What's the point of living an unauthentic life if the only thing that will leave this earth is your soul?

So you’ve been betrayed again, by another beautiful face. You look in the mirror, and use makeup to erase, the pain and the scars and the lines of dread. Wish they’d just see the truth instead.

And it doesn’t take eyes to see the truth. Truth and reality aren’t one.

Nothin’ but a soul, under all those clothes. Nothin’ but the purest of who we are Nothin’ but a soul, under all those lies I wish you could see past what’s outside.

There’s no mortality train, to tell us the date and time Of when our bodies will begin to unwind And turn into dust next to the poor man’s ash And the memories of us will fall into the past

Lightness or darkness will overcome The ruins of what’s been done

Nothin’ but the soul, really matters. Nothin’ manages your burdens so well Nothin’ but the soul, will go on And say goodbye to the sweetness of the dawn

No one but my soul, knows how I feel No one is able to reach past my insecurities No one but my soul, can possibly know My fear of not doing it right before I have to go.

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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