one hundred thousand

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i wrote this when i was younger, taking to many psycadelics
and wondering what i was doing to myself and if my brain would be the same again

Submitted: July 15, 2008

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Submitted: July 15, 2008



one hundred thousand airoplanes

came crashing through my brain today

crammed downed a narrow passage

still dripping wet with nasal spray

sopping wet and breathing easy

out stepped one hundred thousand pilots

wondered where the grass had gone

and why the walls were violet

why there were walls at all

and not an aging strip of pavement

why there sinuses were clearer

and where all the open skies went

airoplanes and pilots broke that chain

that I’d left hanging in the balance

loaded up what thoughts were left

and hauled them off to freelance

took my mind out among the clouds

sold my soul to the highest bidder

cast my thoughts among the stars

and left me darkness to consider

and when i went to look for tools

with which this nothing to unwind

i found them tangled in a mess of planes

the fault of pilots quite unkind

so cross legged on the floor i sit

and play amongst the pieces

of a mind that i had left defenseless

biding time till this life ceases

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