thinking to be

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something written after loosing someone important, confused about life. strugling for sense

Submitted: July 14, 2008

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Submitted: July 14, 2008



cables of the wire strung through a mind in need of hope

keep the sanity in line keep these thoughts afloat

and when the end apears in sight through eyes of shadowed weight

it passes by as quick as night no room on trains of loaded freight

so through the day the sleeper feins a state of disrepair, hopeing beyond hope

a muse might stumble, just might chance upon his laire

upon this place that he has dug in secret and since has feared to leave

a child left to cling to that last bit of love this world might bereave

it is the physical my love, the real that is the lie

the things you touch and taste are as empty as the sky

you were here before the dawn of time

an thought, an image born on rhyme

a soul just left to float sublime through weaves of darkness not of mind

i know that you are mine because i think it

i know your skin is soft for the thoughts are constant in my mind

i know the sadness and the tears are real because i think them to be so

i know that you were mine because i thought it was to be

i know that i am lonely because i think that i'm alone

i thought that i still loved you

i think i allways will

things ive touched were never real

it is the thoughts that made them so

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