Light that room

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Scared of the dark? After reading this, you may have a very good reason to be scared.

Submitted: February 19, 2009

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Submitted: February 19, 2009



As I lay shivering my mind wandered to all the possibilities that could lie before me. My black hair stuck to my fore head as sweat trickled down my ghostly pale face. The wind was stampeding at my window, trying to get in and beckoning me to go out. It was like a roar of thunder bouncing of the walls in my room, but I would most likely be able to hear a pin drop. Readers you may wondering how I can shiver yet sweat and as to how I can hear roaring thunder and a pin drop. The reason is because the room is dark and unlit. During the day I am lively and always on the go with bundles of energy, night is completely different. I feel as though someone has taken the base of my house and swallowed me up into another world. This world has creatures unknown to the real world. Creatures only seen in the shadows that attack from behind and slowly terrorize my subconscious mind. In this world I walk about going nowhere, I have no shadow my existence is unknown. I call it the ‘Demalention world’; if you wish you can name it something different but I will refer to it as the ‘Demalention world’. This is because the creature that comes after me every night is named Dema. She stalks me like I am her prey and like she is about to pounce on me. She speaks to me softly saying:” What have you brought me tonight Jason?” As I always come unprepared and empty handed she will growl like a grizzly bear on a diet and follow me as I walk...I can see her shadow, she is tall with a abnormal head. Her arms in front of her like she is about to stretch out and grab me. She has a mien of hair flowing down her hunch back. That is all I can see. If I turn to see her, then the shadow rapidly vanishes and she whispers:” Light this room Jason, and I shall leave you in peace. Keep it dark and you are free to wander my humble abode.” In Demalention world I do not know where the light switch is, once or twice I have screamed:” Lights! Give me light!” This only infuriated Dema. She was then very cruel to me and took pleasure in terrorizing me. The ground usually closes up and spits me out when I close my eyes very tightly.

Tonight was different though...I lay in bed waiting to be swallowed, as the wind continued to stampede against my window and the roaring thunder bounced of my walls, nothing happened. So I turned on my side, tried to sleep but then I heard a familiar voice, it said:”I thought I would visit you tonight instead Jason.” It was Delma. I sat straight up, the wind had gone away and the thunder had ceased.

“Delma you are here?” I spoke so quietly that it was as if the words had never even left my lips.

“Yes Jason, if you light this room, then I dare say you will regret it.” These words she spoke so calmly but there was a hint of distress that I detected. I lay down again not wanting to even move from my spot. I rolled over to my side and opened one eye and staring back at me was two large yellow eyes. They were the size of golf balls. They were such a bright yellow with red in the centre. I stared at those eyes for what seemed like hours. But not once did they blink or move. I then felt a cool breeze race across my face; I could stand it no longer. I would not share my bed with two yellow eyes and a cool breeze. I sharply rose to my feet and switched the light on. My eyes moved rapidly around the whole room. I focused them on my bed. There was hair sticking out the top and a huge bump beneath the duvet, there was also a growl coming from beneath the duvet.

“You’re listening skills are terrible Jason, they have done you no favours.” The voice of Delma echoed around the room.

“Well it’s hard to sleep with two eyes staring at me...” My voice faded off as the bump in my bed had not even moved when speaking.

“Jason that is my body lying in your bed. Alas my soul is standing right next to you. Do as I command, close your eyes.” I clenched my fists and closed my eyes.

“Open now.” The voice was much further away. Slowly I opened both eyes only to see the hunchback standing in the middle of my room. Dribble pouring out of it’s mouth.

“Jason you are too pure, too beautiful. I wanted us to be together only at night. United.” Abruptly Dema took one step forward. 

“Stay...” I tried to sound fierce but only sounded as if I was talking to a puppy to stay as I went to get its bouncy ball.

“Don’t give me a command! You have chosen your fate!” Dema screamed like a cat in pain, she then charged at me, she plunged her hand through my chest and tore out my heart. It was done so quickly that I had no chance to react.

“I’ll keep this!” Dema shouted, she shone a light like a ray piercing my body. It was so bright and so loud. For seconds I was blinded. I felt the ground shake and the thunder and wind in sequence started again. I sunk to my knees, I knew what was going on in my surroundings but somehow I managed to block it all out and only think of Delma. At that moment the wind and thunder subsided and that very same cool breeze raced franticly around the entire room.

“You may not love again. Yet only love me. I have your heart and life. Prey you listen more carefully Jason. Now light that room!” 

I sat on the floor clutching my chest but I could feel and hear no heart beat...That world I fear will one day be my humble abode too. Good night readers, fear not Delma is locked away, as my heart is. Just light your room.

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