Love Like Poison

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Draconis was an outstanding father to Wolf. She was shy and insecure, though her beauty was only surpassed by her kindness, she had been beaten down long before she had the chance to meet him. Finding this young pup fending for herself in the wilderness on one of his travels, Draconis fell for her on sight, but when he took her in as his daughter...the feelings between them would be even harder to decipher what was right, and what 'feels' right.
(mild swearing)

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Wolf perched herself on the rocks just above the water, topaz eyes reflecting in the ripples below. She licked her lips hungrily, her tail swaying behind her as she waited for the right moment. Her eyes caught sight of the shimmering scales in the water, pouncing with hands ready to grab at the slippery target below. She caught her catch, rather, with her mouth instead of the latter. Her ears perked and turned her head to the sound of chuckling over the hillside, "Looks like you wanted to eat before I got the chance to cook it, huh pup?" Her tail flicked wildly as she bound over the hill with the fish still clamped in her jaws.

The fire crackled with warmth as the smell of fish filled their camp. Wolf curled herself around Draconis as he prodded at the meat over the flame, smiling over his shoulder. She smiled back, her eyes seemed to flicker innocently in the light of the blaze, making Draconis turn his attention to the food with feelings rather uneasy. She noticed him turn away rather nervously...her ears drooped but she kept her smile, nuzzling her cheek on his shoulder,

"Whatcha' thinkin' papa?"

He shrugged, flipping over the fish, "Just thinking how much better it'd be if this were deer or elk on the fire."

She nodded, salivating at the thought of a juicy steak, "When will we have real food papa?"

He ruffled her hair, "Just a few more days and we should be close to the herd, they travel somuch it'll be a while before we see anything bigger than a rabbit."

She sighed but nodded, crossing her arms over her chest as she watched the fire, nibbling on her meal placed before her. She sighed, finishing the morsel in a short time, giving a light yawn. Her arm curled around his, slowly dozing off in the heat of the night. Draconis looked over to her sleeping against him, brushing his fingers through her golden brown hair with a sigh and a smile. His mind puzzled over his desires,I would love to have her as my wife...coiling a lock around his fingers in thought, his heart knew her inside and out, her hopes, her dreams...and yet...he wanted one thing that he had kept from himself for too long. He growled at his thoughts, she is my daughter...though not flesh and blood...what am I thinking?

Wolf woke to find herself covered in a blanket, but Draconis wasn't in sight. She looked around, her eyes filled with worry as she cautiously followed his scent. She peered over the hill, crouched on her belly as she heard shouts. She dropped closer to the ground, dragging herself across the cold soilcarefully. She caught sight of him, bound to a posts with a sneer, she knew he was kicking himself for getting caught. Ears pulled back as she inched her way to him, she knew if Draconis was caught by these goons it wouldn't be an easy task to get past them. She slowly prowled beyond one of the tents and pulling herself up into one of the covered wagons. She gnawed on the ropes holding Draconis who barely caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye. He gave a soft growl, "What are you doing here? Get out of here before they find you, I can take care of this...just go."

She hissed, "I'm not going to leave you."

He sighed with a roll of his eyes, turning to keep watch, making sure no one was coming.

A shot rang out and nothing seemed to move. The leader of the band came forward holding his shotgun, dark eyes watching Wolf who was on her knees with hands up, defenseless. The man pushed the nose of the gun at her cheek, "Aren't you a pretty one," looking to Draconis, "This yours?"

Draconis glared, "Don't touch her."

The thug turned his attention back to Wolf grabbing her wrist, picking her up off the ground, and tugging her tight to his side, "You mean like this?"

Wolf turned her head in disgust as the smell of smoke and piss seemed to resonate off the thug, her nose crinkling from the foulness.

Draconis gave a low growl, a smirk curling on his lips, "You'll be sorry."

The thug just sneered and laughed, "Your tied up...what the hell could 'you' possibly do to me?"

A spark clicked as Wolf remembered something about Draconis, kicking the man in the back of the knee and dropping him.

"Wha-what the hell is this?" the man cried out as his legs started to sink into the ground like quick sand, soon only his head could be seen out of the soil.

Draconis grinned as the post burst into shards, "I think I possibly just kicked your ass," looking to Wolf, "You alright pup?"

She nodded, smirking at the head in the dirt, "I'm fine, I'd almost forgotten you were an elemental."

The thug blinked, "You control the earth around you? I told those idiots not to go for someone we couldn't handle..." his tone rose as he cried for his backup, "Where the hell are you guys?!"

Draconis just shook his head, "I took them out long before I sank your lard ass," walking off with Wolf, leaving the bandits behind them.

Wolf growled playfully at Draconis, "Why couldn't you have told me you were going to go all elemental on his ass...I still can't get that smell out of my nostrils." She nuzzled up to him lightly as he chuckled at her cutely.

He shrugged, “I tried to tell you to run off.”

She sighed, “I couldn't just leave you there with those guys though...I mean, the fact that you were tied up made me worried that they were too strong for the both of us...”her words quietly drifting off as she kept walking. She felt his eyes watching her as he was a few steps behind her, “Nothing is going to happen to me pup, you can count on that.” She gave him the look, “Well then I guess I have nothing to worry about then do I,” giving a huff and climbing the branches, bounding from the limbs. Draconis watched with a sigh, “I should have never taught her how to do that...” trying to catch up, “Wolf,” he called after her. She wasn't paying attention as her heart played as a weight in her chest, Why can't I just love you as my papa. He growled and used his power to have one of the limbs coiled around her ankle as she dangled upside down. He tried not to chuckle as she was red in the face with arms crossed over her chest, glaring at him as if her eyes could strike him dead. The branch dropped her into his arms, “What's the matter pup?”

Wolf turned her head away, “I can't say..”

Draconis just quirked a brow, lifting her chin to look her in the eyes, “Wolf?”

She smiled faintly, but turned her head away again.

He sighed to himself, she really is beautiful. His hand laid against her cheek, turning her head to look him in the eyes.

Wolf was about to argue, but a hot blush came over her cheeks as his lips met hers.

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