmth like grains of sand on that long ago beach. As her eyes lower to the place she stands she cries out in utter surprise as she gazes upon sand so starkly white that it could have come from only one place. The place of her dreams. Slowly she sinks to her knees upon the sand that now covers the spot in which she stood. Her fingers tremble as her hands reach out to touch what her eyes cannot believe they see. Who could have done this? How could anyone do this to a woman whose heart lay shattered at her feet? Yet no one was here in this place but her. No one could have placed this sand beneath her feet as she stood their lost to her memories. No one... except him... the lover of her heart and soul. But how... why... had he done this. As she knelt there upon the sand she felt a kiss as soft as butterfly wings upon the nape of her neck. She knew that kiss like she knew no other. He had somehow come back to her.


Softly she placed her fingertips upon the place she felt his kiss. And as the tears began again to flow she heard him whisper softly to her. "My love... Always will I treasure you... Into eternity have I carried my love for you and yours for me... Our passion did not cease to be the moment I drew my last breath but lives on within your heart and your memories and it forever remains within me as I await for you in eternity... But my Love... My Heart... My Soul... My greatest desire is for you to once again experience the beauty of love and its glory... For if ever there was a heart and soul meant for love... It is yours my darling... It is yours... Unchain the memories you hide so deep within and set them free... Oh not to be forgotten... No never forgotten... But set free so that you may once again know the joy and splendor of a lovers touch... Let your memories no longer hold you captive from all that awaits for you in the arms of the one who hears your cries in the night and his soul even now searches for you... When he comes my love open your heart and your soul to him and embrace the love he brings to you... For you do not betray me in doing so for I have come to release you and set your captive heart free... Always will you be the lover of my soul but I must set you free to love again...

As she slowly became aware that she no longer heard his voice nor felt his presence a breeze once again began to blow across the meadow. It began to stir the sand that lay beneath her and she slowly rose and walked down the steps and crossed the meadow to stand among the daffodils. As she turned her gaze to her porch she watched as the breeze swept away the sand that she only moments ago had stood upon and as she lifted her face to the sun she felt a warmth invade her body where it seemed ice had once held her in its grip. No tears now fell upon her cheeks as she let her memories loose to float gently upon the wings of the wind to never be forgotten. No not forgotten but carried to the place in eternity where her lover waits. And just as her memories poured forth from her heart she once again heard its steady beat and gentle rhythm as she opened it once again to know love.




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