Si Loin (So Far Away)

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I'm experimenting with writing in different languages for school and this poem was quite interesting in French. (Not to mention that it also got me a free hundred!) Hope you enjoy it~

Submitted: October 01, 2011

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Submitted: October 01, 2011




Si Loin

Les oiseaux qui volent,

Nuages à la dérive,

Si loin,


Bleu ciel,

Noir ciel,

Si loin,


Le début,

La fin,

Si loin,


Brise douce,

Clingnoter la foudre,

Si loin,


Etoiles scintillantes,

Illuminant la lune,

Si loin


Reves insensés,

Fantasmes grande,

Si loin.



:English Translation:


Flying birds,

Drifting clouds,

Far, Far, Away


Blue sky,

Black sky,

Far, Far, Away


The start,

The end,

Far, Far, Away


Gentle breeze,

Flashing lightning,

Far, Far, Away


Twinkling stars,

Illuminating moon,

Far, Far, Away


Mindless dreams,

Great fantasies,

Far, Far, Away

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