Paracites on This Planet

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We are mere destroyers to this planet, nothing more than a virus spreading amongst this earth crushing everything we come across

Submitted: March 04, 2014

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Submitted: March 04, 2014



Why do we feel the need to ruin such a great planet,

Mother nature working wonders to ensure we live in awe,

Human beings believing we have the right to throw rubbish on the floor,

It makes me sick,

Murdering animals to capture some sort of a prize,

These are the types of people that I can't help but despise,

To call them people would be a compliment there parasites,

Truth is they are cowards that thrive off power and fear,

Yet they hide behind there weapons and choose to kill from a distance never near,

This world has no place for such disgusting beasts,

And this is why God will have plans on introducing peace,

This isn't our planet so why do we feel the need to own it,

We are merely guests that are no more needed than the animals that roam it,

We cause too much damage to this wonderful place,

In God I trust that one day we will pay.

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