Darkness Shrouds The Land

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Meh, I love my foreign language poems~ >^w^

Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011




Escuridade implica a terra,
De grandes dunas brancas e area,
A lúa ten o ceo,
Como un rei, tan alto,

Camiñadas bosque baixo os pés,
Onde criaturas son mal interpretadas,
Eu son aquel que chora,
Todo o camiño para o ceo,

O sol nunca máis brillo,
Ata a noite, pois nós cea,
O Neal das nosas vidas,
Dos cales máis priva,

Vou viaxar de mar a mar,
O único que sabe quen eu vou ser?
Onde a mentira,
O único que chora,

Para min.


------:: English Translation ::------


Darkness shrouds the land,

Of great white dunes and sand,

The moon takes the sky,

As a King, so high,


Forest treads underfoot,

Where creatures are misunderstood,

I am the one, who cries,

All the way to the sky,


The sun will never shine,

Till night, for we dine,

The meal of our lives,

Of which more deprives,


I’ll travel from sea to sea,

The only one who knows who I’ll be?

Where the one lies,

The only one who cries,


For me...




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