An Enchanting Tune.

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This is a thing that I've sort of been writing for ages but also just wrote the other day. It was just an idea that I always had while listening to music, but I put it onto paper and made a thing for you guys to read. I'm not going to say anything about what's happening because spoilers, but if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to leave a comment.

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



Dylan, Captain of the Royal Guard, peered cautiously through the cell bars before he opened them. The girl behind them didn't look so dangerous. She glanced at him with indifferent eyes, then continued to study the wall as though there was something more interesting than him on them. He took the opportunity to examine her. Despite her ragged dress and disheveled hair, her regality shone as if she was lit from the inside. She had long blonde hair that hung short to cover one eye, while leaving the rest of her face clear, and startling blue eyes framed by thick lashes. She was short, but graceful, and as ever, she was standing, not stooping to the depths of the straw covered floor, the only bed she had been provided with. 
 Princess Abbie of Lyndonia, indeed. 
 Dylan wondered if the legends about their music was true. Or the stories about her. He had heard from Fion that she had demolished two dozen men in the snow mountains of Emiline, but no one knew how she did it. 
With that thought, he cleared his throat quietly and said, "King Hazel and Queen Vanna have requested that you play for them tonight. They are dining with  Lord Anton and Lady Amy of Michalin to discuss business, and they want you for entertainment." He knew it was a long shot just by looking at her, but what the King wants, the King gets, especially if it's actually the Queen who wants it. Dylan knew however, that this was going to be a challenge. 
 When she said not react he feared she would refuse, but then she turned to him with grace that defied her dingy surroundings and asked in her enchanting voice, "What do I get in return?" A slightly mocking smile tugged at her lips, but aside from that she was expressionless. 
 Dylan was unable to meet her fierce gaze, and resisted the urge to fidget. "Nothing. However, as a small compensation, you are allowed to use your own guitar, and choose the songs that you play."
 She nodded, and made her was out of the cell, her haughty expression no longer reaching her eyes, which secretly shone with excitement. 
 Captain Dylan gratefully led the way, taking her first to a chamber where she could bathe and don a clean dress, then to a room near the hall where she would play, in which her guitar was kept. He had barely unlocked the door before she abandoned her serene dignity and bounded in. He quickly rushed in after her, afraid that she might manage to procure a weapon from the many shelves inside, but when he found her he was almost shocked by what he saw. The supercilious Princess was sitting on the ground, cradling her guitar and whispering to it as if it was a newborn baby. He couldn't fathom the tenderness in her eyes when she looked at the lump of wood. 
 He loathed to stop her gentle crooning, but he tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Should you not warm up? You are expected to play in half an hour." That was the first time he had seen her smile. 
 She hunted for a stool and was soon sitting, strumming the strings and allowing her wavering voice to rise and fall with the chords that she played. Though it was not a song she played, not truly, it held an ethereal beauty that only a Lyndonian could hope to achieve. It was no small wonder that the King and Queen wished to hear her perform. For Abbie's sake, he hoped she would not be foolish and play something insulting. 
Time lassed quickly as Dylan listened to her delicate tones and soon it was time for the King and his guests to dine. When they were seated and comfortable, Abbie entered the hall carrying just the guitar and remained standing when she began.
At the start it was only a few simple notes, but they quickly evolved into a melody so complex that her fingers were a blur. Even after hearing her practise, Dylan had doubted the validity of the legends but now that he was hearing her play properly he realised that they had to be true. 
Behind her melody, he could hear bass tones climbing and falling, the beat of drums and possibly a second guitar, but with her skill it was difficult to tell. There were undertones too, the flourish of a piano, the cry of a trumpet or something similar and the singing of a violin. Or two or three. 
After an indefinable amount of time, she sang,
"Leave with me and the world will turn,
"Leave me be and the world will burn,
"Leave the land and enjoy the flight,
"Leave my hand and die in the fight."

Her voice was so beautiful that it took the guard several seconds to understand that her words were a threat. He straightened and his gaze flicked to King Hazel, whose face was flushed with anger. Yet he didn't order her silence. After a moment, Queen Vanna nudged him and Hazel shook his head. He glared at Dylan and mouthed two words: "Seize her," proving that even he was reluctant to end her song. 
Captain Dylan signaled his command, and they sprung towards Princess Abbie, who regarded them with something close to contempt. She struck a particularly brilliant chord, and the air around her seemed to shimmer for a moment. It took Dylan a few seconds to figure out exactly what she had done, and that was only when he slammed right into the wall she had created. Suddenly her famous massacre was less of a mystery. 
 He tried to make his way around the invisible barrier but there didn't seem to be any seam in it. Flawless magic. The practice had been outlawed centuries ago, Dylan had not even considered that she could use it. 
 Abbie closed her eyes and crossed her legs, but her torso remained where it was, meaning that she floated in midair. The tones of music that surrounded her grew sinister, all of the tweaks and twitches of bright instruments were replaced by the drums and bass which swelled in power, accompanied by the crashing of massive bells and hissing, screaming violins. A darkness engulfed her, and formed itself into the shape of two arms, which joined her own in the guitar, leaping up and down the strings to make the eery melody even more convoluted. Dylan tried to shout for his men, but he could not hear himself. Either the music was so loud that all other noises were banished, or his voice refused to leave his throat. He suspected the latter, though he wasn't sure if it was because of her awesome power or just how terrifying it was.
 He could see Lord Anton and Lady Amy screaming and babbling, and King Hazel's furious shouting, silent despite the amount of noise they appeared to be making.
 Behind the barrier a maelstrom was stirring, an inky black swirling around Abbie. Above her fearsome music Dylan could hear her laughing. A cruel smile spread across Abbie's face and when she opened her eyes they were filled with an infinite midnight. Once again she opened her mouth, but the voice with which she sang was powerful, two voices and yet one, but also a choir, a lions roar and the pounding of the oceans waves. 
"While my notes compete the pen has might,
"When your end is complete I shall take my flight,
"A song is a spell when in the right hands,
"All will be well when you meet out demands."

And with that she raised two of her hands, welcoming in her inky cloud and changing it. At first Dylan wasn't sure if what was happening, but then the cloud took shape, some parts of it changing colour and Dylan realised with a sense of dread what she was doing. He recognised the shapes of sleek black wolves and massive lions, and behind them he could see dragons take to the sky and skeletal horses with glittering horns trotting out of the cloud almost calmly. Dylan had a feeling that the barrier was one way. 
Sure enough, it was only a few seconds before the nightmarish creatures had sprinted to the King and Queen. Dylan tried to fight them off but they were too strong, too fast. The first opponent he met, a vicious wolf whose shoulder was level with his, knocked him against the wall with a single swipe of its knife-like claws. Dazed, he could only watch as the monsters tore apart his men and rampaged towards the fleeing royalty and nobles. For some reason, they left Dylan alone, but he saw a wolf slay the Queen with it's wicked jaws, and the King was soon barrelled down by a heavy lion, who appeared to be the same size as him. Dylan turned away as the unicorns and dragons swept towards the Lord and Lady, not wishing to see their gruesome deaths, and saw Abbie standing and watching them with obvious relish. She twirled around, flashing a bloodthirsty grin at Dylan before she raised her hands one last time, a glowing ball forming between her palms. The light danced across her flushed face and disappeared into her gleaming eyes. She winked, and threw it. 

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