Consciousness 4

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Consciousness 4. 
By : Solacethepoet. (feat. Bruised Brow.)
Solacethepoet :
Go on, run along and be free.
Unleash the shackles on your
Feet that pin you down.
Soar above these lows that
Pin your spirit down.
Live in abundance,
Meditate more and medicate less.
Be at one with life. Live in the 
Present moment do not run.
It is all within you. There is 
plenty to learn and explore
When you tune in within you.
Inner depths of magic reside 
within you. You are the magic within.
Your body is just a Vase, dear self. Please take good care of yourself. Do not lose yourself by placing your heart on the shelf. Love is what you are, shed your light and live your truth.
Bruised Brow :
Dear self.
Pedal to the metal
Keep it moving on high speed.
We never die we just transcend,
Incarnate and come back again.
You are a Sovereign Being
Experiencing this human experience.
Push through the odds,
Defy the odds and create your fate.
You are God, swerve through the obstacles thrown your way. 
Make way navigate through your 
World. Ten toes down stand up for
Your truth. Let your inner pure 
Luminous light illuminate the world.
Dear self, bless this human race
With greatness.

Submitted: August 29, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Solacethepoet. All rights reserved.

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