For Granted

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Submitted: August 03, 2009

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Submitted: August 03, 2009



I watch my mind just slipping past the curtain of my eyes

Entertaining thoughts of some fastidious demise

The thoughts role out on blankets stretching long out past my thighs

Unraveling like thunder drowning out my cries

The moon has made a mockery of all that I held dear

The culprit on the carpet in which I place my fear

Curled like a newborn wrapped against the world

I find that I am stillborn cold and found unfurled

With each moment we continue out upon this journey through the mire

You must understand the present and not place hope in my desire

I seek only to be free of senseless doublespeak

To break the necks of all of those who clamor at the meek

Building stairs of bodies in their towers built of bone

Their own sacrificed for height while their souls still must atone

But then there is no final justice for any of us here

Just a hopeless lost desire that ethereal hands will steer

Will drive these rusting crates that we cannot seem to handle

Toward cities built of pearl for the authors of this scandal

These powers lay in wait till the day we cease to breathe

So upon us they may lavish gifts like water through a sieve

On the day that you will die, still wanting for a reason

Hope that you will see the arrogance inherent in this treason

They grew a garden full of beauty; a gift from heart to heart

Then with sneaking hand did plant some trickery to goad from us a start

A beginning to the ineffable unknowable design, a cyclical undoing of a madness built of time

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