What is Slain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A few thoughts on the Environmental Destruction of Mother Earth.

~~What is Slain
By: Ciara Soldier
Between her breasts is my head,
Hear her heart,
Stir up the skin,
Make it coil.
Drink from her lips,
The seven seas of sin,
And she from mine,
Lips poison.
Death, watch her spirits rise.
Dig your nails into her flesh,
Let her feel my wrath.
The high fever around her,
Burn upon my skin-
Burn into embers!
A wicked weed grow in my dust.
The crust over top her pores,
Bleed of which I bury under,
Weaves my fate asunder the loud,
Proud veins.
Wipe her tears,-
Hold! Hold onto her!
I cannot keep her cool
What have I done?
The rain of which chills me to the bone,
Breathe in the thick air of my slaughter!
Feel the rain, smell her hot tears.
Melt off my skin,
Leave, you sack of bones.
Warm, soft, musky soil upon my hands.
Let the worms be maggots,
Let them bite into my flesh,
Let them eat away at my bones,
Let every breath be death!
He will shudder and quake,
Souls in his arms too heavy to lift.
Let us all fall to Hell,
Through the cracks of her surface.
Fuel the white hot core within,
Hear her sigh, breathe.
Breathe in the dust,
The remains of what is slain.

Submitted: November 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 SoldierCiara. All rights reserved.

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