TFA: Mystery of the all spark

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Okay so this is my FanFiction for Transformers Animated, in third person. I usually write in 1st so this was a challenge but I am enjoying it none the less!

Three teens, Nadia, Mimi and Lucy are chosen by the All Spark to have powers bestowed upon them. But when the Decepticons make it clear they want the All Spark fragments within the teens at any cost will they be able to save the world from the threat?

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Transformers Animated


Chapter 1


It was a bright, sunny day and the sky stretched as a cerulean blanket to the distant horizon above three girls. The tallest had long, wavy black hair and dark, coffee coloured skin with brown eyes. The smallest girl was blonde with her loose ringlets tumbling over her shoulders and emerald eyes framed with thick lashes. The final girl, with shoulder length red hair had hazel eyes and pale freckled skin. They sat talking in the park just outside Detroit.

“Nadia, I love your hair short!” The blonde one smiled at Nadia, the red haired girl. She smiled and twirled around, letting the other two admire her new hairstyle.

“I know right! It’s so cute!” Nadia replied, tucking a strand of red hair behind a small ear. She giggled and looked back at the other two.

“So Mimi got any friends in you new school?” She asked curiously. Mimi shook her blonde head and replied

“Nah. I only got bullied but Lucy sorted them out with her martial arts when we were cornered on the way to the shops!”


The girls continued talking for a bit, sitting on the swaying grass and feeling the cool breeze wash over their bare skin. Mimi was dressed in a sky blue dress which hung to her knees and darker strapped shoes. Nadia was in denim jeans and a designer top which was green. Lucy was in a black top patterned with flames that clung to her frame and black leggings with red sides. Her black hair was swept back with a red hair band. The park was fringed with trees and from within the branches, something was emitting an azure glow.

“Hey, what is that?” Lucy enquired, standing and moving closer to the glow. The two other girls followed her. It was as if it was leading them, drawing them closer. They stepped into the first trees, twigs crunching underfoot and the mahogany bark rough and callous to their hands. They followed the light emanating from the heart of the woodland, entertwined branches forming twisted archways arcing above their heads as they strayed further into the woods.


“Are you sure we should be in here? I mean, what if we get lost?” Mimi said nervously, sticking close to Lucy and Nadia, worry creasing lines in her brow.

“We won’t, I know this place like the back of my hand.” Lucy answered reassuringly pulling back some verdant branches and revealing a small glade. In the centre of the clearing lay three crystals, shining with a blue radiance. Lucy bent and picked them up, the crystal cool in her sweaty fingers. She handed the other two the others and they gazed at them, enthralled. Lucy held hers in her palm, the material of her black fingerless gloves not stopping the crystals frigid temperature. When Mimi and Nadia received theirs to look at, they began to flash and grow brighter, the temperatures rising to warm. The crystal fragments rose up above their palms and reflected into the girls eyes, making them shield them and squint. Mimi stumbled back in fear and let out a shocked whimper while Nadia and Lucy just stared in amazement.

“How can these fragments do this?” Nadia muttered under her breath, her hazel eyes not leaving the blue aura. With a scream from Mimi the fragments plunged into the girls hands, feeling as if a knife had just sliced through them. Their palms grew hot and it felt like live wires were being fed through their bodies. Groaning, the girls fell back and fainted from the pain, throbbimg through their comatose forms.  They landed limply on the leaf litter and grimy ground, unmoving, a soft blue glow emanating from their outstretched palms.


When Lucy stirred, the ground was shaking as if giant footsteps were heading her way. She tried to sit up, but her head exploded in pain, feeling like it got split in two. She looked up through the emerald leaves and saw  a cerulean blue robot with a sleek aerodynamic form and a smaller yellow robot with black stripes.

“So, this is the place, huh.” The yellow one said in a high pitched tone. The blue one replied so fast that her throbbing head could not follow the words. Evidently neither could the yellow robot, since he looked confused. Then a softer, female voice rang out

“Look, they’re hurt!” a thud as something hit the floor and ran up to the girls. Lucy groaned and managed to sit up, head in her gloved hands, black hair like a curtain around her face. “Are you alright?” the girl asked her, walking over and picking her up as if she weighed no more than a baby. Lucy shook her head groggily, not able to talk. When she looked at the girl, she managed a small scream and tried to scramble away from it/her. The teen had pale skin on half her face, the other half metal. This continued down her slender body, with her left arm and leg metallic. The top part of her torso was also cybertronian along with her right leg to the knee. The girl looked forlornly at her and held the struggling girl tighter, so she couldn’t hurt herself and lay her down next to the robots.

“Calm down. I know this must be a shock to you, but don’t struggle, you’ll only hurt youself.” The girl stated calmly before getting the other girls, who were still deeply unconscious. “I’m Kiara by the way.” She said, pulling her light brown hair into a neat pony tail. Kiara ignored the fearful looks that Lucy gave her and glared up at the yellow ‘bot who was grinning cheekily. God that bot got on her nerves!

“I’m Bumblebee!” the yellow ‘bot smiled and hooked his thumb at the blue robot “And he’s Zippy.”

“HowmanytimesmustItellyou, mynameisBlurr!” the blue ‘bot snapped at him, about to slag him until Kiara put a hand on his leg, knowing he was just tense.

“Cool it Blurr! We have to get these three to the base.” Blurr nodded and scooped up Lucy gently as Bumblebee took Nadia and Kiara held Mimi.


When Mimi and Nadia woke up they could feel wind rushing past them and the rocking motion of being carried. They both tried to scream when they saw their captors (or rather saviours) but when it was all explained, they shut up. It was all silent except for the laboured breathing of Kiara and the heavy footfalls of Bumblebee. Blurr was obviously holding back so that the others could keep up with his turbo speed, however Kiara was falling behind, being part human. Fortunately, Detroit was not far away so they soon reached the Autobot base, an abandoned warehouse with a dilapated roof and run down, peeling walls. After rapping on the door, it opened to reveal more giant robots. “What! MORE organics! Aren’t they” the robot glowered at Kiara and Sari  “enough!?” an obnoxious voice belonging to a big chinned blue robot rang out.

“They’re injured, srapheap!” Kiara retorted in an unusual bout of anger noticing everyone was on edge, herself included. She looked at her hands, her sharp metal fingers clenched and her lip curled when she stalked past him. She was dimly aware of Blurr taking Nadia off of Bumblebee and following her into the medics quarters where the red and white ‘doc bot’ was trying to stasis nap. He opened one bright optic to glare at them and pointed to the beds, getting up and exaiming the three organics.

“I thought you were sent to investigate a spike in all spark activity, not disturb my stasis for organics!” Ratchet mumbled grumpily.

“ It’s nice to see you too, doc bot.” Kiara grinned, the action slightly forced and gestured to Blurr to put down the other girls, who were asleep again. ‘Talk about no stamina’  Kiara thought, looking at their somewhat peaceful faces before turning towards Blurr and leaping gracefully onto his white servo. She leant against his cool chest plate and watched Ratchet make his diagnosis.

“Well. I have some good news... And some bad news. Which do you want to hear, Prime?” Ratchet directed his question at Optimus, the Blue and red Autobot who had just entered the room.

“I’ll go with good.” He replied calmly, looking at the new arrivals with interest, wondering what would become of them.

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