Darkness: The Dimension Jumper

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This the first 4 chapters of my current work in progress.
The journey of Luke the Dimension jumper starts with his overconfidence leading him to a 20th century rebuilt castle overlooking sparse forests and a small town below. His story intertwines with many favorite and beloved characters who I do not own the rights for. This does include nintendo's Link from Legend of Zelda and Ubisoft's Altair from Assassins Creed. Luke is a man who has only lived 25 long years that he can remember. Finding his new ability to maneuver through parralell dimensions and escaping a syndicate of other dimension jumpers has given him a slightly cocky attitude and he doesn't care who sees it. This is my first post on the internet, so please comment on what you like and don't like.

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



I do not own any of the Legend of Zelda characters in this story nor do I own the rights for any Assassins Creed characters that may be included. I do not make money for the copies that I hand out. All rights are reserved by Nintendo and other gaming companies.

It all started in darkness. I raised my eyes to look at the lights of the mansion encamped with razor-wire fences. My eyes traveled to the visitors’ entrance.

“No way I’m getting through there. This might be fun.” I braced my legs and felt my thighs building up energy. I felt my legs shake as I released the built up energy in a great leap, easily scaling the fences and landing in a small garden.

I braced again as I heard someone coming to tend the garden. I found myself flying through the air once more, and my sight caught just how vast the mansion was.

“Geez… You’d think they would get lost in a place like that…” I landed on a battlement and almost lost my footing as a gargoyle that I had stepped on lost a few toes to my own foot.

Finding a way in, I stared at how decrepit the place was. “What, no Jeeves to clean the mess?” I mused lightly as I shook off the initial shock. I began to venture, while taking care to be quiet as I went.

I groaned as I heard the sound of fighting coming from nearby. “Well, Link sure is quiet…Idiot…” I steered away from the fighting and headed for quieter passages. I slowed to a stop as I noticed a mean faced butler.

“Well there’s Jeeves.” I joked silently as I began to sneak up behind him. My obi socks making close to no sound as I neared arms reach of him. I grinned evilly as the last thing he felt was the tip of my wrist blade as it pierced the back of his neck.

I watched as he disappeared in a puff of smoke and all that remained fell to the floor. A single rat tail and eye. “Hmm….Not really what I was expecting, but hey! Free rat tail!” I scooped up the tail and kicked the eye under a staircase. I never really was one for sight magic.

I held the tail up and dropped it into my mouth, swallowing it quickly. I fell to my knees as a searing pain shot through my body. A flame eternal engulfed my life force and gave it a shock as the rat tail added to my magic. I held my head in my hands with my eyes closed until the pain dulled to a slow throb.

I raised myself, using the wall as support. My eyes scanned my surroundings to make sure that I was still alone. I stood in place for another minute or so, feeling my strength coming back to me quicker. “Took long enough…” I started down a nearby hallway, my eyes scanning doors and other rooms as I pass.

“What do we have here?” I mused to myself as a strange, stone arch came into view. Hearing fighting again, this time closer I hurried towards the arch stopping just before it to read a small plaque to the side.

Find and ease the ladies of sapphire, emerald, ruby, and pearl to gain what you seek.

I read it aloud, hearing the words reverberate off of the cavernous hallways around me. “Not sure what it means, but I got the ‘what you’re seeking’ part!” I smiled as I headed through the arch.

I felt a tingly sensation go through my body then pain as I was forced to my knees by some kind of magic. Darkness again as my eyes closed and my head bowed.

Chapter 2

I opened my eyes and looked up. My eyes adjusted to the lighting and spotted a woman sitting cross-legged a few feet from me.  Beyond her was what looked like a mirror filled with millions of rainbow fireflies.

Looking behind me I noticed that the arch had been replaced with a stone wall. I hadn’t noticed what the mirror or who the woman was before I looked forward again. I struggled to my feet and the woman looked up smiling.

“So you’re finally awake.”

I shook my head and looked at her again. I stood staring, fear stealing my breath. “P?n…” I stared at her in confusion and mild fear

She looked at me with a mock-hurt look. “What’s the matter? Not glad to see me?” She smiled wickedly and stood. “You know Luke, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.”

Her smile turned back to a hurt look as she noticed my wariness. “Why are you still looking at me like that Luke?” She took a step toward me, her wicked grin returning.

I found the use of my legs and took a step back. “Now  P?n…” I looked behind me at the arch, hoping for escape.  “You know that I couldn’t come back to your dimension.”

She took another step forward, her grin contorting to something that resembled anguish. “You still could have tried to contact me!” She shouted across the room at me, tears forming in her angry blue eyes.

I stood and watched as she stomped across the room to stand right before me. Her arm raised as if to strike, but trembled badly as she lost the anger out of her eyes.

I watched her slowly lower her hand and felt her warm, soft flesh touch my cheek. “Why?.. Why would you not visit me?”

I smiled sadly at her and took her elbow into my hand, holding her gently. “You know I would if I could…But you know how FOLD gets…”

“I know…But you ignore them to come and steal, and yet you obey them when the subject is me?” Her eyes welled up in tears again, threatening to spill over.

I sighed and tried to think of a good explanation. “You know that they weren’t happy when I found out about you…They would rather me be stealing and killing people than revisit you.”

Her hand fell to my chest. “I know…It’s just lonely in my dimension without you.” She made a pouty face and giggled as I extended a finger and poked her in the forehead playfully.

“You’re such a dirty girl.” I teased her and she shoved me playfully as I continued to tease her. We teased and played for a few more minutes, momentarily forgetting our earlier clash.

I looked past her and noticed the mirror for the first time in what felt like forever. “So what is the mirror for?” I spun her in place to show her the mirror, which elicited another giggle, then silence as she thought about my question.

She placed a hand to her chin and fingered her lower lip for a moment. “Ummm… I’m not sure… It was here when I got here.” She turned to me and looked up at me through batting eyelashes. “You know one thing I missed while you were gone?”

I sweatdropped as I realized what she was talking about. I asked her how she had gotten here to try and change the subject. Her reply wasn’t very helpful to me at the moment. Just something about her walking through her bedroom door and waking up here.

I looked at the mirror, much to her distress, and walked up to it. I reached a hand to touch the side of it but was met with a spiteful charge of hostile magic. “Ow…Memo to self… Don’t touch the rim of the magic mirror…”

P?n ran over and cradled my hand possessively and rubbed the place that got the charge. I chuckled and poked her in the ribs playfully. “I’m ok! No need to spit at the lovely mirror.”

She looked up at me for a moment. “I never thought of that…” She reared back and spat at the mirror. The unladylike lugie flew through the face of the mirror and disappeared without a trace.



Chapter 3

The mirror exploded in a ball of light. My vision went black for some reason and I felt a chill flow through my body. I didn’t even notice the absence of P?n on my arm until it was too late.

My feet left the ground for what seemed like an eternity as I just floated in the darkness. Darkness that seems to always be there. My mind wandered to the many explanations that I could think of for the darkness being there.

I looked around trying to see through the shadows. I mused many ways to fix my predicament, but couldn’t see any that would work at the moment. “Should’ve kept that rat eye…”

My feet touched down on solid ground and I took a knee for a moment, getting my bearings. I looked around as light began to filter through the darkness. Pillars with vine engraftments running up the sides.

“Hmmm…Quite the craftsmanship…Wonder if they have anything worth stealing.” I chuckled to myself as I stood and looked around some more. My eyes traveled over passageways, rooms, and of course the pillars. All of which had the decorum feel of something the Greeks made.

I stopped at what looked like the exit. I reached out to grasp the handle, but pulled back sharply as an armored tail shot out in an attempt for a strike. I scowled at the tail for a moment looking for the body attached to it. My feet padded on the ground in a furious back peddle, as a large pincer shot out from close to the bottom of the door.

“What a welcoming committee!” I laughed out as I jumped back a few more feet, the pincer being joined by another, then soon by the large abdomen of a large scorpion. I smiled at its’ size. Easily being bigger than a domestic dog with a horde of smaller scorpions about the size of field mice on its back.

I laughed again as I tried to figure out how I didn’t see them all on the door. The mother tried yet again to catch me in one of its pincers, but met nothing but air as I leaped back.

“Nope! Nice try though!” I mocked it as I was reared up against a wall. “Can you get me now?” I leapt up straight as the stinger uncurled and struck the spot where I was just standing. I whistled as I noticed a large, molten hole in the wall where the stinger had struck.

“Well aren’t you scary!” I laughed again as I slung my arms downward, releasing the blades from their locks. My wrists snapped as the blades caught on thin, dual cords and hung limp at my fingertips. “Let’s play ugly!” I snorted and blew out a lugie unto the floor before the large arachnid.

I slowly raised my arms up as the scorpion did the same with it’s pincers. It rushed forward and tried for an unsuccessful grapple. My body spinning to the side and waving an arm upward to strike across the underside of one of the joints in the armor. I continued to spin as I used the momentum to bring my other blade slinging upward to catch it in one of its black eyes.

The screech was deafening as it reared up and came down in a rage, with it’s body trying to pin me under it. I rolled to the side and grinned as it turned to glare with one of its other three eyes. I frowned and slid my blades back up into their locks standing before the massive creature.

My arms went up and behind me to pull out a small staff, with a blade on one end and a fifty pound cylinder on the other. I unlocked the middle and the scorpion watched as the middle of the shaft quickly unraveled and became a thick chain.

“How bout we end this, huh?” I grinned evilly as I began to spin the cylinder over my head and brought it to mass speeds. The scorpion reared up and flung itself forward just enough to bring its stinger clear of its body.

I stepped to the side and launched the fifty pound cudgel at the scorpions head, making a sickening crack as it hit and shattered a portion of its armor and destroyed another eye. My grin turned savage as the thrill of death came over me.

My mind swam with warmth as I sidestepped another attempt and launched the cudgel into the scorpions’ right pincer and broke off one of its claws. I ignored its screech of pain and launched once more to hit a couple of the smaller scorpions off. The mother screeched in rage and pain as it took a charge with its working pincer and tail flailing.

I flung the blade into a nearby pillar and used it to pull me out of the way in time for the scorpion to run into and up the wall. It scaled the wall and started wobbling a bit as it tried to get a better grip.

I smiled maliciously as I stood under it. My hand released its portion of chain and reached into my robe, pulling out a blowgun. “Can’t stay out of my reach silly.” I chuckled as I pulled out a dart and walked over to the hole in the wall. I rubbed the tip of the dart in the scorpions’ venom and loaded it into the chamber.

I readied the blowgun and gave a heady breath as I launched the dart into a place where I had shattered the scorpions’ armor. “Got ya…” I hummed to myself quietly as I waited for the poison to kill it off. The scorpion giving a great heave as it fell from the wall onto its back. The smaller scorpions made loud crunching sounds as they were smashed under their mothers’ weight.

My smile turned pleasant as I watched them all disappear in a loud vacuum that sucked their matter away, leaving nothing but a scorpion tail and leg. I gladly walked over and picked up both, raising them above my head and eating them.

My smile disappeared as I fell to my knees feeling the same pain as I had before, except more intense. I stayed down on my knees for a bit as I felt my death high and magic overload waver down to dull throbs in my head.

My head still throbbed as I tried to stand. My legs gave way under me and I just sat there trying to clear my head. “Boy, what a head rush! Should find another scorpion like that before I leave.” I heard a small growl behind me and turned to see a black and grey wolf, with a ruby earring.

I tried to stand, but was met with an even louder growl. “What? You want me to just sit here with my back to ya?” I gave the wolf an angry look as I started to spin around, which of course elicited another growl from it. “Ah, shut up!” I sat looking at it for a moment then fully noticed the earring.

“Hey…Where did a little monster like you get that?” I asked the wolf, not expecting an answer. “It looks a lot like Links earring actually...” I mused to myself as the wolf sat back on its haunches and adopted a happy look on it’s face. “Hey, what are you smiling about?”

“I think he would be smiling about me.” I turned to face a woman in crimson robes that sparkled with what could have only been dusted ruby.







Chapter 4

My eyes widened at the site of the woman. Her physical features weren’t that much different than that of a modern model. Her easily tanned skin, looking the softness of babies. My eyes traveled her figure a second noting her curves and most of all her hair and eyes. Both complimenting each other so effortlessly. Golden locks on an emerald glare.

I went to stand, but was met with a warning growl from the wolf. I turned and scowled at him, my upper lip curling slightly.

“Easy Fido, nothing for you to be growling at.” My eyes went back to the woman as I went to stand once more. Pain exploded in my calf and rushed fireworks into my brain.

I fell back to my knee as the wolf released its grip and backed away, blood staining its angry maw. My blood dripped down my punctured calf and unto the floor. The leaking blood slowly pooled below me, coagulation not yet taking full effect in stopping my bleeding.

“Hurt? I hope so.” The woman grinned at me as the blood slowly started to flow in her direction. Her robes shimmered a bit brighter as my blood touched the hems.

I groaned in pain as I stared daggers in her direction. Her beautiful veil was ripped away to show the sadistic wretch that was her true self.

“What? You look angry with me for some reason.” She smiled again as her robes seemed to consume the last of my blood from the floor, a small bit still running down my calf, drying and caking to my skin.

I just glared at her as the pain started to evaporate from the healing magic of the earlier rat tail. Both of my hands went behind my back and clutched the bladed end of my chain, which of course bought me another growl from the wolf.

I went through several scenarios in my head hoping for a valid plan of getting away. My thoughts just rested on buying time.

“So...Who are you, and why is your dog trying to eat me?” I hoped my smart mouth remark wouldn’t grant me a bite in the back. My hands started easing to the front, one holding each side of the length of chain.

“Ow....”More pain shot through me as I felt a sting in my shoulder. The woman stood almost motionless with her arm extended and a small dart launcher held in light grasp. My head got hazy as a fog slowly descended over my eyes.

“Why does this keep happening?” I asked painfully as I fell to my face, breaking my nose and busting my lip. Again. . .More darkness.

© Copyright 2018 SokimiDas. All rights reserved.

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